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  1. Colonoscopy questions

    I used the gastroenterologist recommended by Dr. Leon, my GP. I have had two. This year's cost was 5800 pesos and if there has been polyps found, each removal would be an additional 500 pesos. The procedure was done at the Ajijic Hospital. I have been very pleased with the service, the person administering the anesthetic and the doctor performing the procedure. You don't have to wait long to have it done. They usually scheduling them on a Saturday morning at the hospital.
  2. They are called Imagenologia (especialistas en el diagnostico). They speak English and their phone number is 766-4635.
  3. New CFE extortion scam

    Thanks Spencer for the heads up!!
  4. We were testing our breakers in our house a few weeks ago after a power outage to see which ones covered what. We have two ceiling fans in our living room which are on the same circuit and therefore controlled by one switch and a remote. One fans worked fine after we figured out our breakers, but the other fan will not work at all with the remote. Just wondering if anyone out there has had problems with ceiling fans and their remote (Hampton Bay fan) and if you found a technician/electrician to fix it. The fan is not longer covered by the Home Depot warranty and we don't have the receipt, so may have difficulty with Hampton Bay in GDL, assuming there is an office there. Look forward to hearing from anyone that might have had similar problems. Thanks
  5. MiTelmex - online downloads of bills

    I just tried now and It worked, believe it or not. Entered my regular password and it took me to the page where you can download your bill and it did it. December 2017 is the last bill they show.
  6. MiTelmex - online downloads of bills

    For some reason or other, I have been able to download my Telmex bills from MiTelmex. Have not a clue why. Fortunately I just save my originals that I get in the mail. Next month I will send a message to Telmex. Maybe they are not aware of the problem.
  7. Paprika

    Try El Granero (I think that's the name) next to Gossip's Kitchen on the Carretera. They sell many spices there and lots of other interesting stuff too.
  8. Renewing Seguro Popular

    I was wondering if anyone from Ajijic has recently renewed their Seguro Popular at the Community Hospital just this side of Jocotopec. Someone else posted that they had done this with no problems, but quite a few months ago. I have heard this hospital is quite good and am just wondering, just in case I incur a serious emergency and have to get there fast. Thanks.
  9. Small Appliance Repair

    There is a small store on Colon on the north side of the Carretera. They repair all sorts of appliances.
  10. Barcelonaman,

    Is Luciano at Vivero San Antonio?  Appreciate your comment to my post.

  11. Have part of our garden that does not get a lot of sun and is walked on a lot, so considering installing flagstone or some other form of stones or tiles. Has anyone does this type of work recently and could recommend a landscape gardener or some other contractor that could do this work. Would want the issue of drainage discussed to ensure there is sufficient when this work is done. Thanks. PM me if you wish.
  12. We have already watched Season 2 of The Crown on Mexican Netflix, so try doing a search.
  13. Walmart vs Costco

    I just wish we had a Mega here in Ajijic. That is my favourite overall. Clean, fully stocked, helpful employees, a little more expensive than Walmart and Soriana, but I believe is a Mexican-owned store. The other nice one in Guad. is Chedraui. It is just getting there that is the problem.
  14. dental express

    Answer the question and quit haggling over semantics. I can't believe some of the people on this site!!!!!
  15. Any book exchanges Lakside

    One of the Bazaars across from 7-11 in Riberas has quite a few books. A lot of the other bazaars have a few books, but not as many as across from 7-11.