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  1. AT&T Office at Laguna Mall/Ajijic?

    Yes, it's across the road from WalMart and its full name is Central Laguna Mall.
  2. AT&T Office at Laguna Mall/Ajijic?

    There is an office in Laguna Mall, but I don't know if it their main office.
  3. American notary

    Why those lying crooks you infer said: Can I use this if I’m not from Virginia?: Yes, we have notarized documents for signers all over the country and the world. Obviously one needs not to be in a US state or territory, but dang if I can't trust a US company.
  4. American notary

    Seems that online notary is legal after checking with a few state's Sec. Of State offices. Here is a service with all the answers: https://www.notarycam.com/legal/ From that site: Can I use this if I’m not from Virginia?: Yes, we have notarized documents for signers all over the country and the world. Interstate recognition of notarial acts is well established. Here’s a link to the National Notary Association’s white paper on the topic. LINK: WHITE PAPER In California, for example, it is found in CA Civil Code 1189 2(b) : “Any certificate of acknowledgment taken in another place shall be sufficient in this state if it is taken in accordance with the laws of the place where the acknowledgment is made.”
  5. American notary

    And many are blistered.
  6. Decorative iron work

    I would wholeheartedly recommend the man that did mine and most of my neighbors homes: Felipe de Jesus Contreras Real Herreria Y Forja Contreras Zaragoza #782 Bario de Guadalupe, Chapala Cel: (045) 33 10 51 48 34 His prices are reasonable, his work is exceptional, and he shows up on time.
  7. Jump starting with a newer car

    ¡Tu madre!
  8. U.S. Notary..electronically

    You sure were easy. Obviously you had more than a mere signature witnessed, a service that is $5 in Texas.
  9. Jump starting with a newer car

    Of course. Would they give sketchy ones?
  10. USA cell phone in Mexico

    That item does not ship to Mexico.
  11. U.S. Notary..electronically

    I never make appointments with any Mexican. Just walk in and ask about the availability of the notario. The US Consulate is a royal PIA and then as a "Service" to citizens abroad, they charge $50 USD. The Mexican notario will be much less.
  12. MasterCard's percentage fee is the same for all banks and cards. Capital One just gives me a cut of it. "What's in your wallet?"
  13. I have used my US card and was always accepted at Pemex except for the three I sited.
  14. I went there and asked about my card and the attendant told me no US cards are accepted. I got him to run the card anyway and of course it was rejected. I paid cash and won't get my cashback from the bank. I have found that it is the case with cards at two Pemex stations in Tamaulipas, both new ones. I have had a few attempts to use my card number. My US bank simply takes them off my account at my notification online. I doubt any Mexican credit card company would be so cooperative. The one and a half percent cashback easily compensates me for my trouble. I though would not use any debit card anywhere here except at a bank's ATM.
  15. Wild Cherry Juice

    What is it doing?
  16. USA cell phone in Mexico

    Get a Skype account and a Skype number in the area you want it to be in. It can get SMS and calls that you can have answered in your voice to voice mail. You can also try it monthly until you are satisfied it will work for you.
  17. Practice using pesos

    Sorry for those folks, but Capital One does not have such a fee.
  18. Bed in a Box

    Look at the products: https://www.bedinabox.com/
  19. Says the forever victim.
  20. Especially if one is a stoner.
  21. Seems like I’m due to ask another stupid question.

    Gravity is the same on both sides of the border, but common sense doesn't seem to be.