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  1. Love technology

    I have an excess of "gadgets", sometimes 2 or 3 to accomplish the same purpose. The fun is in finding what works best for the lowest overall cost.

    If you're looking for a solution to a problem give me a call.

    59f8ed82e000b_BornGenius.thumb.png.6742299e1e7601f05588baa5a17b4784.pngMaybe I can point you in the right direction. 

  2. Lexar 633x 64GB UHS1 microSD card. Bought April 2016 from Amazon com. $20 or peso equivalent. 2 very lightly used Samsung EVO Plus 64GB UHS1 U3 microSd cards in original packaging. Manufactured June 2017. Work with 4K video cameras. Fit phones, tablets, most cameras, etc. $24/ea USD or peso equivalent. MX 331 547 3129 US (845) 580-6945
  3. Replacing broken glass on cellphone

    Ana is good. I recommend the Telcel store kitty corner from Coppel in Chapala A lot of repairs are done by people in San Juan de Dios just south of Plaza Tapatia in Guad. I've taken several types of electronics there over the past 15 years with good success. Most electronics I do myself including phones. I only repair for myself and very close friends.