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  1. Hi! Feel free to take a look on my profile. Just in case you could need someone to look after your beloved pets some day in the future! Great weekend everybody!!! Claus G.
  2. I'm full booked up from March to August 31th, 2017. Thanks for your trust! Now booking the rest of the year and begining of 2018. Plannig where to spend Thanks giving week? Christmas season, etc. Do not forget your beloved pets, ok! Night night every one! Clau G.
  3. Sorry March is all booked. Clau G.
  4. Hi Robert, I'm busy those dates. Sorry! Still if you want my refrences, could you let me know your E-mail, please? Thanks, Claudia G.
  5. Hi Roger! I have sent you an e-mail with my references. I hope you got it. if not, let me know to re send it,please. nighr night! Claudia G.
  6. Hi bmh! could you give me your e-mail address to send you my refrences, please. regards, Claudia G
  7. Hi Maggie! I send my info/refrences to your e-mail a moment ago. Looking forwad to your comments. This is mi cel number: 3316954607 Night night! Claus G.
  8. Planning your short get aways or summer vacations already? Don't miss your house/pet sitter. If you don't know me, feel free to look at my profile. Got refrences I can send to your e- mail. Night night! Claus G.
  9. Hi! Happy New Year 2017 to every one!! To remind you to set aside your dates and book for Pet or/and house sitting as far in advance as possible. For short notice, please call me instead of leaving me a pm, that way you can have a quick answer from me, beacuse I check mi messages at this poste at Night. Cheers! Claus G.
  10. December 2016 all booked!! Ready for 2017! Take a look on my profile. Happy Holidays to all!💫✨✨✨ Claus G.
  11. Hello Plumeau! Did you had the chance to look at my profile? There is my celphone number or if you like, I can call you, just send me a pm. Night night Claus G.
  12. Hi Plumeau Hi! I'm a Pet Sitter. Feel free to take a look on my profile. I have refrences. Night night Claus G.
  13. Feel free to look at my profile. I've got refrences! I work from Chapala to Jocotepec. All year long. Night Night Claus G.
  14. December 2016 all booked!! Ready for 2017! Night night Claus G.
  15. Hi ! feel free to look at my profile. I'm available for that dates. Got refrences! Night Night Claus G.