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  1. Paprika

    Do you flame cook too?
  2. Us today article on mexico

    How would you know if it was the correct pronunciation?
  3. Paprika

    You should buy Hungarian paprika instead of Spanish paprika and see what you are missing. I can gag down a lot of the local food, but that doesn't make it good.
  4. spectre and Meltdown hacks

    No, not a victim on either count. When I did tech support, I too blamed my failures on Windows.
  5. spectre and Meltdown hacks

    Intel on all but my full size laptop.
  6. Us today article on mexico

    Especially Tijuana. It pains me to see the news people say Tiajuana, especially on the National Geographic channel.
  7. Paprika

    To use the grade of paprika sold at places like SL or WM to make paprikash would result in a dreadfully bland meal. It is a good food coloring though.
  8. spectre and Meltdown hacks

    One desktop was Win7 and I upgraded for free and the other was bought used with Win10 and that had Win7 originally and was upgraded by the original owner, a member here. One of my laptops, actually a notebook, came with Win10, but the other was upgraded to Win10 from Win7. My systems have run flawlessly with the exception of the desktop with a NVIDIA GeForce graphics card that blinked a few times. I think it had a temporary driver problem that soon was corrected by the auto updating maligned in this thread.
  9. spectre and Meltdown hacks

    Of the four computers in our house, two desktops and two laptops, running Windows 10, not one glitch has been experienced. We have turned off nothing to stop updates.
  10. Amazon MX - Impressive!

    I too use Amazon MX and had one FedEx, several DHL, one by mail, but most by their own delivery service AMZX.
  11. P & J sandwich hack

    La Cocina Food, Dining, Recipes, etc.
  12. Printer Ink

    A printer place is next door to Cucumber restaurant, just off the plaza of the market downtown Chapala.
  13. APPLE Authorized repair store

    Dan, check out this story and see if it applies to you: http://bgr.com/2018/01/22/iphone-battery-program-iphone-6-plus-replacement/
  14. Brake repair

    I have used Francisco in Riberas for repairs and was impressed with their work and price. Any mechanic can fix brakes and I am sure they would do you a good job in a timely manner. They are two doors east of Junior's body shop with both a bit east of the Iron Horse bar.