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  1. Construction on the libriamento

    And it's going to be even bigger once all the sand has been harvested.
  2. Construction on the libriamento

    Harvey's makes a hamburger a beautiful thing and Swiss Chalet ribs and fries with the chicken sauce for dipping. Never liked the chicken as much.
  3. Construction on the libriamento

    Harvey's, Swiss Chalet, and the Canadian operated A&W because they do it better than the USA.
  4. Construction on the libriamento

    This is getting more humourous by the minute. I guess sand pit isn't exciting enough.. Only 3 others get it. I like the idea of a mortuary beside a Hooters and there may even be enough room for a Canadian Tire.
  5. Construction on the libriamento

    Isn't speculation fun! I would suggest that a source for sand was found and that's what this site is being used for.One can see such an exciting phenomenon all over Mexico and NOB if one has driven the highways and byways.
  6. You mean to say the blue sky and sun that I see today is fake. Who has the evil scientific capability of doing this and should we report this to the MP? I thought this type of thing only happened in Hollywood disaster movies and now it's real????
  7. American Lawyer Lakeside

    Have you and have you been to his office and viewed an up to date certification hanging on his wall.
  8. American Lawyer Lakeside

    She is not licensed to practice in every state nor is Henri Louridans if he is even licensed anymore at all. The OP is wasting their time trying to find a lawyer licensed in their particular state here which is what they seek.
  9. Recommendations for VW mechanic

    Just about anybody can adjust the Solex Carb on a Vocho,even an amateur. They are almost as simple as a Weber.
  10. Laminating document

    The barbershop/copy place on madero just south of the hidalgo intersection in Chapala.
  11. M & J Royal Pizza knocks it out!

    Most pizza delivery guys do ride motos here and they deliver all over the area.
  12. M & J Royal Pizza knocks it out!

    Not to Chapala.
  13. What is The Chapala Reporter?

    i saw this person in action one day and prefer not to again.
  14. Egg prices at Puritan Poultry

    The freshest eggs are at the Abarrotes right in your neighbourhood and probably within a stones throw so why bother with any other store and that goes for milk and freshly baked bread mostly twice a day too.