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  1. Alebrijes

    It is Mexican Folk art small sculptures .. here is an example.
  2. New Construction

    Is this the same construction that Lakeside posted about yesterday ? ..
  3. Restaurants and lobsters

    Asking about restaurants who serve lobster. . But, thank you for all of the suggestions.
  4. Restaurants and lobsters

    Thanks everyone !
  5. Restaurants and lobsters

    Are there any Ajijic area restaurants who serves lobster ? Thank you.
  6. The Snowbirds are back

    K Sorry Lake, had a relative die from a gun shot. Apparently I am still pretty affected by it. But , yes, I need not to be so sensitive at times. πŸ˜₯
  7. The Snowbirds are back

    Pretty disturbing, considering what has been happening in the world.
  8. American Chips?

    It May be my tastebuds, but I have found that the nacho cheese Doritos here taste just a tad different.
  9. bus to puerto vallarta

    From where ?
  10. Insurance- What to get????

    Wowza. This post has been going on since February? After many opinions, it can either be very helpful, or very confusing. I am pretty sure the OP has been answered.
  11. Mexican car safety features

    β€˜ all Mexicans are off the road β€˜? . A little harsh don’t you think ? I was taught to drive β€˜ defensively β€˜ in ANY country.
  12. What miniatures are you talking about ? ..are you asking about the Maltese ? .and there are many doggies and cats available at the shelters looking for a forever home.
  13. Please finish reading the post. Contact information is 444jimb@gmail.com