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  1. michael2595

    Kitchen stove repair

    Thank you kindly
  2. michael2595

    Kitchen stove repair

    do they speak english?
  3. From the minute we arrived the process took about 4 weeks. We did use an attorney. The immigration office in Chapala was great to deal with.
  4. michael2595

    Magnesium Bis-glycinate 200

    http://www.magnesium.ca/ https://www.amazon.com/CanPrev-Magnesium-Bis-Glycinate-Capsules-Gentle/dp/B016WZRL2Q?th=1 I take magnesium glycinate which I have muled down.
  5. michael2595

    Tile Installer

    It was all in writing and very clear. I believe he just got another much larger job and used a lame excuse.
  6. michael2595

    Tile Installer

    Looking for someone who is a tile guy to finish the work that was started but the tile man we had walked off the job. Seems to be the norm. Any names and numbers would be greatly appreciated. We are in San Antonio T, already have the tile. What's left to do is no more than a 2 day job at most. It's in the kitchen and its subway tile. Thank you kindly.
  7. michael2595


    That will scare the markets in my opinion. Money leaving and investments not as big until people get a feel for what will happen. If they do become the majority I also believe the peso will be very volatile. So will the bond markets and ETF's in Mexican companies. The markets don't like surprises.
  8. michael2595

    Peso Rate Alert

    nope. It lost a bit. Went back over the resistance line of 20.Traders are waiting to see what comes next and if his party gets the majority.
  9. michael2595

    Peso Rate Alert

    Looks like its built into the value of the peso leading up to the election and what happens after the election should be very interesting to see what will happen with the peso. Traders love volatility .
  10. michael2595

    Furniture Shops

    We were at Andares mall in GDl and looked at the furniture at palacio de hierro (high end store) and saw a few pieces that were quite reasonable and there was a sale going on and we ended up with 35% off for quality pieces. Delivered as promised and the salesman was the best we have met in GDL. Was on top of everything making sure warehouse had in stock and delivery was scheduled with follow up phone calls. He even called from the hospital while his son was ther to make sure everything was ok with the purchase. He can speak English a bit , enough to make the transaction smooth and not take hours as it did for us in Liverpool which we wont ever buy any furniture from because we had 4 pieces delivered to us of which 3 came in boxes from China and when opened they were torn , dirty, you name it and we didn't accept the delivery. The salesman at Palacio's name is Hugo Chavez. If you do go call first and ask for Muebles and see when he is working. We will be buying more from him.
  11. michael2595

    Furniture Shops

    If you are thinking about furniture 4 less they do quality work. We bought 2 pieces from them at a very reasonable price. They underpromise and overdeliver and their customer service is wonderful. We were told 6 weeks for the pieces and they showed up in 3. We were amazed. Great workmanship and a great guaranty. Oskar and his brother are there.
  12. michael2595

    Furniture Shops

    We were there and that place is a massive rip off. We saw a used table and chairs, mid century modern that they were asking a ridiculous price for. Twice the price in the states and they referenced a site on the furniture for comparison and I know that site in The US well and I told the owner that the reference was out of line and an excuse was given and I told the person that I will be back in 3 years to buy it at a price more in line. Everything we saw that was worth anything was way too over priced. Didn't have much in the way of furniture. Whoever buys that at the price they want is either stupid or very wealthy and couldn't care less.
  13. michael2595

    Peso Rate Alert

    I have been buying pesos for the last week or so. Charts showing the peso is range bound. If it breaks 21 I would load up. Having been a day trader for many years we had a saying that the news is in the charts and according to the pesos movement in the last week I don't think anyone knows what is going to happen. And I don't think that an Amlo victory is baked into the charts yet. The Nafta agreement is also the wild card since the Trump message of the minute is perhaps to scrap Nafta and negotiate with Canada and Mexico separately. https://www.x-rates.com/graph/?from=USD&to=MXN&amount=1
  14. michael2595

    Southern Sisters Restaurant

    Have you read the article Bourdain wrote for New Yorker that got him his book deal? https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/1999/04/19/dont-eat-before-reading-this
  15. michael2595

    San Antonio Tlaycapan fiesta

    May I suggest getting an MP3 player and download sleep music from You tube, put ear buds in and that should do the trick. You can also buy Bose noise cancelling headphones. They are expensive but so worth every peso.