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  1. All work fine; I just don't need them. KB/Mouse used one time. Won't sell separately. Call: 376-765-6348. Collect in Chapala Haciendas. Free digital camera w/purchase.
  2. If you want to save a tonne of money, refill it yourself. You can see videos on how to do it on youtube. It's pretty easy IMO.
  3. I want a decent all-in1 computer that I can connnect an external mouse, keyboard and if needed, touchpad. Let me know you have and details about it. Thank you for responding.
  4. for sale

    To Mod #2. Sorry, I didn't know there was a different category for Vans or whatever. IMB. Yes, Jalisco plated but one year out of date as I said. Mileage is 93,102 (assume miles and not KM). From the condition, I would guess (in my favor of course), that these could be original. I'm also thinking that after all these years, anything critical that could have gone wrong, probably did and was fixed. I read these are real workhorses. Of course, no one can tell when something will happen. I just know I would trust it to Texas and back. Forgot to mention; mechanic replaced two motor mounts that were racked. I have receipts on all the work I mentioned. When I originally asked about the A/C being recharged, I was told "only in Guadalajara." If it can be charged here, I would pay for that also. Problem is that as I said, there is no insurance on it and I won't drive it to the place that might be able to do it. My mechanic ia Angel on Pepe Gizarre, but it was someone else who told me that. For someone who wants/needs a dependable, large van, this is a good deal. Otherwise, it's not worth anything. At today's Xchange rate, the cost is about US$2,100. And yes, compare apples to apples and factor in buying local and/or shipping. Anyone wants, email me direct. Thanks.
  5. This is my first classified post and I don't know for sure iam doing it right. I am an impulse person and I ended up about a year ago buying this 1995 Ford Windstar.Really in good condition. I decided to tweak it and took it to my mechanic I had been working with for 10+ years. He went through it, front to back. Changed or topped off all the fluids, checked the brakes, etc.Gave it a clean bill of car health. The front windshield had a slight crack in it, which is no problem in Mexico, but I figured, "why not replace it?" so I did. My bill, which I have was (and still is), $6,580. This was May, 2016. For good measure, I put in a new heavy duty battery. Cost about $2,200 Tires are about 65-70% The paint on the hood was faded out and there were some slight dings on the driver side; NOT collision damage by any means, maybe the size of a $10 coin. Anyway, I had all that taken care of and repainted the front end. The A/C needed recharging, but I was told I had to go to Guadalajara for that and having driven there a couple of times and really got lost, I would rather walk barefooted on hot coals. The only other issues are that the electric sliding door doesn't slide and there are a couple of places where the headliner needs TLC. It's not trashed. I would have no hesitation driving this to the border of Texas or anywhere else for that matter. So IMO, everything is top drawer. Now what? My project was finished and so I parked it in my driveway with my two other cars (including a classic 1971 Safari with custom Star Trek work done on it. NO, that's not for sale. To finish things out, I bought a new ATV/Quad. It is one year behind in registration and no insurance. As I said, been sitting for a year, but I have had it driven around the fracc every so often and start it up. I'm into it a little over $60,000. As a kicker, I offered it for sale several months ago and a mechanic and his wife who have a garage (sort of well known) came, drive it arund the fracc and wanted to buy it. OK, good enough. They wanted payments. I said "Sure. you get the van when it's all paid." They gave me a $2,000 deposit. Finally, they called and said they couldn't get it and wanted to know when they could get their deposit back. What a sense of humor. I'll sell it for $38,000 less the cost of the smog check and registration. You can come and see it or I'll send pictures. You can drive it, but only in the Fracc (remember, no insurance). I'm in Chapala Haciendas, #2. Phone: 376-765-63-48 (no collect calls, please Prefer phone/email response.
  6. Thank you. I will look.
  7. I posted for the classified here and want to know how I can get it into the magazine classified. Thank