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  1. Arroyos

    Need upholsterer recommendation

    Just to counter the criticism of Alberto on the Carretera, I have used him for a quote two times and he was always on time and had the fabric materials with him. The first time I decided not to get the work done because of change in our plans in the house. The second time he also came on time, although we went to his store to see material as I knew exactly what I wanted. He picked up the double recliner on time and had the job done in the estimated time and the material is holding up very well. However, it is best to get him in this slow season as in the high season he is extremely busy and can have back orders up to two months. By the way, when I checked for recommendations of good upholsterers, he came highly recommended. Good luck with whomever you choose.
  2. Arroyos

    grass seed

    If you have both sun and shade in your garden, they have seed for sun and shade.
  3. Arroyos

    Outside thermometer

    Try a number of the dollar stores on Madero in Chapala north of the Plaza and on the same side. They usually don't open until 10 am so don't go early.
  4. Arroyos

    Custom Tile Place In Chapala

    I have used them. Bought tiles for a renovation from one place and later found we needed more. Another time we needed more of another tile that I had purchased for another part of the house and they were also able to supply. These were not terribly old tiles, but they may be able to find for you in GDL. Best way is to go and see them with a sample of the tile or picture. They may charge a little more but they produce. The store is called Casa de los Azulejos and they are at Av. Madero 27-A, just before Soriana, but on the west side of Madero. Good luck.
  5. Arroyos

    New Auto Insurance agent

    I have not read all these comments, but you asked for other agents. I have been using Teresa Pineda. She works in the O'Rourke office in Centro Laguna which is right on the mountain side of the Carretera beside the Libramiento. I have used her for many years, have had one claim on a previous car, and have been totally satisfied with her service. She checks all insurance companies to ensure the best rate. I also have house insurance with her.
  6. Arroyos


    Several times this morning in Villa Nova, power goes off for a minute or so and then comes back on. I would agree with others; too much demand at the moment due to the hot weather.
  7. Arroyos


    I have been going to Dr. Leon for almost ten years, and highly recommend him. Standard consultation is 350 pesos.
  8. Arroyos

    Shaw TV

    Go on to Facebook if you are a current and try Beg, Buy, Barter & Sell, Mexpat Chapala, Gringos Ajijic and there may be other sites. Have seen a lot of people looking for service and offer to share their service. I have heard the suggested provider is expensive.
  9. Arroyos

    Seguro Popular

    Thank you all for your posts. In the end, I went to the Chapala SP clinic where I had originally registered, as it was the last day before my expiry date from the last renewal. The renewal process was very prompt and efficient. I gave the lady in the appropriate room all the required information. All she asked for was copies of my passport, permanente, CURP and proof of domicile. Had the renewal paper in 5 minutes. Good for another 3 years. I asked about the clinical file (archivo clinica) and she sent me to another SP office in the building. Unfortunately the fellow was out and they told me I needed a copy of my renewal for this fellow in order for him to set up a file. Went to papeleria and obtained, returned but the guy was still away. There happened to be a fellow at the front who seemed to be "in the know" and low and behold he was a Mexican doctor from Jocotepec. So he confirmed that in an emergency, you don't need a clinical file . Just go to the SP hospital, which in my case would be the community hospital in Joco. He said you only need a clinical file at an SP clinic if you wish to receive services, e.g. get immunizations, see a doctor for medical problems. If the doctor determines you might need surgery, eg. for a hernia, then he will send you to the appropriate SP hospital for the required operation. I only have this for what I call catastrophies, because I can't get private insurance. Hope all this helps with some of the questions above.
  10. Arroyos

    Seguro Popular

    Just wanted to confirm that you can renew Seguro Popular at the community hospital near Jocotepec even though we initially enrolled in Chapala. Plus we just need copies of proof of residence, CURP, and ID if Mexican or Permanente or other expats immigration cards. Would just like to see this hospital and confirm we don't have to see doctor after we renew. Thanks.
  11. Has anyone been to a good chiropractor recently that they would recommend. Needed for periodic back pain. Thanks.
  12. Arroyos

    Vehicle registration renewal

    I got mine when I lived in Jocotepec at the City Hall on the Plaza. Possibly ask at City Hall in Chapala or the Delegation office in Ajijic. Did not need RFC when we renewed our car registration this year, but the owner of the car is Mexican. Not sure whether that makes a difference or not.
  13. Arroyos

    finding a doctor

    Sometimes if they are really busy, the phone does not get answered. Just keep trying. Now is a good time to try when less busy.
  14. Arroyos

    car computer circuit board expert

    Computer Guy - are you sure it is Oxxo and not 7-Eleven. I am not positive, but I think the latter, just so Timjwilson does not get confused.
  15. Computer Guy - is Unlocator in USD or some other currency? Thanks.