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  1. Metuchenmama

    Last Will

    September is WILL Month so is cheaper.
  2. Metuchenmama

    Chicken mole

    Give me a call and we'll figure it out.
  3. Metuchenmama

    Chicken mole

    Nothing. It is yours. It will be nice to see you again.
  4. Metuchenmama

    G Mail

    CalGal thank you for the info. It gave me the info to return to classic gmail.
  5. Metuchenmama

    Chicken mole

    I bought a heavy plastic tightly sealed packet of mole in Puebla. I have not used it. Yours if you want it.I will pm you my phone number.
  6. Metuchenmama


    I put out mothballs. It worked.
  7. Metuchenmama

    Message from CFE today

    Go Solar I believe you are correct. They did suggest paying on line.
  8. Metuchenmama

    Message from CFE today

    I have gotten a similar notice. It arrived the day after I paid my bill at CFE and two days after I received the bill.
  9. Metuchenmama

    Permanente found

    If you know Lynn MacDonald please let her know her permanente was found at the tianguis. It will be kept there today until the market closes and then will be brought to the LCS office. At the tianguis it is being held by the people who have the silver jewelry near the top of the market on the east side as you walk down.
  10. Metuchenmama

    Guadalajara Abastos - Restaurant Recommendation

    I wouldn't worry about the cleanliness at the other fondas, any more than you would worry about the cleanliness at the Korean place. Most of them have been in business for many, many years and are not in the business of making their customers sick. The comment that "Mexicans fill them" implies that Mexicans don't care about cleanliness or getting sick. Please. Don't put ideas on me I haven't said. You haven't been there in years so don't talk about places you don't go to and didn't when you were here.
  11. Metuchenmama

    Guadalajara Abastos - Restaurant Recommendation

    La Gallina Feliz is the one I recommend It is far superior to Mama Conejo.
  12. Metuchenmama

    Guadalajara Abastos - Restaurant Recommendation

    There are two restaurants in the abastos. One is Korean and the other is Chinese. The korean is good and the Chinese ok unless it changes back to when it was quite good. There are other Mexican street typse but I would worry about their cleanliness. The Mexicans fill them. They are cheap. There is a wonderful store directly across from the abastos on the street that has the overpass on Lazero Cardenas. It is a wholesale place that supplies food stores and restaurants but individuals can shop there as well. if your speak no Spanish bring a dictionary with you. I buy Turin chocolate, almonds, cocoa and spices there as well as other items at VERY good prices, If you want call me and I will tell you how to navigate shopping there. I can also help you with what things are available to you at the abastos. The prices are good but the buildings open to you are limited It is still worth a trip. I can also suggest other places you can go for lunch. AnnL
  13. Metuchenmama

    Hearing aids

    I need to replace my hearing aids post haste. Have any of you bought them at Costco recently? Were you satisfied? What did they cost and how long until they were ready? Same questions regarding Oticon who is at Maskaras twice a week. Thank you.
  14. Metuchenmama

    Any results of Chapala Elections

    December 1 is the date the newly elected office holders begin their term.