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  1. ok...cool....thank you I didnt know that....thanks again
  2. Lost my keys this morning, Friday November 17th on the small malecon before coming into Chapala. If anyone finds them i would be so very grateful. 332-055-6255

    ours sure is not expensive. August last year we went down and paid $1800 because we knew we would be in the states caring for my mom for 5 months.....it has been a year and 2 months and our balance is still 0......
  4. Tom and Jan, This is Terry and Barbara....Sooooooo happy for you, yes Rocky is a special dog !!!
  5. Shopping/Errands

    do you prefer a woman or man.
  6. Washing Machine Recommendation?

    RV Gringo yes you are good !!!! You know this place like the back of your hand. I was just there today passed by and told myself to remember the name,,,,je je
  7. Washing Machine Recommendation?

    yes i was surprised too with these stores. BUT we needed a all in one computer, you know without the tower and they had an incredible sale if you bought it outright, no payments and it was $290 US !! Normally $650US !!
  8. Washing Machine Recommendation?

    We need one too. Wanted Whirlpool...cheapest place so far is in Chapala. $6,199.00 at the store as you are driving toward Soriana look to the right. It is the store that has steps up to the doors. They sell motorcycles in the front, appliances in the back. But our dentist who is Mexican says Mabe is excellent, bought his at walmart and no problems. Has had it for 3 years.
  9. ok, thank you for telling me how to delete the posts. And yes the pet sitting days would be this month the 20th until the 24 and in Riberas.
  10. so sorry to everyone, I submitted this 4 times as it never said "submitted" so now i dont know how to delete the three. If anyone can tell me I would greatly appreciate it...
  11. Does anyone know a reliable person to pet sit in our home for 4 days? The person would have to be fairly strong as we have a very large German Shepherd. Also a little poodle mix street dog. No walking dogs involved as they would stay in compound. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  12. Claudia, are you available for house and pet sitting November 22 to 25
  13. Need a good gardener?

    hi Willie,,,,im new to this board as far as how it works....do you want me to give Sergio the gardener your phone or give him yours?
  14. looking to buy hide-a-bed sleep sofa

    We bought a sofa folds out to a bed...queen size and has arms...very nice..we ordered brown but they have many colors....$6000 pesos....we ordered....they brought from GDL.....it is in Riberas on the Lake side...it is a bazaar but the sofas are brand new.....if interested i will give you more details
  15. November appliance sales

    Weve been in the market for a washer and dryer...want whirlpool. No one can beat the store in Chapala....dont know the name but driving up the main street towards Soriana, pass the plaza on the right is a store with steps up to it. They sell motorcycles, furniture and in the back appliances. 15 or 17 kg washing machine for $6990. All other places they are close to $8000. We did purchase our fridge at Tio Sam, stopped working while still under warranty. They would not come out. Said there was nothing wrong with it over the phone without even looking at it. So we got a great repair man, cost us very little. The fan motor needed cleaning. Did it in just a few minutes. Tio did call us a few weeks later and asked how the fridge was,,,we said it did need repair but we took care of it. so.....we are hesitant to use them again....but maybe it was just a quirk.....i like to give people the benefit of the doubt.