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  1. Does anyone know where you can get bagels around here?

    Love love love your post !..
  2. How to delete a post.

    All you have to do is click on ‘option’ under your post. It will show ‘delete’ , click on it..go to top and click okay. Much easier.
  3. Moringa Madres want your business!

    Ahhh.. you got me Angus ,!! Good one !! Actually that is pretty funny !! Thanks I needed that today ! Lol !
  4. Moringa Madres want your business!

    ??? And your point is ? In My Spanish classes , madre is mother in English. Even Google translation ‘ madre’ = ‘ mother ‘. Perhaps you could have wished them well with the sale of ‘ moringa’ instead . I know I do
  5. i thought there was a computer building right in the malecon Park . Or is that gone now ? I do remember Black coffee used to be a hot spot .
  6. weather

    Earlier I posted about that website . All he has to do is look 2 threads down ( as I posted) and he can just click on it .
  7. weather

    Did you check out the website that I posted about ? It will show you what you are requesting ...,,
  8. weather

    If you read the thread about Chapala weather , which is just a few threads down, there is a website that Bissgal posted . That website will show the daily rain total that you requested .
  9. MX Peso fell below 18 to 1 usd

    Moderator ??? Where are you ?
  10. MX Peso fell below 18 to 1 usd

    Wowza !! What happened to this thread ??? It certainly turned ugly .
  11. Ajijic LANDLINE 4 sale w/ internet included

    Hhmm. .. never heard of landlines sold .
  12. Walmart getting devious

    This doesn't apply to just Walmart . It happens ALL over . NOB JC Penney , Kohls are the ones I know of . . But yes , always be aware . I remember a big expose with Penney 's. Regarding price switching . And it was very obvious .

    Thank goodness !!! So happy !!
  14. Oh my goodness . I hope Ann (Andi) will be reunited soon with her doggie !!
  15. Detect Credit Card Skimmer with free app.

    Oh oh . They're baaaack !!! SPAM!