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  1. I need someone who has perspective and an 'eye' for photographing houses and gardens. Amateur is fine. Quarterly photo shoots. Thanks

    So sorry...am new and should have read the instructions/rules. Happy Holidays
  3. Please your experience with Lake Chapala area property management. Rental or non rental management. Thanks
  4. Thanks for your affirmation! Tis reassuring! Happy Holidays
  5. LOVELY! and THANKS! I very much appreciate your assistance and all others who responded to my inquiry. What a great group! Happy Holidays
  6. Comment is much appreciated. Personal references are the best! Thanks
  7. Thanks for your comments Very reassuring. Do you have contact(telephone or email...both?) information for them? I would appreciate very much. Happy Holidays
  8. I appreciate your reference of assistance. Could you please provide me with direct contact information.. email and or telephone #'s? Happy day and holidays. Or if you prefer, provide Julie with my direct email addy......etumoe@gmail.com
  9. Have house to sell. Am out of area and need reliable skilled agent Personal experience/success speaks the best Thanks
  10. Chapala area services available for sale of household effects? Appreciate receiving contact information. Thanks
  11. Small yard with many plants and no grass to mow.(gravel 'lawn' that requires a blower) Monthly for 5 hours (or more) work. Excellent pay
  12. Selling my Lake Chapala home .of 25 years.Trust(Fideicomiso) created for property only mentions LAND VALUE which was conveyed by developer a year after purchase of this RESALE home. Initial owner built house on land purchased from developer with her own funds. Developer was unable to provide title to land. Title of land was conveyed after my purchase of the newly completed residential structure. HOUSE VALUE was not included in the trust created at time developer conveyed clear title to land. Need a reliable/skilled Notario to advise how house value can be included in cost basis for total investment dollars credited towards capital gains due when house is sold present time. Also, I have read that local 'notaries publicos' allow Residente Temporales to be exempted from capital gains taxes. Appreciate any assistance/information/notario referrals. on either or both problems? Thank you.
  13. gardener needed

    I would be very grateful if you would provide me with any additional information about the type(list) of work this gardener provides/ My direct email address: desfrutasuvida@yahoo.com I am APACHE on this site. Thanks ever so much. ANN
  14. Thanks for your kind response. Would you happen to know current contact information I have gone to the LINK and website is not available for this company Also contact telephone does not ring through. Many thanks Apache
  15. Thank you very much. Do you know the office location for Ms. Ana Maria? Or does she work independently? Thanks Apache