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  1. More fake pedimentos - September 2013

    I would not recommend any one start a nationalizing process without it being in writing a full refund if pedimento and factura not delivered and asking for partial payment [mod snip].
  2. Vehicle Navigation Systems

    Garmin would be my choice. For Mexico no one has perfect maps as one-way streets keep changing, new streets added frequently and streets change name from one block to the next but overall worth having. Often one can find used for a low price. Be sure to have latest maps.
  3. More fake pedimentos - September 2013

    It would be beneficial to others to share the explanation, please. NOTE the subject line says "FAKE". :-)
  4. 1. The objective is to market Chinese products to Latin America and not just not Mexico. 2. This article will show a photo: http://pvangels.com/news-mexico/8370/chinese-dragon-mart-cancun-expects-go-ahead 3. More info as most readers appear to need: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/china/2013xivisit/2013-06/07/content_16580627.htm 4. more including ownership: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/01/30/3208629/huge-chinese-expo-center-planned.html
  5. More fake pedimentos - September 2013

    Spencer did you check here also: http://www2.repuve.gob.mx:8080/ciudadania/consulta/ This is our "confirming" source after the VIN checks out on: http://www.aduanas.sat.gob.mx/soianet/oia_consultarap_cep.aspx But a delay between showing up on the latter and showing up on the first link I posted as I suspect you already know. The date you noted certainly makes it all seem like a fake.
  6. 90% of the Cancun Chinese Dragon Mart is owned by Mexicans!!!!!!!!!!!!! 45 percent is owned by Yucatan businessman Carlos Castillo Medrano, who owns the 571 acres of land, locally known as “El Tucan,” where the complex will be built, and the other 45 percent is owned by a group of investors from Monterrey. Chinamex chairmen Hao Feng owns 10 percent of the shares I truly doubt they will bring in thousands of workers and why would Mexico allow thousands of work visas. It is not uncommon for countries to set up similar marketing tools in foreign countries promoting their products.
  7. Excellent article ... thanks!! Mexico's future is bright and dispels the "recession" doom and gloom. Some bumps along the way but I would bet on Mexico. Every day we see Asians in number we have never seen in the past. Many Chinese moving to and investing in Mexico including a huge trade center in Cancun. And Canadians and Europeans are coming to Mexico including SMA in greater numbers than ever before. According to largest real estate company in SMA Canadians are buying more houses in SMA than any other expat group.
  8. Our Experience with Obtaining Jalisco Plates

    And the process varies throughout Mexico. In San Luis Potosi it takes about 3 hours max. In SMA you apply, and in 2 months you go back and get your plates and registration. So, for those in other parts of Mexico your experience will vary widely.
  9. New Aduana Law 2014

    Spencer I hope you are right and can confirm as that is not Aduana in Queretaro has been telling us. Not disagreeing, just do not know any more.
  10. New Aduana Law 2014

    That person is to have a lucritiva visa from INM and therefor no foreign plated car.
  11. Expired Visas

    Please check your visa's expiry date. If it expires by one day the fine is over 1000p (in SMA) and rises based on length of expiration. It also means starting at year 1, proving income, a meeting with INM staff at their convenience and of course the regular visa fees. This means to qualify as a Permanent resident based on time, you have to wait 4 more years. Note: the sequence of your expiration date is day/month/year. If in doubt please check your visa. Americans are use to month then day. If your visa has expired by more than 55 days you must leave the country and apply for preapproval at a consulate. When your visa is expired, your foreign plated car is illegal.
  12. Mexican economy in recession

    Rony you add to the rudeness and make it personal and angry. I feel sorry for you. I have a huge extended Mexican family and know many of the facets as well as most anyone. We are involved with Mexicans at every level daily and know very well their plight. My wife and her brothers and sisters went to bed hungry many nights and 5 children in a small bedroom living in a 400 sq ft apartment with parents. One uses GDP to compare current and past years within a country and relative to other countries. Mexico has always had this huge poverty and much is because of lack of education.
  13. Mexican economy in recession

    The OP was about Mexico and whether or not it was in recession which it clearly is not. Definitely Mexico has poverty unlike any most of us have seen if we have not left North America. Lots of expats volunteer with those in need; we explore back roads, have Mexican friends and been to their homes. We know very well of the dirt floors, no running water, no sewage, hunger etc. It breaks our heart. So for those explaining this to others, walk gently but do not chastise if for those who are not aware are uninformed. This is a very different subject that "Is Mexico in a recession" as clearly for the first 6 months of 2013 it has the best performing GDP in North America and Canadians would have loved to see something similar. Over the past 5 years Mexico's GDP exceeded almost every other country in the world except for a handful . If you see someone with no healthcare take them to Seguro Popular to sign up. if you know of someone with dirt floors enquire about programs to change this and many places have help with this. If you know of an employer not paying social security talk with the employer or employee and inform them of the employee's rights as IMSS, old age pension and affordable housing through INFONAVIT will change the life of poor Mexicans. Get involved and make a difference. Ranting will solve nothing.
  14. Costa Rica Residency

    Mainecoons ...welcome. No one article tells all but it helps open the mind to research, explore options even if it is just to dream or visit. Based on our personal experience, renting is significantly less expensive that buying and it frees up options to explore and even live in other parts of Mexico and other countries such as those named in the article. We bought for the security of our family but would not recommend it for those who can live with renting. Buying ties you down, there are always some maintenance and improvements to be done as these are typically unlike homes in Canada or the US and there is furniture to buy / replace. When I see what people rent for $1000 / month even in SMA with no additional upkeep there is no comparison to renting cost wise. As we all get older we start to loose confidence and sometimes the physical ability to explore and follow our dreams. For anyone wanting to do so I encourage you to make it happen. Life is short and we only are sure about now. No where is perfect but life is about the journey.
  15. Costa Rica Residency