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  1. Nicorette mist

    The ready-made kind are not allowed, but a thriving white market exists for vaping supplies. There is a large store that ships to all of the country located in Guad. http://nicevaping.com/ There are a few local small places to purchase and MercadoLibre sells it all.
  2. Ilox Subscription Update

    Yellow rain to boot.
  3. Notario In Villa Nova

    Try these people, their state allows internet notarization. https://www.notarycam.com/
  4. Where Is She!!??

    She must be excellent to keep you and yours truckin'.
  5. "Denied Entry" to All Boards/Topics

    Simply refresh the page. Simply.
  6. Any Nissan Leaf owners in the Chapala Area?

    The desired voltage is 220 volts.
  7. Drove to US didn’t stop to return TIP

    Unless you renew your passport. Since you are the number of a passport and a new one will have a different number, you will be good to go. Been in the same situation and have done it. EDIT: See this thread for confirmation: http://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/78475-exiting-mexico-with-car-nogales-in-nogales-out/&tab=comments#comment-575468
  8. "Denied Entry" to All Boards/Topics

    Log out and then log back in.
  9. That's why they call their profession's a practice.
  10. HUGE lump in the road on Joco bypass

    It is the Macrolibrimento.
  11. Local Motorcycle Repair Maintenance Shop?

    There is a small shop across Av Pepe Guízar from the Guadalajara pharmacy, crossroad Zaragoza.
  12. New ios for iphone. Heads UP!

    The word "lease" is used in modems too.