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  1. Eric Blair

    Need direct contact for Mod on I.L. Board

    Can't use the contact w/o logging in and can't log in.
  2. Eric Blair

    Need direct contact for Mod on I.L. Board

    I can't get into the IL board. Any email or phone?
  3. Eric Blair

    Should I stay here or go to California?

    IMO, today there is so much authoratative medical information you can get online, you don't always need to see a doctor. If I have a question, I Google it and at the end put Mayo. I will get very authoritative information from the Mayo Clinic. Same for Johns Hopkins and Cleveland Clinic. For sure, don't take a diagnosis from Facebook.
  4. I know Uber is cheaper, but how much? I have used Miramontez for many years; R/T to GDL is $500, but he and his family have never missed a pickup. This is critical when as has happened, we needed a very early 0300--0400 pick up. A missed pickup for a trip to GDL could be a very costly disaster. When point into Guadalajara itself, I have no problem with the bus (includes WiFi); goes right to the bus station and then Uber to whereever I'm going.
  5. I will be 80 in May, 2019. I had a colonoscopy about 12-13 yers ago and it was clean, but I'm thinking for safety I should get another. As to my question, here are my thoughts/concerns. I worry about getting it here as there is no real accountability as to doctors in Mexico. Someone screws up and basically the apologize for the inconvenience. The U.S. is different with accountability. For me, and I think for most people, communication with the doctor is important. I want to be able to ask questions and get answers in English. I know that there can be great doctors who speak no English, but it's a psychological thing with me. Also, if I go NOB, I will be at a Hotel/Motel or Airbnb home, and I know the pre-procedre isn't fun.I have to go to California anyway for a business matter and I don't want to possibly be sidelined if there are issues. Looking for thoughts, especially from anyone who has had the experience here. Recommendations. $$ isn't a factor. Thanks.
  6. Eric Blair

    Getting wheelchair at Guad airport

    At GDL a few years ago, my Ex used a wheelchair and when she was delivered to the exit area she was told there was a US$20 fee. She said she thought the chair was free and was told the $20 was for the attendant (the guy pushing the chair and who wanted the $20). She gave him $10.00 and called me over to borrow the other $10. I new this was B.S. and tried to get the $10 back but no deal. The guy just left. To add insult to injury, her carry-on was taken from her, without her permission, and put in the cargo area. When she got it back at GDL, it had been pilfered and US$70 taken and some costume jewelry.
  7. I need 4 replacement wheels. Anyone know of anyplace that does that locally? I guess I could look for a used suitcase, but this one is very nice except for the wheels.
  8. I have a MultiVa debit card, will that work?
  9. I'm finding that if I pay in Pesos, the rate is much better than if I pay with my U.S. CC. Does the T.A. charge me a fee to use them? How much? Thanks.
  10. I have a lady coming down here who has a large van. It's been fitted out inside for a sleeping area, a place for some food/water and to eat.It's sort of like sleeping in your car, but it's a van. She needs to be able to have access to some toilet facility and maybe some water and electricity. I know this is a tall order, but any thoughts could help. Thanks a lot.
  11. Eric Blair

    Would you prepay a year's rent?

    Agree, ask Spencer, but also ask him how much will it cost you if you get into a legal battle with the landlord, how long will it take and if you win, can/will you get your attorney fees back. Also note, I believe that it's illegal in Mexico to lock out a tenant, turn off utilities, etc. to pressure them. Again, ask Spencer.
  12. Eric Blair

    Walmart delivery service

    Don't think so. Ask some of the places that sell larger pieces, they usually have or know someone who will do it for a reasonable sum.
  13. One of the downsides of many doctors in Mexico is that they often do not take good histories and often don't ask your current medication intake. Even if they do, over the years, your meds can change. Case in point: 68 year old female presented with acute pain after a dental procedure. Diagnosis was inflammation of nerves secondary to the procedure. Anti-inflammatory prescribed. Patient's husband went to Google to check possible drug contraindications (using "Mayo" at the end of the question). He found that the meds prescribed by the treating doctor were contraindicated with another med she is taking for non-alcoholic fatty gallbladder. On the 1-10 scale, the rating for potential cardiac incidents and other issues, was an 8. Doctor was notified and changed the meds. Always remember to tell your health care professional, if you are getting any prescription and/or OTC , what meds they are or you have taken for any extended time and stopped within the last 30-days (half-life for many common meds). Good health to all.