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  1. Re. Lakeside Meidical Group

    This was an insurance from NOB?
  2. Acrylic Nails

    Nails Baron on Ocampo 185 766 3836 I have gone to her for years. She can do acrylic with gel . Closed Monday
  3. ReSound hearing aids

    Yes he carries the resound brand. My husband just got it to today. So after 6 hrs...working well. BTW...not cheap
  4. Lakeside landlines are down again

    La Canacinta .......phone and internet not disrupted
  5. Shopping for Doctors

    Just a note, I love Dra. Candy but she will be on maternity leave in a bit. So will Dra. Claudia ( eye doctor)
  6. Really? Come on that was hardly advertising. Showing pictures probably satisfied some curiosity.
  7. Scam?

    Don't you wish these scammers would put all their creativity and talent into something worthwhile.?
  8. Birthday Party stuff

    Chapala There are quite a few stores in town. Also stores that sell artículos de papel
  9. Hit & Run at La Huerta today (Sept. 26th)

    Had lunch at Lety's and parked on the block across the street where Super Lake has its warehouse. No other car in sight. Went to leave and get into my car and the whole front end was pulled off.
  10. Need Volunteer

    I did not give you the sad faces, as you can see I speak my mind.. Certain professionals ( nurses) are educated to assess factors that may contribute to an issue. It may be "I just ate a liter of ice cream " or " I have had nothing to eat for 5 hrs." There are many situations that could be easily taken care of and not require a physician visit. So yes, I agree with you that the process of taking glucose readings does not require a mental giant. But I disagree that just being able to do it means it is safe practice. This seems to be getting a little silly. Do you have a point you are trying to make?? I have made mine and do not want to continue this exchange.
  11. Need Volunteer

    . The tester is told never to give advice but if a reading is very abnormal we have it double checked by another medical person.. If still abnormal recommend to see, a physician. If one does not have one, go to Ajijic clinic. Sorry but disagree on "all things any one can do." Yes, I agree there are different machines, so if you are in a position of testing, one should be familiar with the common ones. I think we are on different pages with regard to no brainer. At LCS we are all professionals and do ask those questions. It actually doesn't make it more complex but assess whether certain behaviors are contributing to the reading and may lesson anxiety I assume you know what influence blood glucose.. . It sounds like you are not in the medical field.
  12. Remove mole

    If you see her at LCS ,the examination is free.
  13. Most recent Mexico Earthquakes

    Not the 6.1
  14. Wal-mat Chicken Once Again

    I know we are not NOB , but some of the practices here may explain the chicken issues. First in meat/ dairy there is suppose to be below a freezer line. No product displayed above that.line because it is not the right temperature.. Second, places like Cosco only allow their chicken to stay out on display for so many hours, then they pull them.. Third, I recently had chicken from Walmart ( I didn't buy) and it was so dry, tasted like saw dust. probably from being out so long as it was bought late in the day.. As for freezing meat. Lowering the temperature at night is done here and NOB. But here the temp is way low which may account for the smell. Check ice cream at Superlake and don't be surprised if it is crystallized because it melted and refroze. I also have had to bring it to their attention that some of the dairy products are way expired. I won't buy cheese there because I find the cheese they package often just had the mildew cut off. So how frozen the chicken is when it arrives, how long it is kept "frozen" and the low freezing temp. may play a part.