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  1. I’m not too with familiar FB friends. I usually like to meet people in person so there’s obviously some people who are very culturally accepting of this tradition that are posting on FB. Question, on my way church today i said hola to a young man sitting on the corner I’ve never seen before but I noticed his friend eyeing me the previous day and knew the scene from my years of teaching in the mission district SF. They probably have a stream on FB if you’re interested. For those who aren’t aware of the culture of the district it’s oozing with culture. Well I’m pretty sure he was selling drugs because he wanted to know what I needed and how much. It was in Spanish. And from my shopping experiences” how much” comes with selling something. Then the lookout came over because it looked like I was a buyer. I’ve never been able to purchase drugs even when I wanted drugs. In the states I’m usually pegged as an undercover cop. Or in Mexico I can’t get pain meds for the life of me when I’m standing in line with a separated shoulder. If I new I could by drugs on my way to church then I certainly would have been a buying customer when I was in pain. But now I’m not looking for drugs. Just not today. I’ve never been asked before. So do I load up now for the festival. They’re good to have and hard to find. But im sure I’ll walk by them at least for the festival. Why leave when business is boooming! I also said hola to an old man who had some back issues. He was Mexican as well. He was just up the corner from the young salesmen. Unfortunately he was stacking trash. I asked “Why are you working so hard? “I think I said it. But he wasn’t selling he was too busy stacking trash. He looked like he could have used some drugs. But he was too busy getting ready for the cultural festivities. I don’t think they would stream him as he obviously wasn’t too aware of the excitement of the festival. I kinda wish I knew more Spanish so I could help him understand his culture better. But he didn’t seem like he was too interested in Mexican culture as we are. Last question. I understand the explanation of testing sound systems in preparation. But how often do you need to test the fireworks? It’s my thinking if they work then they work right? Oh well. I’m still learning. And I’m not one to complain. And I guess today I learned where to buy drugs.
  2. Ok. So this the cultural celebration that has been celebrated for years filled tradition as expressed so eloquently on the other thread, Because I want that one. I think it’s sounds like fun. Sign me up! Im lost. Are we on the same festival schedule? Because what I’m listening to the last nights is nothing but greed and extortion of a small town? Sorry to offend the fans. Are these one and the same?
  3. I’m posting on the topic about a 9 day celebration of non stop entertainment. Is this the same noise uh umm music entertainment that were all listening too? Because this area has become one solid party in less than a year and they’re putting those speakers to good use! Definitely money makers for the the party until 4 crowd. I’m certain I would have noticed this last year but this year it’s becoming non stop action. Im still new. I’ve lived here for three years but in the last year there’s been some upgrades. I’ve lived outside US for 18 years so I’m not comparing this to anything particular. I say this because i see things for what they are and not what I’m sold or fed like I’m Fresh Off Thr Boat. it’s obvious this is a fast moving money-making opportunity. These boys are not from around here and have done this before. That sound system is made for Woodstock and not some small event, Thats no small town set up. I bought headphones and turn the tv on full blast and still I can here the singer or screamer counting numbers and screaming aye aye aye for hours. But nothings can stop vibrations that come with that top of the line sound system. I’m all for cultural expression and living then Mexican experiencing. But this is abuse and exploitation of a small town by a few individuals looking turn a profit. They are spending money on those speakers and definitely don’t care about a quality show. It’s an issue that needs to be addressed. I’m familiar with the drill and signing a petition or filing a complaint will not work. If nothing can be done then I guess we did our best and wait until the party burns.out or stops turning a profit. But I’d like to try something. I’m still up even though it fizzled out hours ago expecting the same grand finale that ended last night. I was planning on going over tonight to see if there were actually a local crowd enjoying the concert. But tonight’s performance seemed to end sooner than I expected. If I’m missing something then tell me. I’m not trying to change a popular local tradition and impose my personal values or culture views just because it doesn’t agree with my way of life. I’m not that guy. I’m just trying to figure out what my nightly 7pm church bells are being replaced by nad attempt at music and and when can innhave them back,
  4. Ajijic 9 day November festival

    Now now I know. It sounds lively. So how did I miss this the last two previous two years? I’m listening them practice now and can’t believe that in the three years I’ve lived here I’ve been living next to the celebration of celebrations. I understand and have grown accustom to the random and daily ordinances even as it became more frequent and learned ignore the vibrations that follow. I was listening to the music earlier and in my limited Spanish I made out singing at good enough volume so I could make out the words. He was screaming or singing UNO DOS TRES UNO DOS TRES UNO DOS TRES,. Which I believe is counting ipine two three for an hour with the occasional AYE AYE AYE!!! For a good hour. Sunday night he was counting to four but still stayed strong on that mic for an hour. So maybe he’s counting down days until the main event? The speakers helped of course. So basically I’m listening to the warm up. I thought I was listening to the end. But it’s only the beginning! I’ll definitely remember this one. The history of this festival. Is there somewhere that will give me some more information, I find conflicting information that comes up and the things that I find are are from this year. 2017 that it’s mentioned. Although there’s one man who was surprised by the fireworks, which weren’t we all we first arrived, that a local Mexican resident told him something different about some battle between the town thst lasted nine days and the cohettes he heard we’re sounds of battle. I don’t see anything as descriptive as you were describing. I’m curious as the importance an event that it practices during a nationally recognized holiday. Plus, I know I could never afford to take nine days off from work for after a two week celebration day of the dead. Who funds these events. I can’t the sound system system is surprisingly nice to be free. Or the musicians, do they work gratis. I’m either just waking up to the local entertainment or the entertainment has become local and more frequent. Either way. They have themselves a nice opportunity to become a slamming city that is known for it’s non stop party lifestye. Since Guadalajara is cutting back on noise I see a nice opportunity for and steady income from people who are looking to party! This town has moved almost overnight from boring day of the church bells and candles in celebration to a solid uninterrupted non stop 9 day celebration soon 365 days a week party! You have to fly to Vegas for that kind entertainment or find an underground rave that can only run 24 hrs before getting shut down. But not here. We’re on the upward swing as I see it.
  5. Ajijic 9 day November festival

    I’ve still new here, I’ve only lived in Ajijic for 3 years and on and off 18 in Mexico mostly traveling in Baja. This is probably the only time I’ve ever heard this much excitement for an obscure festival that is has only gained momentum since I missed the last two flew right by me. I think this would be something to add in the brochure or history books. 9 days of non stop music and “cohettes” randomly throughout the day. I do love festivals and this one seems driven with purpose. The 4am practice sessions finales are stronger than the previous days. And to think. They’re only practicing! It’s gonna chain when the they start on day one. Sunday’s was literally the most cultural experience I’ve experienced in the last years than I have in my 18 years of living oveseas. So what’s the history behind the 9 day celebration. I have no idea how I missed something that screams fun before the fun begins. I’m limited to research on the internet and it doesn’t show up on a search. I’m new here but the brief time I’ve lived here ’ve seen massive amounts of growth in cultural expression. They really seem to have turned up the culture this last year with technology and the festivals are starting to blend together. Is this for a saint? Or a famous post Independence Day. And where’s then funding come from. It seems things are looking up in this sleepy little village. Love it!
  6. I had that happen I could only get Mexican amazon movies. I’m contacted amazon and told them the issue and I was traveling to Mexico not but back in the states. They had to switch my country setting on their end. Just make sure if you open up your amazon movies your von is on. Also, sometimes with expressvpn the setting needs to be on la 3 or New Jersey 2. Amazon blocks some of the other cities. Just chat up expressvpn and ask them which setting is working and they’ll tell you
  7. I was just about to get up mu courage and ask if he found a home. It’s time
  8. I use expressvpn vpn that offers a streaming DNS setting and a blocker. Excellent customer service. Chat box pops up and walks you through changing vpn locations when one gets blocked. Use me as a reference and we both get an extra month. I had a problem with amazon because I signed up for amazon Mexico. I had to chat with amazon customer service and have them change my account from Mexico to US. Then vpn from there. But amazon got tricky.
  9. HULU

    I’ve been trying to figure that out. What router or extension thing did you get? Did you find it on amazon? I think I might give it try. How’s it effect the speed? I use expressvpn mainly because their customer service is top notch. And Hulu live is great
  10. HULU

    The new update makes it almost impossible to hide the gps on laptops or iPads. I have Hulu live and so far so good. I use expressvpn too. Hulu live is nice. I run my uhku live throwback my appletv and associated app. Expressvpn gives you a dns setting for live streaming Netflix and Hulu live.
  11. ÜBER

    Absolutely they do what they want! So if they want to pick up a rider rider with 4.7 and ignore the rider with a .01. That is an independent choice. Drivers don't have to pick up a rider. Uber knows they can pay next to nothing targeting Groupon shoppers! Uber used to keep people in the dark about their rating. Afraid of losing the "bargain" hunter crowd. Now it's right under their picture. Hi! I'm so and so! I'm a .01 and I need a ride. Just sayin. If it's too good of a deal. Someone somewhere is losing. With uber it's the driver. Take advantage of iit now. Eventually its just gonna be another yellow cab or fast food delivery service.
  12. ÜBER

    I took Uber to downtown Guadalajara the other day from Ajijic. It ran around 280MXN. I tipped going up and coming back in cash. The driver I drove up with lived in guad but drove here since there were so few drivers and he's constantly busy. My first attempt I waited a half hour for an uber then he cancelled a minute away. Guess he didn't want the fare. On the second attempt my uber arrived within minutes and was happy to drive up. He said Guadalajara is flooded with drivers and the average fare is 30MXN. Soon the drivers will figure out the secret and lakeside will be overrun with eager uberers. Also. Uner drivers may not get a tip from the app. Not sure because it's not clear on where the tip applies. But It's nice to tip if you can. uber is streamlined to be used without cash. Although there is a pay in cash option if you choose. But Uber drivers in the states and I'm assuming here rate the passenger just as we rate the driver. US drivers give you a higher rating influenced by tips. The higher your rating the less time you'll end up uberless in the rain. I think you're rating starts after the fourth time
  13. video voice over

    You can also find some help looking on Upwork. Tons of dirt cheap freelance translators. Just a thought
  14. My Telmex Infinitum down

    Down again