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  1. Jreboll

    Best route from Brownsville

    There’s about eight bridges from Matamoros to the other side of Reynosa. However, the Matamoros to Reynosa road should be avoided if possible. So use the bridge closest to the road south that you’re going to take
  2. Jreboll

    Best route from Brownsville

    Could you be more specific? Crossing at Brownsville you could go down the coast to Cd Victoria and then cross over to San Luis Potosí. Or you could cross over at Pharr, Reynosa, or Anzalduas to Monterrey then San Luis Potosi
  3. Jreboll

    Custom Tile Place In Chapala

    Anyone have their phone #?
  4. Jreboll

    Dna testing

    I had heard that the early Spanish settlers would sell their last names in order to legitimize those that didn’t have a Spanish surname.
  5. Jreboll

    Dna testing

    Cedros, it seems they are more interested in getting verifiable data about you than providing you with the data you want. Even though you’re the one paying for it.
  6. Have you considered having it done without a mesh? Mesh has less of a recurrence rate but is offset by a higher mesh-related complication rate.
  7. Jreboll

    Dna testing

    Plus, then they go and sell your data to others. Not only is your privacy compromised but so is your relatives’ They got the SN Francisco serial rapist by mining his relatives’ DNA
  8. Jreboll

    Lawyer for U.S. Wills

  9. Jreboll

    Peso Rate Alert

    Nicely done. You sound like you work for CNBC. In this day and age of manipulated markets we really don’t know why some values are the way they are but we can always count on the “spin” by the news media.
  10. Jreboll

    Food Grade Mineral Oil

    That is good to hear. I’ll try that. Thanks
  11. Jreboll

    Food Grade Mineral Oil

    I’ve been wanting to order Borax from Mercado Libre but can’t bring myself to give out my credit card. They did not accept my debit card
  12. I was once looking into aerated concrete to build a house in south Texas. There is a company in Monterrey that has the concession from German company Hebel. Their blocks have high R value, light, easy to cut and easy to work with. There was a college professor that was using college kids to build his house. I never saw the finished project and my plans changed so I never followed up on it.
  13. Flying concrete doesn’t seem to have much insulation. Those house could be hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Would be interesting to hear first hand experience
  14. Jreboll

    AMLO Again

    Laws are passed to favor and allow rich people to get richer and the rest of us are left to fight over crumbs. Pappysmart will never see the forest from the trees
  15. Jreboll

    AMLO Again

    On a related topic. I and other friends are starting to distrust the banking system. It seems rich people, narcos and banks can transfer huge amounts of money with little oversight but we have to jump through hoops when we make money transactions. I’m sure many of us are stuffing our money under the mattress because of this and because little interest is paid on deposits. It just seems the government should concentrate on the frequent big spenders and give poor folks more latitude