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  1. Tom Bien


    Just saw the movie coco here in California today great movie great story focusing around dia de los muertos I think this movie is number 1 in Mexico
  2. Tom Bien

    Happy Birthday, RVGRINGO!

    Happy birthday I have learned a lot from your posts.
  3. Tom Bien


    I agree very happy it's back
  4. Tom Bien

    Rainy season

    Thanks everyone
  5. Tom Bien

    Rainy season

    When is the last month of the rainy season? thanks
  6. Tom Bien

    Tom bien

    Thank you
  7. Tom Bien

    Tom bien

    When using my nob cell phone what do I dial to reach a Mexican cell phone?thanks
  8. Tom Bien

    XM Sirius Radio

    I am not sure about your dish question I don't have dish. But I have all the xm stations. I can listen on my phone car computer. It's called all access I paid $119 per year. There starting price is like $199.00 dollars but if you call them they have specials. I visit chapala about twice a year and I love being able to access CNN Fox News etc when I am there.
  9. Tom Bien

    XM Sirius Radio

    I have the all access package and when I visit lake chapala I can listen via my phone. We like to stay in San Juan cosola at the hot springs
  10. I just switched to t-mobile $100 dollars per month 2 phones unlimited data talk text. Can be used in Mexico. I travel to chapala 2 times a year that's why I switched.
  11. Tom Bien

    Tom bien

    Good to know thanks
  12. Tom Bien

    Tom bien

    Great to know thanks
  13. Tom Bien

    Tom bien

    Mexico has much better deals than here in the US but for my wife and I it's much better than what we had. My wife's sister lives in Ameca Jal. And thanks to this forem she got the Telcel unlimited plan 100 pesos for like 20 days and she calls my wife here all the time great plan
  14. Tom Bien

    Tom bien

    Just switched to t -mobile from at&t I get unlimited data talk msgs. Works in all North America,Mexico. 100 dollars per month includes all taxes and fees 2 phones. Good deal for us we travel to chapala 3 times a year soon to be more frequent. AT&T was 120 US per month and .50 US per minute. Just wanted to share. Love this forum
  15. Tom Bien

    Tom bien

    Happy new year all. I love this webboard it has been so helpful thanks to all of you. I am still living in California soon to see you folks in lake chapala.