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  1. sunshine59

    San Antonio traffic

    I use to have to wait three hours on the 105 to get from Echo Park to San Fernando Valley. I left home eariler so I'd be on time. Make allowances for traffic, lights and so fourth it might be easier for you to do that.
  2. sunshine59

    disabled travel GDL Airport

    Try United that's what I use. Great wheelchair service.
  3. sunshine59

    Have Hammers will travel

    Thank you rvanparys!
  4. Does anyone have a phone number for Have Hammers will travel please?
  5. Does anyone know of any hotspots to pick up WiFi at the Guadalajara airport?
  6. sunshine59

    Best place to rent a car?

    Thank you!
  7. I'm looking for recommendations for the best company to rent a car from? And what would be the best driving route to Puerta Vallarta? Thank you.
  8. sunshine59

    Car brokers at the border

    Can you legalize any car or truck manufactured before 2008? For example a 1991?
  9. sunshine59

    Doctor to treat possible Gout?

    Anyone know what Farmacia has PH strips?
  10. sunshine59

    Doctor to treat possible Gout?

    Bingo it's probably the caffeine need to find a new energy booster to replace it.
  11. sunshine59

    Doctor to treat possible Gout?

    EX-PAT2011 none of the above apply to me. I do however have Multiple sclerosis and I drink coffee to give me energy, two cups in the morning and one in the afternoon. I was wondering if this could be the problem just haven't googled it yet. But I think my first step will be to take Michael2595's advice and get some strips and check my acid. I had already started the Apple cider vinegar last night. I'm not big on meds at all been off of everything for a couple of years and doing great so if this works it will save me a trip to the doctor. If not I will contact the Dr who was referred above. Thanks all for the help your a great group
  12. sunshine59

    Doctor to treat possible Gout?

    Thanks everyone!
  13. sunshine59

    Doctor to treat possible Gout?

    No no one at this point.