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  1. tugwestend

    Fiber optics

    We received our notification and moving ahead with pre paying on two locations in the El Tempisque and El Limon areas. I had our lawyer review the contracts and investigate the company as to any formal/legal complaints that have occurred. He found the contracts to be acceptable and found no complaints regarding the company in the legal system. The company is 22 years old and has a proven track record. The other aspect to understand is that a federal license that is required for any telecommunications company, a license that is far more valuable to a company, and not worth risking in any situation. For those of us West of San Juan Cosala Telmex has for 5+ years since we have lived in the area, limited the maximum Internet download speed to 2 megs. When we first arrived in the area 5+ years ago the average download was 1.75....the area has grown, yet the service has declined, with no improvement in the infrastructure to keep up with growth in the area. Two years I ago I called Telmex to gain a better understanding of why our service was so minimal, the rep was polite, worked me through the trouble shooting issues, I had none, finally it told me honestly, "you can't get more than what you are getting." The next week I called in again, just to make sure I understood everything...once again got the same trouble shooting process and "thats all you're going to get" It was the closing comment of the support technician that to me conveyed the Telmex position as to improving their services..."DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE INTERNET, MR. W, IT WILL BE ALL RIGHT" in perfect English by the way.
  2. Thanks for the update Tom...and once again well done!
  3. Living in the "internet desert" of El Tempisque (Telmex puts a max of 2mb download for our area) this would be a real plus. Signed up
  4. tugwestend

    Roof-Cargo Box Mazda CX5

    Yes...looks like they will be the best sources...thanks for posting
  5. tugwestend

    Roof-Cargo Box Mazda CX5

    Sorry...didn't get a notification on your post...thanks for posting, looking for a longer box.
  6. tugwestend

    Roof-Cargo Box Mazda CX5

    Thanks for the info....going back to the question; Sources in Mexico for buying other than what Mazda offers.
  7. Any sources known other than a Mazda dealer? Thanks
  8. tugwestend

    Drivers to Laredo

    Miguel Zamora...have known for 10 years...bi lingual, one trip to border 2 yrs. ago, many local trips. solid family man. Border trip was 5000, he took bus back. Recommended him to a friend as year, said he was excellent.
  9. Banamex does require a form to be submitted at the time of the request, which is attached. They may not accept a copy, but you could fill, then redo at the window. The lines are very long at Banamex so plan on getting your check in advance of the consulate visit. Check is made out to. United States Disbursing Officer You need your passport for ID verification. Passport Renewal Fee in December was $2310.0 pesos. Banamex bank fee was $235 pesos. Not sure if that fluctuates so would take $300.0 pesos for a cushion. For updated info on fee, procedures you can send an email to acsgdl@state.gov you will receive an automated response, then a actual response from a real person!
  10. tugwestend

    Emissions testing station

    What's the cost on a test now?
  11. Went to the Guadalajara office for first time license (last summer) had a translator with me, to facilitate the process, which if you've prepped for in advance by going to the state website, having all of the required documentation, is a simple process. Note for the computer based exam, the licensing office provides a translator, your translator that you brought with you must wait outside the exam area.
  12. tugwestend

    Seeking a toldo/lona expert

    Carmen Octavio Robles 376-766-0045. She and her husband have run a company in Guadalajara for 50+ years. They do awnings, tents, carports etc. Custom. We just placed an order this last week for a enclosed canopy, all weather, with sides that can be rolled up to any level. They deliver, install, which includes digging 4 holes, putting the posts in sleeves...Carmen is retired from the day to day operation of the company, however she and her son will come to Lakeside sites.
  13. tugwestend

    TelMex changes their Internet packages... again

    Meanwhile out in the "Internet Dessert of El Tempisque"......average is .75 download/.35 upload. We are at 66.5 km milepost, then about 900' up on the hillside. When we moved here 4 years ago average download was 1.75. Now its .75. Last week I made my annual trip to Telmex, put in a service request....call a call from Telmex that they were readjusting our settings.....immediately got 2.0 download, it was like Christmas!.....a week later we are averaging .81 download/upload is less than before. The main issue is that we are 1.2 km from the nearest "extender", where as the standard is 800'. Telmex Ajijic told me that 2.0 dowload was the most I could expect.
  14. tugwestend

    Fiber Optic Internet by Telmex

    19!....here's a typical test West of San Juan Cosala, 66.5 km milepost, then about 900' up on the mountainside; Apparently we don't have enough houses in our area to warrant additional hardware being installed between the last "box" outside of San Juan Cosala, the norm is 800' between boxes, we are 1 km +.....I don't even bother asking Telmex anymore