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  1. After living in the Chapala area for more than 18 months I have gradually reduced my disinfecting of fruit and vegetables to times only when guests are entertained or when a produce really looks like it needs treatment. I never get sick so I assume I have built up some tolerance to the local bacteria just like the local people. On my first 3 visits (weekly vacations) to Mexico, years ago, I was violently sick with stomach problems every time!
  2. I have a professional-grade STIHL FS 70R that I might be tempted to sell. I shipped it down from NOB last year with all my household belongs but since I only have a tiny area of grass I use an electric strimmer. NOB, they retail new for about $260.00 USD (~$4800 MXN) but this is lightly used. Would this be too powerful for your friend?
  3. MiTelmex - online downloads of bills

    Have you tried removing all the specific TelMex related cookies?
  4. Our taxes NOT at work

    In Ajijic, I pay a little over 6% of the property tax I paid in rural Ohio. I can't see how there can possibly be enough money in the coffers to maintain this pueblo to NOB standards. It's little sad, I suppose, when public health is at risk...
  5. I understand that in the Tonala area there are retail outlets that manufacture and sell plant pots, chimeras, vases, etc that are for sale to the public. I have a large van so transporting is not a problem. Anyone have a favorite place? I know some of the viveros have good selections here in Lakeside but I would like to access their sources.
  6. Just for fun...

    I had no idea what Xoom was so I skipped over that post, but, since you asked I just went back to look. It was of some interest since I am a Zelle user. I might of titled that post, "Anyone having luck/problems using Xoom to transfer money?".
  7. Just for fun...

    On a similar topic, I wish certain people would construct more informative titles to their posts rather than titles like, "Question", "Bird Seed", "Xoom", "Immigration", etc. Yes, I know you can hover over the title to see the contents of the first and last post, but really, all most of us want to do is scan for topics that might be of some interest or us.
  8. Quail eggs - where to purchase?

    Bisbee, The only way to purchase them was in a little nylon string bag of 50. 4 were slightly crack but they cooked up fine. I was concerned about freshness but so far they seem fine...
  9. Quail eggs - where to purchase?

    Bingo!!! 50 quail eggs from Joaquin in Chapala mercado - $45 MXN. Thank you AngusMacTavish. Not sure of the quality yet but will be checking this afternoon.
  10. Quail eggs - where to purchase?

    I never recall seeing either quail or duck eggs in the egg section at the San Antonio Walmart during the 18 months I have lived here...
  11. Quail eggs - where to purchase?

    Thanks for the lead AngusMactavish. I'll look for Joaquin in the Chapala Mercado this Tuesday and report on my findings.
  12. I used to see quail eggs for sale in Supper Lake and Costco's occasionally but not recently. Anyone see these for sale anywhere else? Abastos in Guadalajara maybe?
  13. Handymail Rip Off

    My understanding is that cash, (checks?) over $10,000 USD must be declared when crossing any border in North America and Europe (probably other borders worldwide?). It's a money laundering thing. Years ago, I once had to hand carry an amount just over this threshold into the U.S. when my father died in England. I declared it at customs and they had me fill out a simple form and sign it. No problems. No cost. They didn't even want see the cash I had. Seems to me like Handy Mail could be looking for a fee for having to fill out this simple US Customs form!
  14. I believe this is considered the "bible" for expats... http://rollybrook.com/employee-pay.htm
  15. Fishing line needed

    How much 10 lb fishing line do you need? A few feet or a 100 yds?