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    The guy at the tianguis with all the sewing supplies has iron-on patches.
  2. Cronopio


    The Ladron vet clinic in Riberas is the best equipped that I've seen lakeside. They could do it. 765-5940.
  3. Cronopio

    Bagels anyone?

    Facebook page is under Williams Burg https://www.facebook.com/williams.burg.319247?ref=br_rs
  4. Rony - I forgot about another shampoo I've used for the Malassezia infection on my dog's skin. I got it from Ladron's clinic, and it is called "Fungi Pet's Oil" by NorVet. It has a lot of active ingredients: Ketoconazol, chlorhexidine, sulfur, iodine, salicylic acid, and coal tar. So maybe not a gentle shampoo, but it helped my dog a lot and didn't irritate her wrecked skin. Keep it in mind in case the fungus gets worse. (I also had my dog on itraconazole pills for months -- nasty stuff that didn't seem to help...)
  5. Virbac is a reputable brand and has a shampoo -- Dermazole -- that is 2% Miconazole and used for fungal skin problems. I've seen it at several vet offices lakeside. I think I've seen Miconazole (or some other -azole) combined with chlorhexidine in dog shampoos here -- you might try that too. I have an old, allergic dog with immune problems -- and have been battling Malassezia skin infections (a yeast/fungus) for years. It can be hard to get rid of. My dog's problems respond better to chlorhexidine shampoos, or chlorhexidine mixed with an -azole, than to straight Miconazole shampoos. YMMV
  6. Cronopio

    Mexican Debit Cards

    Bancomer's debit card (el Libreton) works online. I've used it at costco online, amazon.mx, and volaris online. No problems. Yet.
  7. Cronopio

    Plumber that can find a slab leak?

    Thanks. Jose Martinez used his camera to find a blockage in the sewer pipes for us a few years ago. The equipment to find slab leaks is different - something about thermal and acoustic detectors. I may have to bring someone from Guadalajara, but I thought I'd check if anyone had gone through this already. And if I can't find anyone, I'll probably go with Martinez.
  8. I may have a leak in the water line (supply, not sewer) under the house slab. Anyone know of a plumber that can find leaks like that? Apparently there is specialized equipment that can be used to locate the leak under the slab.
  9. Dra Carla Flores is in some way affiliated with Quality Care, has an office in Riberas, I believe, and makes house calls. Friends that went to her were really pleased.
  10. Cronopio


    I pm'd you.
  11. Cronopio

    Kitchen Appliances

    No, I meant an oven/cooktop combination that slides in on a platform in between cabinets so it is flush with the countertop. Not freestanding, and not a wall oven.
  12. Cronopio

    Kitchen Appliances

    And yes, Tio Sams will give you a 10-15% discount for paying with cash.
  13. Cronopio

    Kitchen Appliances

    Zeb - be sure to ask questions about the oven. I've been looking at ranges and went to Tio Sams. Out of all their slide-in ranges, only two had ovens that had both 1) temperatures controlled by a thermostat, and 2) a broiler. What is pretty much standard NOB is not here.
  14. This looks a lot like a dog that was in the La Lucerna area (on the south side of the carretera in West Ajijic, west of the cemetery). It was in that area for maybe 5 days, definitely waiting and looking for somone. Very afraid, skittish and unapproachable, but people were leaving food out for it. I then saw it a couple of days ago on Ocampo in central Ajijic. But both times I saw it before it had a tattered halter on. (Could have also had the collar.)
  15. Cronopio

    DNA testing

    This is an interesting article about heritage DNA testing. One of the takeaways is that different companies have different reference data sets - which essentially come from their customers. So if your ancestors come from a part of the world where a particular company doesn't have many customers, the results may not be very accurate. They aren't matching your DNA to some reference genome from the past, they show where your DNA is from today. So, for example, if the results show you're part Italian, it is mostly matching your DNA to the paying customers from present-day Italy. https://gizmodo.com/how-dna-testing-botched-my-familys-heritage-and-probab-1820932637