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  1. wow,,,,thank you so very much everyone !!!! I didnt know there were so many places to get them......i love this webboard......i dont know what people did before the internet !!! But i know we managed to survive....hee hee
  2. Just a quick question: My mother in law is here for a few weeks and wants to get some postcards of this area. I have never seen any. Does anyone know if they exist and where we might get some? Thanks so much for your help.
  3. Good Internist?

    wonderful, thank you so very much CHILLIN and SM1MEX. that was so very helpful and we will make an appointment.
  4. Good Internist?

    Can anyone recommend a good Internist. I think i cannot tolerate gluten with the physical effects i am experiencing. A doctor that leans more towards natural and alternative medicine would be good too, as i dont want to have pills thrown at me, which has already happened, an antibiotic that did nothing, I just thought if its possible to diagnose it for sure, The diet is working somewhat but thought it would be good to get a "professional" opinion. I did a search here and didnt find anything, so if anyone has any input i would be so very grateful !!!
  5. I searched where and if Weight Watchers meets anywhere at Lakeside and only came up with La Bodega in 2013. Does anyone know if they are currently meeting and where and what time. I am bringing my mother in law down for 3 months. She has had the weight off for a long time but still likes to go to be encouraged. Thank you so very much for any info you can provide.
  6. Banco Azteca

    yes i totally agree and yes I am a "mattress" person....lol...i only have a very small amount in multiva for a certain reason....i dont like banks and never have.....
  7. Banco Azteca

    yes, it seems to be for the common Mexican. Maybe that is why they offer no fees, which is the way it should be. Yea for the common man. Imagine telling our forefathers that when they work, they need to go give their money to someone else to hold for them. Then when they want to go get some of their money to use they will have to pay the person to use their OWN money....crazy...but a fact we "modern gullible" people have grown use to......(you can probably guess i feel the same way about insurance)....and i do use both institutions so i guess Im one of the "gullible"....lol
  8. Banco Azteca

    yes, we loved them and went in to open an acct. Their computer would take my husbands passport but they tried many times to enter mine. It would never take it and they dont know why. They were so sorry. So we had to go to Multiva. Anyway, we may try again later.
  9. ok, great i have looked there but not alot so will keep looking. Thanks
  10. ok, thank you very much everyone. I really appreciate it.
  11. I know Guadalajara has several big Used car lots. Can anyone recommend one? Need a small used VW pick up or Nissan, totota or other. Thanks in advance
  12. want to buy small used pick up. Prefer vw, maybe toyota dodge or nissan
  13. Dennys

    we just ate there today on the way home....quesedilla, sausage and chicken are delicous...the gate was open...no charge...maybe because it was saturday....we ate one other time....gate was open
  14. i have telcel and everyone in the states call me fine. And if they cannot they can always download WHATS APP and call all over the world for fee
  15. Looking for Cheap Rentals

    I have a widow friend who is looking for a rental in Chapala because it is cheaper. Can you tell me where i can find Ronnie and his list of rentals? thanks so much