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  1. Newjersey expat

    Consignment shops--your favorite

    There are for profit and nonprofit to help support various charities. I am identifying the ones that support education, disabilities, poor communities and art for children. There are 2 bazars in Riberas del pilar across fro 7-11 , One is NCA which use money for paying sponsorships for children's education (consignment 20-25%) Casa Nuevo thrift and consignment store .Tepehua Treasures 98 Hildago and consignment Que Ganga ! Carr.Chapala -Joco #976 La Canacinta. Next to Anchor restaurant La Canacinta Not a consignment.
  2. Newjersey expat

    Cafe Montana, Chula Vista

    Some people also don't realize that pets often shed, nothing like animal dander or hair to ruin your appetite.
  3. Newjersey expat

    Southern Sisters Restaurant

    Yes, I hope they are getting things together. Last Sunday with reservations for 8 was a disaster . First there was only one menu taped to a white board. No one could read it. Simeone should have thought of Xeroxing. One person never got served , until reminded several times. and we were all finished. The fish wasn't cooked. Mummy shrimp ( no large shrimp) so it consisted of little shrimp in a line with a strip of bacon on the top. Chicken Parmesan was a chicken patty fried ( no cheese or sauce). Beef that couldn't be chewed.There was something wrong with everyone's meal but mine. I understand new restaurants need some to adjust but anyone would know to stock up with a group of 8 people and who ever passes around a large white board for everyone to read?. The sister was made aware of the issuers and said we didn't have to pay for the meals. Glad to hear some improvements. If they had just said we are out of the big shrimp, something else would have been ordered . . We felt obligated to pay for drinks and slipped a tip to the waiter. I do not know where in the meal chain decisions were made. Glad to hear some improvements. They just didn't seem to have any previous experience. Starting a restaurant with 3 meals in the low season with special foods seems a little ambitious. But comments above seemed to indicate they are fast learners. At least for breakfast.I think we will give them a little more time.
  4. Newjersey expat

    Is she at it again?

    And beware if you are a subscriber! Her last attempt at playing investigative reporter, she just shut down and guess who never got any subscription money refund. ?? Now translate her $60 USD to pesos.
  5. Newjersey expat

    Is she at it again?

    Death Certificate Suggests Cover-up in Killing of Vista Alegre Resident
  6. Anyone know about this? Came from one of Lisa's teaser topics.
  7. Newjersey expat

    Vascular specialists

    Are talking about cardiac or peripheral like leg veins? There is a peripheral vein Dra. at Maskaras . Husband udes her and very pleased.
  8. Newjersey expat

    Prime Directive for doctors. "Do no Harm."

    I am glad you brought this up. It isn't very hard to look up your medication even before getting it. Also be careful of the pharmacies offering huge discounts. My spouse likes to use them and I do not. Anyway he went and picked up a medication for me and I noted it looked different but thought it was another generic until I looked on the box carefully. It was an antihypertensive. First I have low blood pressure and secondly I already take a low dose antihypertensive for an irregular heart rhythm I was so dizzy, weak etc.....all symptoms of HYPO tension. I was also told that pharmacies were suppose to have a doctor on board. Does anyone know if that is true.?
  9. Newjersey expat


    Funny, my experience was just the opposite.
  10. Newjersey expat


    Dr. Valenzula is a GI surgeon, and Dr, Briseno handles the medical GI problems
  11. Newjersey expat


    I would like to respectfully disagree that many of the doctors are scam artists. Personally I have found that some are simply incompetent. Not necessarily on purpose but they just have not had the training or experience. They are anxious to begin to practice and sometimes do not know what they do not know. Absolutely agree about second opinions. I am going to have one myself. Now a LITTLE PLUG .....IT IS NURSES WEEK SAVED MANY A DOCTORS hide
  12. Newjersey expat


    Maybe her email list is long because if you go back to the archives, you will see another whole LJ saga. When she arrived, she made a huge deal she was an investigative reporter , ( check her credential) Anyway she was going to clean up all the corruption here and you would get the TRUTH!!!!! Really blew her own horn. She wrote a book after being here a very short time justifying that she felt someone new (herself) would know best what newbies needed to now. Well if you want the details, try searching them on this board. She was right about newbies in a new country needing to learn the ropes and just how far she could go. Got herself in a legal mess with the wrong people and some people wanted her deported. SOOOO suddenly her publication vaporized as did her later endeavors such as selling clothes, Well now she is back. Someone should investigate her never reimbursing her first subscribers when she took her hiatus. So the champion of truth isn't quite as honest as she pretends, Yes I wrote 2X and nada. BTW I have some experience with publications......the only time you put in a useless survey about doctors is when one cannot find or have any knowledge about quality subjects
  13. Newjersey expat

    Experience New Ophtalmologist

    This thread was being discussed not so long ago. At that time I said I was going to have cataract surgery and would let you know how things went. Well not so good. You can PM me for details.
  14. Newjersey expat


    I agree Dr, @ Ajijic charge less. But almost every generalist md I have gone to charges 600-700p. Specialists charge more and even more if you get an EKG or some other procedure. 1400p seems pretty high unless you had a procedure performed.
  15. Newjersey expat


    Yes ,but sounded more like fireworks. They do have them here.