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  1. New Lakeside Hospital

    Area = length X width. https://www.convert-me.com/en/convert/area/?u=m2&v=30%2C000
  2. New construction next to coca cola

    Rail service to Guad? I would bet not. We already have one failed attempt.
  3. New construction next to coca cola

    If we all live long enough.
  4. Landlord Access

    Tell the guy 24 hour notice or deny access. Is he looking for an investor or anybody?
  5. New construction next to coca cola

    Accuracy of content is the goal, the "discussion" isn't.
  6. New Lakeside Hospital

    "Now, I have to tell you, it's an unbelievably complex subject," he added. "Nobody knew health care could be so complicated." D.J.T.
  7. New Lakeside Hospital

    What??? That is 322,900 sq. ft.
  8. New construction next to coca cola

    Not a photo, it's an artist's rendering.
  9. Mexican cheese recommendation?

    Joaquín is back inside the Chapala market. He just does not offer vegetables or fruit like before. He has a large supply of cheeses and I tried his cheddar. I find it better than what I could find in WalMart. It melts well and has some flavor. Have him cut you off a try.
  10. Earthquake

    Oh, you're a right wing racist, eh?
  11. Earthquake

    I just got back from the Cruz Roja where they declined my cash donation and gave me an account number to donate at Banorte.
  12. Walking your dog

    Ammonia Toxicity https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ammonia The toxicity of ammonia solutions does not usually cause problems for humans and other mammals, as a specific mechanism exists to prevent its build-up in the bloodstream. Lemon juice doesn't smell bad, but the point is to deter the first aggression, and more importantly repeat attacks. Ammonia is on the shelves of all the large store in the cleaning department. It won't clog the nozzle of your sprayer.