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  1. cardiology and cardiac surgery are two very different fields, both highly specialized but both arrived at by different routes. A newly minted doctor can go into general surgery residency for 4-6 years(not sure how many) then specialize in thoracic and vascular surgery and finally do a residency or fellowship in cardiac surgery. OR he can go do an internal medicine residency and follow that with a cardiology residence. Both paths are very different from each other and would take a very long time to do both plus you have to practice each to become good at them. (I am not a doctor but spent most of my life in the medical field)
  2. I wasn’t talking about Dr. Briseno in particular. chillin made a generalized statement.
  3. Careful there Chillin. Some cardiologists feel that’s the way to get rich so they cath anyone who walks in through the door. There are bad sequelae related to caths. Better to exhaust all other avenues before having any invasive procedures.
  4. Tent

    A lot of businesses use canvases over their door entrances or over their windows. The manufacturer will often attach a small label promoting their business. It’ll say “Lonas .......”
  5. Dollar or peso account

    If you’re thinking long term, buy gold
  6. Asking about hot water heaters again.

    I’ll be interested to learn how your on demand setup turns out once you get it. Lots of us see that as the way to go but it hasn’t turned out well for most
  7. Dark side of Seguro Popular

    Being stoic and not feeling sympathy for the suffering are two very different things
  8. Anyone Lose a Car

    Daisy...what app???
  9. Getting out of DAC

    Size of the house does matter. One of our showers is about 40 ft from the heaters so at the end of a shower a lot of hot water remains in the piping.
  10. Mexico Goes to Winter Olympics in Style

    Mariachis on skis
  11. Getting out of DAC

    I will be getting an 18 tube system. Seems larger since it’s only my wife and myself plus occ. visitors but the house is very large. The idea of electric panels intrigued me but our bills are very small so that will have to wait. I have changed all my lighting systems to the new bulbs
  12. Getting out of DAC

    Are these 2 systems we’re talking about? Electric panels for electricity and/or heating tubes for water? I’m in the process of getting an 18-tube water heating system and I’m told ERA brand is high quality. Any comments and suggestions appreciated
  13. Oxygen Users?

    You might have to do a little adjusting. Oxygen delivered(21%) is a percentage of the barometric pressure which differs according to altitude. Have a finger oxygen sensor available so you can compare what she is running now to when she gets here.
  14. The new Intel bug you may have been hearing about

    This may be it https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/jan/04/meltdown-spectre-worst-cpu-bugs-ever-found-affect-computers-intel-processors-security-flaw
  15. Paying bills with pesos

    You get the best rates by withdrawing from your ATM. Since I have to pay a fee for each time I use my ATM I do withdrawals about once a week. Try different banks in your area to see which have the lowest fees. Every time you use an ATM check your bank statement online to see what your cost was. I keep my funds in my Credit Union and have my ss direct deposit there