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    Interesting expansion news

    The fastest growing sport among the "over age 55" group is Pickleball which is a 'hybrid' of badminton/table tennis and is easy to learn to play. It could attract an estimated 200 active players who would be consistently attending the new site while supporting any "refreshment" facility located within LCS. A survey of those interested would provide a good guide as to what may be expected if Pickleball Courts were installed. Other 'vacation' communities have found that the availability of Pickleball courts has created much more interest and I know first hand that it is a prerequisite for active 'seniors' in order to establish a winter home or for full time residence. Check it out 'on line'...any progressive destination for retirees will have Pickleball as one of its key amenities.
  2. pietronovich

    Looking to play pickleball?

    Hello, Greg I will be spending the winter in la floresta and I'm definitely interested in playing Pickleball. Please keep the 'info' flowing as I just learned that the Racquet Club is inviting 'outside' members to use their pickleball courts. Thank you, peter b.