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  1. ?

    not sure what you edited here. but I believe you can delete the topic as well if you would like .
  2. How much do I pay my Cleaning Lady?

    Or ..your method may vary.
  3. What Closed Restaurants Do You Miss the Most?

    Is the Secret Garden in Ajijic ( on Colon ) the one with the peacocks ?
  4. Best restaurant for burgers and Mexican Food ?

    Any favorite authentic Mexican food restaurant That may be your favorite ? I know of the one on Colon in Ajijic . ‘ Verde’? And Isabella’s .
  5. Well. We know which restaurants people prefer for romantic dinners and pizza. What is your favorite restaurant For burgers and Mexican food in the Lakeside area ?
  6. Flu Shot

    Getting back to the OP .though. Doesnt. LCS give flu vaccinations ?
  7. Flu Shot

    I am not here to argue . I am posting only to give insight on what COULD happen. There are two serotypes of this strain. I was told by the drs. That it was the coxsackie strain that was going around in 1994. I am only stating the fact that I almost died because of the complications . My heart was functioning at 30%. I had myocarditis and pericarditis as well. I was in my 30’s ,I don’t believe there was a big push for homeopathic therapies at the time. Of course now I take different measures. i am not saying by getting a flu shot , you won’t get sick. I am just posting that yes, i became very ill when I contracted the droplets ( sneezing / coughing). of someone who was ill. I did take OTC’s . Because in my mind it was just a cold. Until I could barely breathe. Ankles swelling. The pain in my chest was unbareable. Any way, if a person has a compromised immune system PERHAPS. They should check into it. Oh and by theway, my father also died of complications from. The flu. But he was 91 years old. Healthy up to that point .
  8. Flu Shot

    When I was in my early 30’s ,and in good general health , I became ill with the flu. Went into pneumonia. I ended up in the hospital and I was going into heart failure. Blood samples were sent to the CDC and came back as the coxsackie strain. [ naturally it took over a week ) I then was suppose to be admitted to into a rehab facility. However, thanks to family I was able to rehab at my parents home. It took 3 months to recover and I have had to go through multiple tests up until just 5 years ago. I am Posting this hoping that people are aware of complications that can arise from having the flu. Imagine I was only 34 at the time. So please , do due diligence in preventing the flu. Try to get a flu vaccine. I do every year now. I don’t want to get sick and perhaps someone else may catch it.
  9. Old timers fav restaurant

    What is your favorite of : breafast, lunch, dinner and hopefully a restaurant that serves small plates and such.
  10. Just for fun...

    I know what you mean ,,,same happens to me
  11. Just for fun...

    Lol. That is too funny !
  12. Just for fun...

    I am nit a grimmer cap Butt mibe peeple kin red There pasts b fir pisting. ( I am not a grammar cop. But maybe people can read their posts before posting.) Like I said , just for fun ....
  13. I believe you can click on Apesh name and then you will see a letter icon. You can click on that to compose an email to send .