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  1. You may be really bored raising a family in Ajijic. Things to also consider: -healthcare. (I don't have any experience with free healthcare in Mexico but if you have an emergency you need to drive to Guadalajara to be seen in a private hospital) -things to do (most places cater to retirees and come 7-8pm almost everything is closed) -cost of living (housing seems expensive here, however hired help and eating out is cheaper than in big Mexican cities) -schools (I have heard of mixed reviews of one private school in rancho del Oro) If international schools are important to you bigger cities have more options. However they are much more expensive. -socializing (unless you already have friends here you may start to feel a bit lonely. People are usually very nice but finding people in your demographic that you may have things in common with is hard) -roads: despite having so much to offer our infrastructure seems to be getting worse. Yes we are less than an hour away from the airport but the road to get there is in awful shape. If you need to drive at night there is almost no visibility. The roads in the village are just dirt roads with some rocks and the sidewalks are not maintained. Also garbage pick up seems to be an issue for some neighbourhoods. Maybe this will change if the politicians in charge start having some pride in their town but it may be magnana or in a decade or maybe never. with that saying I do hope more younger people with families move to Ajijic but I just wanted to give you my perspective without sugar coating things.
  2. Where Do You Go For a BIG Salad??

    1. Fridas has the biggest portions but they are in jocotepec. They are very cheap for what you get. They don't skim on the quality however. 2. Adelitas; the cob salad is quite a good size with lots of ingredients and you can pick your own dressing. The price is very reasonable for how much food you get 3. Pasta Trenta; Niรงoise salad is my favourite and very affordable. Most other places just give you overpriced lettuce with some dressing on it and not much else.
  3. Taxes on Rental Income

    So with all these extra taxes they are getting does that mean that landlords should expect better roads and public amenities? ๐Ÿค”
  4. CPAP face mask

    Oops I read that as "CRAP face mask" and I had to click on this thread to find out more lol ๐Ÿ˜‚
  5. Walking your dog

    It's safe to walk your dog on a leash for his own protection. FACT: Most neighbourhood dogs that are offleash are owned by Mexicans. Most of them won't be aggressive however Mexican street dogs are territorial towards other dogs but not humans (they are very friendly to humans in general) so they may bark when your dog walks by or just do nothing at all. If you have a small dog I would hold him if you see a lot of big dogs (4 or more in one corner) because some big dogs like to chase them as a game and when it's a lot of them they have a pack mentality. Most of the time you are fine however. The biggest issue if your small dog is off leash is that they will run get scared and probably be hit by a car. Same with big dogs too. Please don't bring any chemicals to spray other dogs. They may be roaming free but most of them are still socialized. Source: I have walked multiple adopted ex street dogs for over 2 years in Ajijic.
  6. Physiotherapy recommendation

  7. La Vie En Rose # 2 on Independencia in Ajijic

    I have no alterior motifs to trash a business or be "part of a small group" (whatever that means). It was two of us and I'm sharing my experience of restaurant 4. The other diner that was with me can tell you the same thing I should have kept the bill to show you but never thought I would encounter a business owner with such an aggressive and rude attitude. Good luck in your new "business", you will need it.
  8. Housesitters beware!!!

    Wtf did I just read? ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜ and the cApSsS
  9. Telmex speed throttling

    4.37 upload. This can't be in lakeside
  10. Actinver, Intercam or Monex

    Monex is good if you want to have foreign currency in Mexico but they are not a bank that you can use for pesos for everyday life because they don't have a debit card. If you need them to hold US dollars with you exhanging them whenever you like into pesos they are great. All tranactions are done via email or phone so no need to go into the bank. They are awesome if you need to wire money outside of Mexico also If you need a bank in pesos for everyday usage you can do a transfer from your monex bank after you exchange your pesos into a local Mexican bank. I have experience with multiva and they are very good. I don't know intercam but they may be similar. Multiva has debit cards where they allow 5000 pesos cash whithdrawls a day. They have an online banking system which alllows you to pay bills and make transfers within Mexico. I currently pay cfe and all my hired help/contractors through them and the system takes a bit to get used to but after a while it's easy. You can also use the card to purchase in stores and I think their daily limit is around 35000 pesos (not entirely sure but it's higher than the ATM limit). If you need more cash you can go into the bank with your passport and it's instant. If you have more cash left over they have products such as CDs and mutual funds. Monex has similar products but multiva's CD rates seemed slightly better. Also if you were with actinver and they are giving you a hard time moving your money do not go to the cashier and cash it because it's quicker. You will be flagged if it's a large amount when you deposit it into a new bank. Pressure them to do a wire transfer.
  11. La Vie En Rose # 2 on Independencia in Ajijic

    Larger setting must mean 2 people for them. Good thing we checked the bill to notice what we ordered didn't add up. After asking them what that was about and them making us wait for a good 15 min to "sort it out", it was determined as a "service fee" but then it was said it was up to us to pay it (although it was reflected in the total). They got ZERO tip and I won't even give their new business a try now.
  12. La Vie En Rose # 2 on Independencia in Ajijic

    Will they add a 30% service fee and not tell you about it like they did at restaurant 4.
  13. Panaderia Scandanavia

    You cannot compare bees to flies. Do a simple google search why flies are so bad when they contaminate food. I also agree with you regarding implementation of any food safety (this is the government's job and we know how great they are here) but it doesn't stop me from thinking that the owner of the establishment shouldn't take some pride in their business and invest in a fly zapper or two, or maybe have some fans as well. Go to 5 star resorts in riviera maya and you will not see a single fly. Why because the owners want their customers to return and spend more money. They are not doing it because they are following some government food and safety regulation.
  14. Paying workers while away

    Open a Mexican bank account and do online bank transfers to their bank.
  15. Why would you breed your dog when there are so many abandoned dogs that need caring homes?