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  1. Oxygen Required

    there is guy in upper Riberas that fills my ,achine, he also sells them too, the place in west Ajijic wanted to charge me 650 peos a day plus refills, the guy in Riberas price is 650 a month , I suggest call him 765-5040 or cell3331045218, pocito english, NOB service
  2. Mature English Speaker Available

    call me 766-1737 or 331 388 8484
  3. A pontoon bridge from Chapala west
  4. Renewing of Car Tax 2018

    did they require emission test or is that automatic, the mission place on Zargosa is open or still closed ?
  5. Drivers license

    I have lost my drivers lic, is there a proceedure for replacing
  6. Drivers license

    lost my perm, drivers licence, debt card, my business cards, if found I will give someone a reward/propena
  7. Car emission test locations

    Tomgate looked at map, none in jijic or Chapala that I could see
  8. End of Chapala weather (sad)

    Great job for ten years, thanks
  9. The public, me, us, all need to alerted to this type activity, thanks !!!
  10. Proposed bike path extension

    Build a pontoon bridge from Chapala west as far as Joco with get offs at appropriate places, should be easy, in-expensive, compared to proposed widening and much less than mountain to mountain road
  11. Chula Vista explosions?

    there is not a dog in town that likes those boom booms, at least the dgs know and I know a lot of dogs, dogs that is!
  12. My wife is having bad sciatic problems and is interested in finding anybody that has , or does inversion therapy. Or decompression type therapy.
  13. Can I PM here, facebook or e-mail.
  14. I have a house near via Nova 1300 a mon including car, 3 master suites, 1 up, 1 down, room for pool, long term preferred.
  15. Costco delivery service

    Cynthia;s phone number please
  16. Costco delivery service

    what is her phone number www is not there anymore
  17. VA healthcare at Lakeside

    The VA has a choice card program, I gave up trying.
  18. I have had a street dog now for about a week living outside my house in Riberas. The neighborhood is feeding her, so she stays around. Had Pepe spay her and other shots. She is a sweet, sweet dog, ggod with kids and other dogs. You will fall in love with her. I will bring to your house for a visit. Call me at 766-1737 or cell 331=388-8484.
  19. Mike Smith on facebook are pictures taken at Tianque.
  20. Pepe Massage

    Well two days before Xmas I saw this stuff about Pepe, everything everyone said is true, he is very good and I would recommend him unconditionally !!!
  21. voip suggestions

    I have used Packet 8 and now majic Jack, which is not working . Looking for up to date post regarding other systems to try.
  22. voip suggestions

    i bought an ooma!!!
  23. On Friday I lost my passport, FM, wallet with debt cards, credit cards, it was all inside a plastic holder! Have contacted banks, so USA cards are cancelled, CI Banco green card will swallow card, no cash out. Will contact Consulate Monday about passport, have also called immigration person, Would welcome anyone who found it to contact me at 331-388-8484 or 766-1737. Reward offered
  24. Lost Package w/passport

    You may all be not surprised, and I had 2 nice young boys/men come by my house and returned my package, which had everything missing in it!