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    Tortilleria Elena in Ajijic behind the church just a few doors down from Guadalupe Victoria makes their own masa with corn brought down from the hills. We have seen the big bags come in and they soak the kernels with lime(?). These are the only ones we buy as most other tortillerias use the Maseca which is government subsidised and probably has GMO corn from the USA added to it. Since the price of tortillas is set, most use the cheaper processed product.
  2. cafemediterraneo

    Ajijic Telmex # 376 ??? ????

    Please read your bill. The 399p plan allows 100 local calls per month,but not long distance. The 599p allows for 100 free minutes of calls to USA and Canada as well as the local calls...
  3. cafemediterraneo

    Carretera trivia ?

    Xill Fessenden has been featuring photos of old Ajijic in her exhibit surrounding the Ajijic plaza. This recent one is nice with old photos of parades and rodeos,but the first one was spectacular with photos of the original plaza with a common fountain where the gazebo is now and the carretera as a dirt road with a small sign with an arrow "Ajijic" toward the lake. There should be a permanent place for these significant photos of our area so we may enjoy them for many years. It has been fun to see Mexicans gathered before the exhibits pointing out to family and friends their relatives and landmarks, truly a positive interactive artistic display. We hope Xill has more photos to share and thank her for her community activism.
  4. cafemediterraneo


    We still haven't recieved our CFE bill for this 2 month billing period and the Telmex bill that arrived monday was due on the 20th.of April... something definitely wrong at the post office. Since I know approximately what the bill amounts would be, I paid at the ATM, or I would have been late.
  5. cafemediterraneo

    Final Bitcoin discussion of the season

    If you don't want to participate in a real discussion about cryptocurrencies, don't come. No one is forcing anyone to become informed. This is not so sell anyone anything,but simply to discuss. If anyone wants to contact Samy after the meeting, that is their choice. There is a lot of misinformation out there, often from "experts" who bad mouth it in public and purchase in secret. There are several nations that are developing their own local versions of cryptocurrency to better suit their needs. In a world where the fiat US petrodollar is in jeopardy, wouldn't it be important to your investment strategy to aquaint yourself with some of the possibilities out there? What is a good store of value? How much diversification should be in your porfolio? Gold/silver, property, Bitcoin, stock/bonds, cash? These are real discussions that affect millions of people ,so why try to quash debate? Whether retired or still working we all need to make these decisions and of course, never risk money you don't have or put all your eggs in one basket....
  6. This friday April 27th we will be holding our last Bitcoin discussion of the season at 4pm. Samy Kovac, our Bitcoin and cryptocurrency expert will be available to answer any questions you may have and other attendees have also offered their experiences and knowledge for an interesting exchange of ideas. No matter what your level of involvement, all are welcome. The meeting will be held at "Jasmine's Classic India" located at Parroquia #12A on the Ajijic plaza. For more info: tablatal@yahoo.com or 376-766-2636 Adios for now, Nancy
  7. cafemediterraneo

    new ride service

    We had a lot of guests last month and used Rene's service for all the airport rips and one day to Guadalajara. we were very pleased with him--showed up early, drove safely and speaks english besides being a nice person. We wouldn't hesitate to call him for any occassion...
  8. cafemediterraneo

    No Bullsh*t Coffee at SuperLake Grocery

    I bought some of their coffee at Pancho's Friday vendors market last month as was very pleased with the product. I got some Oaxacan dark roast. Haven't seen them at that spot again, so thanks for letting us know where we can stock up...
  9. cafemediterraneo

    Roberto's Terrace

    While walking yesterday on the carretera I noticed some activity going on at the old "El Serape" location. I inquired what was being done and was told that it will be the new location of "Roberto's" with the original Roberto as owner. The man thought it would feature Mediterranean cuisine....
  10. cafemediterraneo

    Indian Classical Vocal Concert

    Everyone Welcome!
  11. cafemediterraneo

    Anyone see any cut down ficus trees?

    we cut down a ficus last week, branches still there in the garden at "Jasmine's Classic India" on the Ajijic plaza, come by and help yourself (maybe sweep up any leaves left on the floor).
  12. cafemediterraneo

    Cleaning water mineral stains off windows

    Sprayway at El Tororito is foaming butane and will get them clean without scratching. coasts about 55p....
  13. cafemediterraneo

    Speech-Language Pathology?

    I heard that all that is needed is to have your credentials apostilled and registared with your work permit....someone must have experience with this. This type of therapy is also required when recovering from a stroke...
  14. cafemediterraneo

    Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Discussion

    Why don't you ask her? Another person handled the transaction and our fellow followed up on it to help her...if you have any actual interest, come by and talk with the group and Samy.
  15. I have personally met Bob on his visits to Ajijic and can vouch for his character. We are also from SF and share some memories of the City. He has been doing some serious studying with an advanced physical therapist in Guadalajara to increase his knowledge. Definitely want to see you during your visit, our restaurant is open on Easter, so we'll see you there or on the plaza....adios Bob, Nancy