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  1. michael2595

    had success with internet boosters?

    wouldn't your two services have to be combined through a router and then on to the modem?
  2. michael2595

    Fiber optics

    Perhaps one should talk to the people on the other side of the lake who have the service. I have talked to one fellow who thinks they are great and he gets great service as promised.
  3. michael2595

    Homemade fresh Probiotic edibles anyone?

    sent you a message.
  4. michael2595


    Patriot Act, serious changesto bank security and other invasive regulations, and the urge to make profit. Money laundering has become a big issue..Example, Bank of America will first charge you a one time 19.95 USD to get a special double verification number and then you can do that type of transfer and others.
  5. I have looked at so many insurance companies and talked to Andre and others . Things have changed since this thread . If you have a new policy and lets say you get cancer, the Mexican companies basically have a 2 year waiting period for treatment. So you have insurance and cant get treatment and that could bankrupt you. I would think many of you who have insurance don't need to worry but for someone new like me who is looking that's an issue. These insurance companies cant get data from NOB so even though you may be in perfect shape when you enroll in GNP or Metlife if you come down with cancer they treat it like a pre-existing condition , hence the lengthy waiting period.
  6. michael2595

    Chapala Med

    Wouldn't that breed competition between the hospitals for services performed? They want our money and to have 2 new medical centers on top of the clinics that are open 24 hours in my mind would be cause for competition and keeping prices low. Yes, they are businesses but they have investors and expenses to pay. Seems like the law of supply and demand is tilting in the favor of the consumer of these services. Just a thought. Would like to hear other people's thoughts.
  7. have to get the rates higher to lower them when the recession hit and it will. Or else we may have to pay banks to keep our money. Negative interest rates.
  8. michael2595

    Chapala Med

    Just received their Newsletter.... The population of the Guadalajara metropolitan area as well as the Chapala Lakeside area is growing day by day. This can easily be noted by the growing visible traffic all around. The increased traffic and time it takes one to get to Guadalajara in the event of an emergency can now mean the difference between life or death. We can now clearly appreciate the need for a full service hospital with a complete surgical theater to handle most surgical emergencies, CATH lab to handle cardiac and stroke emergencies as well as the need for a facility with highly specialized imaging that includes CT scans and MRIs. This Chapala Med in partnership with the owner's of the hospital VALLARTA MEDICAL CENTER will break ground this MARCH 17th, 2018 at 5 pm on the LIBRAMIENTO CHAPALA-AJIJIC of a brand new hospital that will serve the entire population of the Chapala Ribera. The time will soon come to pass for an hour ride to a Guadalajara hospital for a STENT placement in the event of a heart attack or intervention for a stroke, cases in which minutes matter, cases where TIME IS TISSUE. Join us and be witness to this historic event which will no doubt change the lives of so many whom currently reside in the Lakeside are as well as the many generations to come. Witness the birth of RIBERA MEDICAL CENTER. http://vallartamedicalcenter.mx/en/home/
  9. michael2595

    Lakeside increased population?

    That was one place we looked at a few years ago. Pretty incredible city. We just felt uneasy given its history. It's also quite a huge city. I do believe Columbia is now getting many refugees from what's happening In Venezuela. But among them are many professionals that are leaving. The world is ever changing.
  10. michael2595

    Lakeside increased population?

    I am surprised that land developers haven't done anything on the other side of the lake. Internet from Ilox is available and there is lots of land and you have route 15 heading from Joco around the lake. I suppose in due time it will happen.
  11. Brady says NAFTA negotiators are making "good progress" and they're "close on some major economic wins." https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/06/rep-kevin-brady-back-from-nafta-talks-predicts-us-will-stay-in-pact.html
  12. michael2595

    Lakeside increased population?

    the best and the brightest engineering talent in Silicon Valley make a minimum of 150k a year and have options and all kinds of perks. You think GDL can compete. They are growing their own. I believe a software engineer here makes about 16 to 20 an hour. Not bad if compared to other professions. However many Silicon Valley companies have sent down Managers etc who work with local managers and I assume they make good money. Meanwhile lots of tech companies are moving from Silicon Valley and are looking at the midwest and south for suitable places because the cost of living in Bay area is too darn high and tech folks are leaving. I would assume as the education system for high tech degrees gets better in GDL and Mexico City, etc you will see many advancements in years to come.
  13. michael2595

    Lakeside increased population?

    GDL is the new tech center of Mexico and as I stated before I know quite a few executives who have homes here and commute.
  14. michael2595

    Lakeside increased population?

    Wouldn't you agree that if the roads were put into tip top shape including the ones to GDl and this " potential" pueblo magico was restored to what it once was, more clean and fixed up and swept etc that in turn would make traffic worse and bring in more noise etc. because more people from GDl and other towns would be coming here in greater numbers. Example.. We had a town road very close to where we lived that was pretty beat up but there were large estates on this road. Potholes galore. I wouldn't drive that road. The town came in and fixed the road, repaved,etc and the landowners on that road sued to restore it back to its real bad state. They saw an influx of cars on the road as a result of the improvements made because it was a great short cut but the homeowners liked their privacy. The road was torn up and brought back to its original shape.
  15. michael2595

    Lakeside increased population?

    Have you seen the pulmonia taxis in Mazatlan. That may be an option but I d'ont know how they will to on the stone streets