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  1. Street Repair Locally

    I received this today: Starting this afternoon 10/19/2017 the town will be ripping up Calle Morelos in front of the Legion. There will be no parking in front of the Legion. Vialidad has assured us that we can get preferential parking in front of the soccer field at the park. We will also leave the side door on Guerrero open for access to the facility. Please forward this message on to all the members of all our organizations.
  2. Mexicans near the bottom in confidence in government

    It was in fact selective. The point is that we merrily drink in the streets of Chapala and others find it the number one insecurity in Mexico. You are also projecting again, sir.
  3. Berry Sellers At LCS

    I was replying to:
  4. Berry Sellers At LCS

    On the west side of SJC I recently bought a quart size container of red raspberries for 10 pesos.
  5. Mexicans near the bottom in confidence in government

    Your link says: "The most common types of crime and anti-social behavior witnessed or heard by respondents in their own neighborhoods were alcohol consumption in the street (65%)..." Chapala has the number one insecurity as a given.

    The formula for a big letdown.
  7. Mexicans near the bottom in confidence in government

    "Just under half in the U.S. (46%) are happy with their democracy and 51% are unhappy." I wonder why? Maybe because Fascism isn't democracy?
  8. Toilet paper flushing

    What is really gross are the locals that, with the sign and lack of Spanish or basket, throw the used TP on the floor.
  9. San Miguel Allende Forum or Group

    What a DA: fora n. A plural of forum.
  10. Toilet paper flushing

    Just because some choose to live in a swampy part of Riberas does not make a rule for all.
  11. Phone/Internet problems

    Hey, there is a way to your desire. Please add me.
  12. Phone/Internet problems

    WTF is this Sue? I will defend myself, OK?
  13. Has anyone had a broken nose lately?

    An ENT is another type to restore structure.
  14. Toilet paper flushing

    Storm drains are not the same as sewer drains. Learn some facts.
  15. Phone/Internet problems

    STFU is polite, eh? ESAD eat sugar another day. Its for the sweet ones.
  16. Aijic or Chapala?

    You were not at any bank in Ajijic at the right time. If machine guns bother you, this might not be the place for you.
  17. Phone/Internet problems

    I was posting to the OP, not the forum's perpetual victim. ESAD
  18. Phone/Internet problems

    I could not care less. Rant on!
  19. Finely made it to J&M Pizza

  20. Phone/Internet problems

    Go to their office and speak directly with a service rep.
  21. Toilet paper flushing

    Easy. Just look in the bathroom(s) and see if they have a basket beside the toilet. It will most likely have a plastic bag insert. Go to Dental Express and see their restroom. They had to put up a sign asking people to flush their TP and not to put it in the basket under the washbowl.
  22. 5th Annual Day of the Dead Cemetery Tour

    How about mentioning where cemetery the tour will be located?
  23. Toilet paper flushing

    Except those that don't and haven't.
  24. Toilet paper flushing

    Yes, don't flush it so my TP will glide on through. Eleven months in Chapala Centro flushing it and yes, I am willing to pay the plumber.