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  1. Newbie's like to convert back to US dollars.. Was at Quality Care this week and heard someone whom I assume was a newbie telling the specialist how cheap his bill was compared to the US. So don't be surprised if the fees go up next week..
  2. So they are expensive.. You can't take it with you.. I have never chosen a doctor or a dentist based on price...
  3. IMSS "Expediter" - looking for one

    There are lots of facilitators around, but the only one I trust is Veronica at LCS. She is there Monday's and Tuesday's from 10 till 1pm if it's possible to wait she is the one I would use...
  4. From reading the board there I would say they have just about every kind of specialist you can think of .. Except a GP (Family Doctor)
  5. Over the last ten years I have heard many stories about people bringing in meds with no issue, I have also heard stories about people having issues with meds.. When dealing with officials in Mexico you get the wrong one on the wrong day you have issues.. If it was me I would make sure they are all in the correct bottles with the correct labels with my name on them and as much paperwork as possible.. Just in case....
  6. Why don't you just go a Telcel store and ask them. I'm sure they would be able to help you...
  7. Not when I travelled it in December...
  8. Great lab. I had blood work done this week..
  9. Cataract Surgery : Mishaps

    Why would you be VERY careful about making TRUE comments on a public forum, especially in a foreign country.. How can they be defamatory if they are true...?
  10. bitcoin

    Very good point.. Do your own research. Dont give your money to these so called specialists who are holding seminars everywhere these days.
  11. bitcoin

    Yeah Yeah..
  12. Mexican car imported to US?

    Don't believe it.. Any vehicle you import into the US or Canada has to go through the the inspection process to check that it meets the relevant standards before you can get a set of plates.
  13. bitcoin

    The reason they give these seminars is to suck people in to buying something.. They always advertise "We don't sell anything here". But they let you know if you contact them tomorrow you can buy then.
  14. What Would You Do?

    It appears he hasn't done anything so far... I couldn't live with myself if there was something wrong with my neighbor...