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  1. Superlake

    Why is it trash talk.. It was mentioned about Pancho's new job running a restaraunt.. You proberly were not even here when Pancho ran the Hole in One
  2. Superlake

    I thought Pancho was the owner...?
  3. I don't think anyone cares if your offended or not. The poster was asking for advice.. So I wondering how many times you have walked form the Hwy to the airport...? I have walked to the airport when the blockade was on.. On a hot day it's a long walk.. And with luggage it would not be pleasant... And just to save a few peso... There are ways to save money, but this isn't one of them....
  4. Has anyone used the new Macrolibremiento from Hwy 23 to 15D going to Tepic..?
  5. I thought saying "Take a taxi" was a tip just like he asked for...
  6. The bus does not stop right at the walkway over the road.. It's a long hot walk if you have luggage. Spend the money on a tax...
  7. I heard it from behind El Barco.. Maybe if the local Mexican community complained about instead of the local gringo community something might happen.. But then again maybe the Mexican community enjoy these events and want them to continue as they have been going on for more than ten years... Despite Harry's efforts to stop them...
  8. It It was also a source of enjoyment for a lot of people.. It looked like a big crowd ..
  9. If you read the post you will read that YOU suggested another venue opening close to myself and ezpz.. Not me.... The only people you hear complaining are gringos.. These bars are owned by Mexican locals who employ Mexican Locals... What will happen to the families of the workers at these establishments if YOU succeed in getting them shut down... Will YOU be brave enough to post that YOU got these bars shut down and the employees thrown out of work...?
  10. Mexican car safety features

    If you use S&S he will only want you to buy from the dealers he gets a kick back from... If you shop around you will get a much better deal than if you use S&S. The dealers in Guad will deliver the car right to your door and spend as much time as you need going over the vehicle with you.... But if you want the convenience of someone else doing the work for and don't mind paying for the convenience then go ahead and use S&S.
  11. That would be great because then I would have 2 places I could walk home from... I can see El Barco from our balcony, If I don't walk down the hill to attend the event I can still sit out on the balcony and enjoy the music....Did anyone hear it yesterday (Sunday) afternoon.. ?.. In my MHO one of the reasons so many people are making Lakeside their home now is for the entertainment, They want to spend their golden years somewhere that doesn't roll up the carpet and turn off the lights at 8:30 every night....
  12. Tony has lots of money... He's just getting started in the entertainment business . Hopefuuly he wil soon start having some some good old rock & roll there.. We need more music and dancing venues around Lakeside.. With the recent influx of people the bars/dance locations are getting to crowded.... Just try getting a table at Adelita's on Monday nights...
  13. Mexican car safety features

    Why don't you just take a day to go to Guad and visit the different dealership... I'm sure they they would give you info your looking for...
  14. Telmex Internet

    I got on the waiting list in September, still haven't heard from Telmex.. I went with Telecable $100 peso installation, installed the next day.
  15. 4000 is in the ball park.. Friends were charged 5000 for a 7 seater van to Mealque last year. The bus would be cheaper but a whole lot more aggravation ... Use a private car and driver . spend the few extra peso, well worth it.....