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  1. Dr. Lowell Stephen Birch

    Regrettably, Dr.Lowell Birch's treatment for my wife did not work as expected and that became obvious in the early stages of treatment. Without us having to ask, he immediately offered a refund of the unused portion of the prepayment. That was fair so, for us his ethics are not in question.
  2. Other doctors agree it is the best machine in Lakeside.
  3. It appears there are no instructions on setting up a Greeting Mesage for Voicemail on the Telcel website and the voice instructions seem to be different than TelMex. Can anybody provide the instructions? Any language will be fine as it can be translated easily. Sincere TIA
  4. The law simply reads that you must have either a collar or a leash for your dog but if you choose you are allowed to have both. My dog always has a collar.
  5. In my opinion, anyone leaving poison bait intended to randomly kill pets has lost a key element of humanity in their makeup. These sickos turn up everywhere at some point. Obviously, they need to be found and dealt with. Those that take away an important part of peoples' lives need to have an important part of their lives taken way. Like their resident visa. The State of Jalisco leash law is posted on the malecon. It very clearly states in Spanish and English the dog must have a collar and/or a leash. So, in fact it is being enforced because if the dog is wears a collar and being walked by its' owner, it is legal. If the owner is not present there is nobody to pursue. Yes, I hear the cry of 'Foul' but it is the law. Most of the dogs being walked at the malecon are off-leash. They should be, because that is the way they became socialized and became a positive element in the community. Also, if they are off leash they have better ability to take necessary action to protect themselves from loose aggressive dogs. If people have an aggressive dog, common sense dictates the dog must be leashed. For 3 years at the malecon, I have been walking, without incident, a very high energy dog that needs to be off-leash. His energy is admired by all. I try to be very careful to pick up... and also pick up other deposits in arms reach. There are people that don't pick up after their pets but they are few... still they give a bad name for everyone else. The major offenders are the stray street dogs plus those that are kept by someone but are released every day to wander the town on their own. Keep in mind, feces is nature's most biodegradable substance. Welcome to Mexico. It is a package deal. Let's just find the sicko.
  6. To the OP. So sorry to hear of the loss of your Sophie. There are so many happy, friendly dogs that enjoy their off leash romp on the malecon... it is distressing to hear of such malice. Can you share with us exactly where the poison was place?
  7. Telmex speed in Villa Nova

    We have normal 5+ speed on de la Huerta. Have you tried the test site http://speedof.me/ ?
  8. Sky Med's competitor

    Thank you Oatsie!
  9. Thank you everyone for your comments and ideas. I will check with Victor when he returns and will report on what I learn.
  10. Does anyone have experience with a Chiropractor at Lakeside or Guadalajara with treatment of a Hiatal Hernia using massage techniques? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  11. Is there anywhere that anyone would want to live that is absolutely crime free? Of course not. So as with death and taxes there will always be crime where people want to live. It seems to me there are two distinct kinds of crime 1) Property Crime and 2) Violent Crime. Given a choice my desire is always live with a preponderance of Property Crime because the loss of things, is only money. Violent Crime has irreparable consequences and thus if it is the predominant type of crime it is will not to be tolerated by me. As an Expat of 7 years at Lakeside it is my sense that in Lakeside over the last 3 years Violent Crime has actually decreased but perhaps Property Crime has not. I can live with that.
  12. The Consulate in Laredo was a good experience. In June of 2014 we made an appointment, drove up from Ajijic, stayed overnight. Got in the line at about 8:00AM, showed them our 6 months of bank statements (no translation required), received our visas about 10:00AM and then went shopping. They were friendly, surprisingly quick to answer my emails to make the arrangements; English is excellent. ADDRESS Mexican Consulate General in Laredo, United States 1612 Farragut Street Laredo, TX 78040 United States TELEPHONE (+1) (956) 723 6369 (+1) (956) 723 0990 FAX (+1) (956) 723 1741 EMAIL consul@srelaredo.org WEBSITE consulmex.sre.gob.mx/laredo/ OFFICE HOURS 08.00-17.00 HEAD OF MISSION Mr Miguel Angel Isidro Rodríguez, Consul General Good Luck.
  13. La Una Restaurant

    Our group hasn't been back there since shortly after they opened the new place. We discovered their practice of hiding a Service Charge of 15% labeled SRA in the 4th line of an 8 item bill. If you were a group of 4 or more nobody tracks what everyone orders so it was not detected when splitting up the payment. So of course, we would then add on a generous propina. When we questioned it, they were forthright in admitting it was a service charge. On that occasion another group of friends were settling up and they hadn't noticed either. They were more than a little angry at the deceptive business practice. That one instance meant 8 people who were otherwise satisfied never returned. Generally people never forgive that kind of deception. Did they ever stop doing that?
  14. FYI There are links to Travel Medical Insurance by the day on www.aclakeside.com in the 'Other Services' section.  I am not a licensed insurance agent nor am I knowledgeable about the offerings.  So if you have questions call the number on their web page.  Good Luck

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