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  1. Thanks for all the help folks. I did not mean some of you to get tangled up in a discussion about whether flu shots are free or not. I really don't care; I'm Canadian. Everything is free there, yes, and we pay for it with our taxes.
  2. This won't answer your question, but there is usually at least one bilingual agent at the Bancomer on the Plaza in Ajijic.
  3. Just wondering if the winter flu bug has started already? I have been laid low with much diarrhea, high fever for one day, plus a little vomiting, and now after 2 2/12 days am starting to feel a little better, but still have a weak feeling, with dizziness when I stand up, and still sweating quite a bit. If it does not clear up by tomorrow will head to the doctors. Thanks for your comments.
  4. I have seen Dra. Andrea at Dermika for Solar (Actinic) Keratosis several times now, and the liquid nitrogen treatment does not work for me. The spots and scabs just come back. There are a number of options listed on Dr. Google for this condition. The Fluorouacil cream method takes about 3 days on the head and looks awful and is painful and itchy. In the next couple of weeks I am going for the Picata treatment. This is a liquid that is applied by the Dra. over a three-day period and is supposed to take care of the problem. It is much more expensive but she says it gets rid of the spots/scabs. The liquid is not available at the Dermika Pharmacy but kept in the Dra.'s office. I will see Dra. Andrea on a Tuesday, she will leave instructions for another Dra. the next day, and she will finish off on the procedure on the Thursday. The estimated cost is around 4,000 pesos. Yes, it costs more, but is over with very quickly.
  5. Storage

    The one near Walmart and Strom White are the only two that I know of.
  6. I tend to look at it this way, and correct me if I am wrong. 1. There are condominium buildings which can be many units in 1 or more buildings with common areas, i.e. the one under construction near Plaza La Huerta, west Ajijic. 2. First the one where the entire condo site, i.e. the land, is owned by the condo association including the roads, and these are usually gated. No one is allowed in unless they are owners. You basically own the land your house is on, plus your house and a share in the common areas, which includes streets and other common facilities, i.e. swimming pool, etc. e.g. Los Sabinos. 3. A Fracionamiento, where the streets continue to be owned by the municipality but the Fracc. has to maintain. The owners own the land their house is on, plus the house, and a share of the common elements, which could be pool, gym, etc. Sometimes gated, sometimes not, e.g. Raquet Club, gated but the public has a right of entry to access the restaurants up there. Another example, La Floresta, but it is not gated. Hope this helps and anyone correct me if I have stated anything incorrectly.
  7. Have a knotty problem here

    There is also a store on Colon just above the Carretera (first block on east side) that repairs appliances. You might just check there to see if they might be of any help, before you go all the way to SJC.
  8. Please ignore Art House rumors

    The place does look closed and very run down. If they are in fact open, then they should advertise and perhaps have a sign outside which indicates whether open or closed. We bought something there quite a while ago and were very pleased with their work. However, a business is a business and they should improve their image.
  9. I agree with Natasha wholeheartedly. We have been here since 2009, just before Walmart opened. How many would like to see Walmart close. It is frequented by as many expats as Mexicans. So, as Natasha said, if you don't like it, move to the south shore, or walk to Walmart and don't complain about the traffic. Ever been to Joco and seen the traffic there, and they have a bypass.
  10. I too have a Bancomer account and maybe you can answer my question.  I tried to set up another account to transfer to and from my limited Spanish I think it said I could only do that using my cell phone.  Is that correct.  I have done that previously using my laptop, however, things have changed.  Would appreciate your comments.  Thanks.

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    2. Arroyos


      Thanks John for your reply.  I will have to get that 1-800 number and check with Mexico to see if I can in fact transfer between my accounts online.

      As for Actinver, I find them somewhat of an 'ancient' bank in the way they do business.

    3. John Shrall

      John Shrall

      I just have several CD's at Actinver paying upper 5% to mid 6%.

      The Bancomer English line is 01-800-112-2999 option 2.

    4. Arroyos


      Thanks for the number John.  I will contact them.

  11. PROBLEM SOLVED - I FOUND IT. Someone on Facebook told me where a place was on the Carretera just east of Mirasol on the mountainside. Just went there this morning and bought some. You do have to take your own bag or container, otherwise they have nothing to put it in for you. Fortunately there was a garden store across the street that sold me a couple of bags.
  12. I have given up trying to get INAPAM. They never have the cards in Chapala, or if they do they are holding for locals. I did see somewhere that it was easier to get the card in GDL, but I guess you won't know unless you try. Here it has been impossible for me and I can't be bothered any longer.
  13. Mercadolibre

    I too have never had a problem with Mercadolibre. In fact, I just received something from them yesterday. I am not sure why you put in the DHL address. You should make sure you have your own address shown in your profile. You can then just order the item, mark that you will pay for at OXXO and then get the code and go to OXXO and it should be okay. As long as Mercadolibre has your address, they should send by whichever courier is closest to your address. Perhaps that is why you had problems, because you put in the DHL address and not your own. I hope this helps. Good luck.
  14. Does anyone know where you can buy at Lakeside, small amounts of crushed volcanic rock for gardening purposes? Thanks.
  15. Thank you to CFE

    Nice to hear some positive things about CFE for a change!