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  1. bitcoin

    The only thing we sell is food and a place where people can get together to share ideas and experiences. There is no product, just information.
  2. bitcoin

    No Bitcoins are sold at the meetings,but if you are interested you may contact him on your own. Otherwise he will tell you where to find the online sites that are easiest and safest to use or help you set up a wallet for yourself. We've known him for 3 years and are happy with all of our interactions with him,but your experience may differ just like with doctors, lawyers, stockbrokers,etc.
  3. bitcoin

    We only responded to the information that Niki provided in her post, although she has confided more we didn't think it was appropriate to include such. We don't know who OP is,so that's our relationship.What is your interest in this topic?
  4. bitcoin

    We have been presenting discussion groups about monetary creation and policy since fall 2017 in an effort to inform ourselves and others about the trends in economics. We started off discussing the very important book about the Federal Reserve by G. Edward Griffin entitled "The Creature from Jeykell Island". We found that people are eager to talk about the best ways to protect their savings and leave something for their kids. If you don't understand how money is created and by whom and what its backed with, you're in big trouble. We all have to educate ourselves and diversify our investments ,but not invest more than we can afford. It seemed a natural development to go from discussing fiat currency-- the dollar, euro, etc. --that are backed essentially by nothing, to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. These are not a scam, but a new way to think about money and how to get it to work for you and not for the 1% like the stock market and the manipulated gold/silver market where they are 300% more on paper than there is supply. We have known Samy for 3 years after hearing him speak at Anarcopulco with Jeff Berwick, the Dollar Vigilante. If you have a suggestion of someone you think is more knowledgeable about the subject, we'd be glad to invite them to speak. We neither encourage nor discourage anyone from investing with him or anyone else, in fact he has shown people how to access the exchanges and wallets themselves. We have people coming to the meetings that have no knowledge and want to learn more, and people who already have a wallet and are know more than we do and are happy to share their experiences both good and bad. Everybody is welcome. The next meeting is March 23rd at 4pm. We don't believe that Niki has been to any of our meetings although she is a friend. She, and a lot of other people got caught up in a buying frenzy in December 2017 when the exchanges were clogged up by corporations and investors who were buying up Bitcoin,etc in anticipation of Cryptocurrency futures being offered on the CME starting January 2018. They drove the price up so they could sell short....and in the process kept a whole bunch of peoples' transactions from going through smoothly. We hope that Niki will soon be made whole.
  5. We have confirmed this month's Bitcoin discussion with our expert, Samy Kovac. Samy attended last month's yearly Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency convent in Miami and will tell us what are the newest trends. We hope you can join us on Friday February 16th at 4pm at "Jasmine's Classic India" located on the Ajijic plaza at Parroquia #12A. For more info:tablatal@yahoo.com or 376-766-2636
  6. Ross Brownridge..aka Candy Man

    Always a pleasure to see his smile which was sweeter than his candies...He will be remembered and missed by all who knew him lakeside. You were lucky to have such a nice father.
  7. Flu Shot

    The comments after this article are the most interesting. It seems that a new drug had been introduced with no knowledge of its toxicity. That new drug was asprin which would account for the bleeding from the lungs,etc. My husband's grandfather was one of the fatalities, he was only 27 years old and according to family papers he died within 2 days from pneumonia. The article also mentioned the use of large quantities of vit C to keep the cell membranes tight and avoid drowning in your own fluids. This knowledge is being surpressed by main stream medicine as its not a money maker. My own father got the 1977 flu vaccine and was paralysed for 2 years...keep healthy everyone and keep your eyes open.
  8. We have advertised a meeting about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency for this friday,but our expert will not be back from the big convention in Miami in time to attend. We have scheduled our next monthly meeting on friday, February 16 at 4pm when we can hear the latest news and question our expert, Samy Kovac. Sorry for any inconvenience. "Jasmine's Classic India" Parroquia #12A ,Ajijic plaza
  9. Window/glass cleaner without ammonia

    Sprayway is also available at El Torito for 54p. Has petroleum products in it and does a great job.
  10. Andouille sausage

    Fernando at Lilifher Deli on Colon in Ajijic...
  11. Because the southside had the sewer connections that had to be replaced and over the years the road had been repaved may times down the middle of the carretera leaving a ditch between the roadway and the sidewalk, a dangerous condition. Also, it boasted one of the worst sections of sidewalk in town diagonally from OXXO....you might well ask how long the government had the money for this project--which was going through regardless of how the sham vote went--and why was it started at the beginning of tourist season.
  12. Ross Brownsridge - the candyman

    My husband asked me last week what happened to him, such a lovely man, no need of candies to make him appreciated...anyone care to enlighten the rest of us?
  13. Chapalaweather down

    Wish you had given us all a heads up so we could save our favorite links...thanks for all the years of great service, sorry you couldn't work out the transition.
  14. Chapalaweather down

    The Chapalaweather site has been our regular go to site for weather and its links to ajijicnews.com, SuspiciousObservers, and many other useful sites. When it went down earlier this last year we bookmarked our favorites. Upon its reinception we deleted those bookmarks and now it says its no more? What happened? Any reason its fans were not given a heads up? What a way to start the year, like losing an old friend...
  15. Dried wild mushrooms

    I saw some kids selling mushroom growing kits at the tuesday market. they also had jars of six kinds of mixed mushrooms like shitaki and oyster types as well as extracts. I know they're not porcini,but may fit your need...