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  1. A couple of months ago, we found a medium sized tumor on the front leg of my "daughter." Not sure her age, but I got her from the street about 10-years ago. Had the tumor removed and just now found another one on the other front leg. My wife said the new tumor grew very rapidly as she checks a couple of times a week. I want a doctor/vet that has experience with this and who can/will tell me what stage is the cancer, and who knows about clean margins. I am an avid researcher, and I hate it when it seems I know more than my doctor. I have found that in life, the cost of something doesn't always equate with the quality of what you get. If anyone has been in this position and can recommend from personal experience, please tell me. I lost another child maybe 8 years ago, and it was the worst experience I ever had. She is my favorite of our three rescues. A parent should never outlive a child. Thank you deeply.
  2. I know I need extensive dental work. I know that each case is different. I have been trying to get a consensus on some costs, and have little to no luck. Can someone please give me thoughts on the APPROXIMATE costs of the following procedures Lakeside. 1. Non surgical tooth extractions with bond grafting. 2.Implants (per tooth, assuming sufficient bond density. I'm not seeking recommendations though I won't disregard them. I would love personal experiences, good and negative. No names need be given. Yes, I know prices can/will vary depending on many factors, including the experience of the DDS. Any serious input is appreciated since cost is a factor since I live on US Social Security. Thanks in advance.
  3. How happy are you with Netflix?

    I just signed up for Amazon PRIME for US$99 per year including streaming videos. Had to change my Amazon billing address to Mx. I would love more subtitles in English but for the very few pesos per momth, it's worth having both, plus free shipping to Mx. So far I'm happy with the deals.
  4. I'm looking at some serious work to be done. I think there are some great dentists/specialists Lakeside and I am not short on recommendations. I want to get an idea of costs before talking too much. What cost range for a non-surgical tooth removal? How about removal with bone grafts (per tooth)? Implants? Thanks.
  5. I admit this van proves my occasional stupidity. I ended up with this van and had great plans to make a "camper" out of it. That was two years ago. I paid registration, smog, insurance and put several thousand pesos into it to make sure it was in top condition. And there it sits with my two other cars and ATV. I'll take $27,500 pesos. You register it for 2018. I'm open to a trade, but I can't think of anything I want/need, for sure, not another vehicle. But I'm not going to give it away. The A/C isn't working nor is the electric door. Upholstery is very good but the headliner could use replacement. Tires are very good. What really counts is the mechanical condition, and I wouldn't hesitate to drive this to the border, though I can't figure any reason why I would do it. Yes, I have lots of pictures if you ask. You can call me 376-765-6348 or U.S. # 818-570-5660, but email is the best way for me. Thanks.
  6. Mexican investments questions

    I second the MultiVa vote. The last time the government devalued the peso was in 1994. Many lives and businesses were ruined. I don't think that would happen again, not just for expats fleeing, that's probably not a major income for Mexico, but the Mexican people might be up-in-arms, literally, and that would be a disaster. Cutting graft/embezzlement would help, but that's ain't gonna happen. Guess it's best to just be conservative and as said above, don't put more into Mexico than you could afford to lose.
  7. As said, class actions only help attorneys. There is a better way to go. I would argue false, misleading and deceptive packaging. If you go to Google, you will see several videos where an ink cartridge is taken apart (legally termed "deconstructed") and how little of the sponge that holds the ink is saturated. When you get a cartridge, your mind sees/believes that the cartridge would be "substantially" filled to the available space. This doesn't mean the sponge needs to be saturated to the point of dripping, but when it's only say 25% to 35% saturated, then it's, IMO, false, misleading and deceptive. Since I ditched cartridge printers several years ago for a Brother all-in-one unit (black only), I have been more than happy. And I never used color anyway, better to put a picture you want on a flash drive and take it to a shop and for $18.00 or less, get it printed. Finally, without looking, I'm guessing that HP and the other cartridge sellers have, in their literature, a "forced" arbitration provision that says if you're not happy, you can't go to court or jain a class action. Just a guess. I say ditch the cartridge and go a b/w, all-in-one. I got my Brother for under US$150.00 delivered, and you can refill your cartridge yourself. IMO, can't beat that.
  8. How happy are you with Netflix?

    U.S. law requires all TV sold there to have CC available. No such requirement in Mx. Some movies have subtitles and they show well; you often have choices for languages on subtitles. I have MX Netflix and it's good, just wish there were more movies w/CC English.
  9. I am looking for a 2-3 bedroom, 1 or 1 1/2 bath in a Mexican area in or near Chapala. I can do some upgrading (landlord pays material) if wanted. This is for 6 months for a Latino lady and her three children. Call 376-765-6348 Thanks.
  10. About selling in the Ojo del Lago

    Thank you. I will look.
  11. I posted for the classified here and want to know how I can get it into the magazine classified. Thank