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  1. Has anyone ever seen or heard of anyone selling kittens or younger cats that are bengals. If they are around what kind of price do they go for.
  2. Looking for a table 42 to 60 inches long with 4 to 6 chairs all in good condition.
  3. What bathing cap to get and where?

    ok thought most want it to keep hair dry
  4. What bathing cap to get and where?

    I have one for sale for 25 pesos brand new.black and white zebra design Speedo on it. Says 100 percent silicone cap lightweight and comfortable
  5. I am looking for a 6 month rental starting Dec. 1, 2017 until end of May 2018.. Either one or two bedroom. I am presently here until end of May but someone has already booked the place we were in. Most realtors want you to book 45 days in advance of time coming and don't want to go that route.
  6. What does blue moon charge for color and highlights. New here and so many places that do it are not listed.
  7. Panache Hair Studio

    How much does she charge for having hair colored then highlighted. Does she charge differently for the amount of highlights put in. No haircut is involved.
  8. Hairdresser lakeside

    who is the best beauty salon to go to for color and highlights. Is Edith very good for this. Do they charge for each foil or is it one price. Also was wondering about Christine's European spa does she color and highlight . New to the area so unsure who to go to.
  9. Difference between breakfast and brunch

    Is there any restaurant that does serve brunch the mixture of breakfast and lunch in buffet style. I guess in that states at some places this is the way it is done.
  10. las playas fish market

    What about grouper is that expensive
  11. Lobster

    These posts from earlier are very old. Wondering what the difference in taste is between spiny lobster, the Atlantic Lobster and the crayfish. Where can you get them meaning what restaurants and are they expensive. And can you get them at fish market and price in US dollars.
  12. Uber to Chapala?

    With any of these services can you get a larger vechicle then a regular taxi. I will be having 5 suitcases and 2 medium size pet carriers so a normal taxi will not do. How much is something more like a van. It is only me that is travelling.
  13. las playas fish market

    These post are very old in here. Is there a fish market in San Antonio. What is better the grouper or the monk fish. I have never had that one. What are the prices now for the fish.
  14. I was wondering if this clinic is open to expats also and maybe go on a sliding fee cost. How much does it cost otherwise to have a female cat spayed. Is it different cost if cat versus dog.
  15. Immigration qualifying amounts for 2015

    Thanks you for your help sorry that I have so many questions but when a embassy tells you something else you don't understand. I will send this to them