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  1. They are technicians not doctors.There are no podiatrists here so an orthopedic surgeon is the OP's best bet as somebody else has mentioned
  2. Canadian butter tarts

    I have been told that my friends wife will be baking some this week.
  3. Breakfast at Poutine Place

    Yes indeed re: labour cost comparison and don't get me started on the dairy costs in Canada thanks to the ridiculous supply management for dairy farmers,the majority being in Quebec and Ontario. Liter of milk, Mexico:15.74p,Canada:31.51p
  4. Of course it does. That is not in doubt so sales calls from "full service" funeral homes from Guadalajara make sense in light of joint venture full service in Chapala being available now.
  5. Why not make everything a scam. But common sense and a lack of paranoia tells you that the Guadalajara full service funeral homes were the only source for cremation and now all that can be done right here in Chapala. All they are doing is attempting to get the business back. It's called competition.
  6. Any recommendations for legal representation?

    You can lead a horse to water-etc.
  7. Breakfast at Poutine Place

    I'm a Canadian and I say not likely. I can't picture any other Canadian familiar with poutine paying 80p.
  8. Or she can stay in Toronto and go to the Bagel House and many other places in that city for both styles which were probably developed around Kensington Market before they hit Montreal and New York. And if you're a Westerner,you could probably get both in Winterpeg. Contrary to popular belief, not everything Jewish was invented in New York or Montreal. Montreal smoked meat was invented there though.
  9. Any recommendations for legal representation?

    He has a staff of para legals and more than one associate lawyer.
  10. Really? Here are Toronto bagels from this 3rd generation bakery.
  11. Any recommendations for legal representation?

    That's exactly what I said.
  12. Canadian butter tarts

    I think Derek is asking for ideas of foods that don't require freshness[read hot} at point of purchase and can be taken to vend at markets . Products like poutine need to be totally fresh.. There is a restaurant that makes pierogi but unfortunately only one kind,potato which is the least desirable and cheapest to make but not cheap from that restaurant in Ajijic. The Ukrainians of northeast central Alberta are experts. They aren't expensive at Edmonton Safeway either and go well with garlic kielbasa and sauerkraut if you put sour cream,chopped green onion, and bacon chips over the pierogi. the Ukrainian pronunciation is pierre-o-hee.
  13. San Miguel Allende Forum or Group

    Readers Digest says laughter is the best medicine and these fora provide that on almost a daily basis,especially when whining is involved.
  14. Doctor recomendations for hip replacement

    Of course he's here in Mexico and does hip replacements or I wouldn't have mentioned him.
  15. San Miguel Allende Forum or Group

    Does it kind of remind one of a couple of other fora?