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  1. Perry's Pizza

    Ran into Perry at Ajijic's plaza today and asked about the loss of his cooks. He said that his new chef is experienced and works cheaper that the old one(s) due to less time on the job.
  2. Telmex Internet Speed

    It was a solid 10 Mbps here in Chapala Centro.
  3. Need my internet line checked

    That is a normal condition around here.
  4. Telmex Internet Speed

    I have read the agreement a little closer and I pay only 499 for two months. After that it rises to 599.
  5. Telmex Internet Speed

    I got my bill via email and it had the 499 for UP TO 50Mbps offer. I have tried before and ended with a not available in you area reply to my application. I tried again today and it accepted my request and they said I would be contacted. Twenty minutes later the connection died. I reset the modem and now I get: I know about the UP TO and still feel that doubling my speed for 110 pesos more is still acceptable. My worry is that I am getting the same 20 Mbps that, per my recollection, some get on the 389 plan. Any comments?
  6. Meet The Legion Bazaar - Chapala

    I am posting an email received today.
  7. Casa de Musicos - there goes the neighborhood

    You rant about how the bars in the Guad area have been throttled. I suggest that you move there and enjoy the quiet.
  8. Round satellite dish

    An 18" maybe, but a 36", doubtful.
  9. no water in Ajijic Donato Constitution Guerro

    Sorry ma'am, I knew them as a Rotoplas, a famous maker of the tanks. I disabled my pump as I don't want the contents of my aljibe to contaminate the water in my tank.
  10. no water in Ajijic Donato Constitution Guerro

    Isn't that why every house has a tenaco upstairs to store water?
  11. Today’s experience registering for Seguro Popular

    I got mine just as simple and fast at the same location. Never was I asked about my income or accommodations and received three years with no payment.
  12. Xarelto - availability Lakeside

    It also is called Rivaroxaban. Don't know if it is available by either name, just trying to help.

    I have recently not found them open. Drove by today and I didn't see their sign. Anyone know the status of what was a great restaurant?
  14. Two Chapala restaurant gems

    What Is California-Style Pizza? Ever heard of California-style pizza? While not everyone takes it seriously as a culinary style, this pizza has distinguished itself and become popular across the American west coast. Read on to get to know exactly what makes this style special, where it originated, and where you can get it. Where To Find It Of course, some of those original restaurants are still incredible places to enjoy California-style pizza, so be sure to check out Spago, Chez Panisse, Wolfgang Puck, or California Pizza Kitchen if you can. If you’re in the LA area, some incredible alternatives include Gjelina and Caioti Pizza Café. If you’re in northern California, you can eat your way across San Francisco at Pizzeria Delfina, Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, Pizzetta 211, Gialina, Pauline’s, and Flour + Water. SOURCE: https://theculturetrip.com/north-america/usa/california/articles/what-is-california-style-pizza/
  15. best way to get to the GDL airport from chapala?

    Isn't a "tip" advice?