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    Thank you ... Is this what you mean..... http://www.steren.com.mx/regulador-de-voltaje-de-2000-watts-con-indicador-de-voltaje.html cant find one that says voltage regulator /surge protector.

    Bringing new laptops on my next trip from the states to San Antonio T. Will also have external monitors and printers etc. I had line conditioners in my home in the states. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. I am looking at purchasing this model. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0000512LA/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=I3MDOOAUFAYVE5&colid=3JLP09AJJRFFS Any suggestions for refrigerator and washer dryer that have electronics? Thank you kindly in advance.
  3. Its not just from this board alone. Every facebook group in Lakeside has it posted. And if you read it you would see there is a place where you check off you are interested but wont prepay.
  4. So far only 176 people have signed up. Emailed Jessica . We needto get more people to sign up. I would have thought by now there would be 1,000... Missed opportunity. Hola.. Van 176 hasta este momento, vamos por mas.!!
  5. Dr. Carlos Garcia Discusses New Hospital

    My last post was about the new hernandez hospital. YOu can read it Click on my name and you can see the post. As I stated I am new to this area . I sure hope not everyone is as welcoming as some members of this group. I am extremely upset.
  6. Dr. Carlos Garcia Discusses New Hospital

    The previous article I posted on the other hospital apparently people read and I wasn't attacked, and I was sent this article. I don't even know anything about this woman or the newspaper nor do I have to stick up for myself.
  7. Dr. Carlos Garcia Discusses New Hospital

    I got right through the link and others did on the other post on the other Hernandez proposed hospital. For you there are no benefits at all.
  8. Dr. Carlos Garcia Discusses New Hospital

    I am new to this area and all I can say is that I have been given a wonderful welcome by this board and I am pretty much surprised.. Looks like its real hard to fit in to the group.. I tried to post 2 links on this hospital issue for the good of the board and this is the response I get? I don't have a clue as to what this paper represents or who this woman is. Copy and paste after being called a troll?
  9. Dr. Carlos Garcia Discusses New Hospital

    Of course I am. How did you find out. As a matter of fact I am Lisa Troll Jorgensen. Troll was my last name before I married Shmo Jorgensen
  10. The head of Maskaras Clinic in Riberas del Pilar sat down with the Lake Chapala Reporter to describe his plans for the new hospital on the Carretera across from the Chula Vista Country Club. https://lakechapalareporter.com/dr-carlos-garcia-discusses-new-hospital/
  11. for a 29 bed hospital it sure sounds like a lot but the area where it will be has lots of raw land to amply fill it. Article stated to be completed by next year was suspicious to me.
  12. A new 30,000 square meter hospital in Ajijic was exclusively announced today to the Lake Chapala Reporter. The facility stands to raise the bar significantly for medical care in this area, providing the same quality of services and staff as that of Guadalajara. The facility will be called the RIBERA MEDICAL CENTER, modeled after the Vallarta Medical Center in Puerto Vallarta, and will be built and administered by the same people, including: Lucretia Marrón MacNaught Victor Manuel Sainz Rocha Luis Antonio Michel Ruelas The hospital will be built in Ajijic on the west side of the Libramiento across from the El Dorado condominium complex, and it will be a private facility. That means that services will not be covered by IMSS or Seguro Popular insurance plans, except in the event of overflow from their own facilities, or if special accords are negotiated. Private health insurances plans, however, will cover the new facility’s services, just as they do for other private hospitals in Guadalajara. The announcement was made today by local doctor Santiago Hernandez of ChapalaMed, who has been named the hospital’s medical director. He plans to split his new role with his existing family medical practice in Plaza Interlago in San Antonio Tlayacapan. https://lakechapalareporter.com/new-ajijic-hospitals-vision-premier-lakeside-medical-facility/
  13. Permanente Status

    Michael Boltons real name is Michael Bolotin. I went to school with him in New Haven, CT. Wonderful mom. Two beautiful daughters.:)
  14. Where to go to buy a computer printer

    I wouldn't look at volume but at the new ink technology. How much do you expect to pay for ink cartridges over the course of a few years. Its in the numbers. My friend who works for HP doesn't call them ink jet printers. They use the term ink delivery systems. You pay a low price for the printer and they slam you with the cartridge costs. I dont print much either but I ran the numbers and how many times I buy cartridges, talked to my friend at HP and said that this printer is a steal soon to be copied. Just an FYI.
  15. Where to go to buy a computer printer

    How about Best Buy in GDL > I am definitely getting this model or one close to it. Ink savings alone will pay for itself. its pricey.... https://epson.com/For-Home/Printers/Inkjet/Epson-Expression-ET-2550-EcoTank-All-in-One-Printer/p/C11CE91201