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  1. Scottsdale to lakeside, recommended stops?

    Here's our route based on several things; we need to find pet-friendly options we like an on-site restaurant we no longer like to spend more than eight hours on the road (including stops) we like to arrive at our destination mid-day. Apache Junction - Hermosillo / Hotel Colonial - a very nice business-class hotel similar to a Holiday Inn Hermosillo - Los Mochis / The Hotel Olivos - I don't recommend this one unless you like VERY basic Mexican hotels. We stay here because it's clean, easy to get to and they take dogs. We tried the Ibis but the rooms are way too small and the Zar has been taken over by the Federales. We wouldn't stay here though, if it wasn't for the dog - we're way past suicide showers at this point in our lives. Los Mochis - San Blas / The Hotel Garza Canela - Going in and out of San Blas adds an hour to the trip but for us, it's worth it. The hotel and restaurant are great and the grounds are huge so there's lots of room to safely walk our dog. San Blas - Ajijic
  2. La Joya Del Lago

    We're booked into the La Joya Del Lago for November 24th. Just for the peace of mind of knowing it's still all confirmed I've tried to call them several times but all I get is a recording in Spanish. Just wondering if anyone on this board that lives West of Ajijic knows if everything is OK. ie; I REALLY hope they're still open and in business :-) Any info greatly appreciated. Cheers
  3. FMM sample filled Out Forms

    I appreciate all the advice but.I drive down every year and know the process well - and we use the truck crossing too. This was just a question about filling. G on the FMM online and which box to "tick". It may not even matter. I used Tres abound everything is done. Gotta love technology. As long as it works I now won't have to stand in line behind someone getting their TIP when all I need to do is pay my FMM.
  4. FMM sample filled Out Forms

    Hi There I apologize, I might be asking on the wrong thread. I'm coming down as a tourist and I need a 180-day tourist FMM. I already have my TIP and all I need now is the FMM and getting it online will save us some time. I'm just not sure what the office is called, that's 21 klm inland. On the FMM menu it lists Nogales Uno, Dos and Tres. Is it one of these, or is it called something different. If no one know's I'll just try Nogales Uno and see if that works when I get there. Thx Dale
  5. FMM sample filled Out Forms

    We're driving down from Canada in a couple of weeks and I'm going to complete this online and print it at home so it's ready when we get there. It's really straight forward except we're crossing at Nogales and it lists three entry points; Nogales Uno, Dos and Tres. Any idea which is which or if it matters when I fill this out? Thx Dale
  6. Search under Internet Speed and my post from March will come up. I posted all the details and even a screen shot from SpeedTest. No guarantees - things can change a lot month to month - but it's the same service I'll try when we arrive next month
  7. If you search under internet speed you'll see a previous post with lot's of info. It's not cheap but I have the same problem. When I come down for the winter I need high-speed for video conferencing for work, and I found a very reliable, very fast solution - but it cost roughly $60CAD/month. My average speed was 25-40 download and 6-12 upload, which worked very well. I hope this helps Cheers
  8. Purging Propane Tank

    Thanks very much for all the advice/information. We'll bring our BBQ and adapter hose with us and buy/fill a tank when we arrive. Hopefully there'll be a smaller 10lb tank available but if not, a standard 20lb tank will be fine. Thanks again Dale
  9. Purging Propane Tank

    Thanks for all the info. We have an adapter hose to replace the small green cylinders with a regular 10lb tank and buying/filling a tank there makes more sense so final question (and I apologize if it's a stupid question) but are the connections the same? Will an adapter hose purchased in Canada fit a Mexican propane tank? Thx
  10. Storage

    We're going to rent in Ajijic each winter for 5 months and to make things easier and more comfortable we'd like to start bringing things down with us and leaving them in storage rather than taking stuff back and forth each year. We only need a 5X5 locker but we'll take something larger if necessary just to get something. The storage facility next Walmart however, is full and has a long waiting list, and it's the same at Strom White Movers. If anyone knows of any "mini-storage" type places in Chapala or close to Ajijic that might have vacancy I'd really appreciate being pointed in the right direction. Any advice or information greatly appreciated Cheers!
  11. We're bringing down a portable propane BBQ with us this year to use at our rental home. I'm also bringing a 10lb propane tank rather than buying the small green cylinders, which are really expensive. Two questions; Will I have any problem finding someplace to fill the propane tank? My tank is new and needs to be purged prior to the initial filling. Is there a provider in Ajijic/Chapala that can do this or should I have it done before coming down? It's safer to transport as is, so if it can be done in Ajijic I'd prefer to wait. Any advice greatly appreciated Cheers
  12. Motorcycle Service

    I know this is a very subjective question but for the motorcycle riders on the forum, what's your experience with the cost of repairs at Lakeside vs. back home in Canada? I ride an older VStrom and it needs major work; cam chains, cam chain tensioner, valves etc. It's an older bike with high klm and my mechanic said not to bother. It'll be at least 20 hours + parts which is close to $2,500 CAD and it's more than the bike is worth. Any experience with this kind of work Lakeside? I'm coming back to Ajijic in December and I'm planning on bringing my bike (or a bike if this one doesn't last) If it's significantly less I might try to limp through this season and bring it with me to service in Ajijic. Any thoughts? Thx Dale
  13. On April 5th I'm crossing into Mexico at San Luis, south of Yuma. Has anyone here crossed here? I'm riding my motorcycle down the Baja so I don't need a TIP but I need to get my passport stamped and a tourist visa. Where is the immigration office? Is it right at the border or somewhere a little further on like south of Nogales? Any information greatly appreciated. Thx
  14. Unlimited wireless internet, US, Canada, Mexico

    Just throwing this out there but I'm renting in West Ajijic and needed a much faster speed for video conferencing. Telcel is fine for everything else, including Netflix, but isn't good enough for my work. I already owned a wireless hotspot so I went to ATT. They installed a SIM for free and I purchased a data only plan. It was 3,000MXN for three months with 13gigs of data per month. My download speeds are consistently above 20mbps and upload averages 5-7mps. (both are sometimes a lot higher but 20/5-7 is closer to the average) When I bought my package it would have been about half the price for a one-year contract but I'm only here for four months but it does show that there are some very viable alternatives available.
  15. traveling by road

    My fault. I cross at Nogales and having my paper work taken care of in advance saves anywhere from 20min to an hour or more. To pay for your TIP and your tourist visa you have to stand in line to pay at the Banjercito. If it's early in the day it's usually not too bad, but all it takes is a few snowbirds ahead of you in line trying to take care of their motor home and towed car and the line can be really slow. Now all I do is arrive, get my passport stamped and leave. I don't have to go anywhere near the Banjercito line and I'm in and out in less than 5 minutes.