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  1. Al Berca

    Bambu Restaurant in San Juan Cosala

    I have always liked the Sunday brunch buffet at Bambu. Courteous, prompt and attentive staff and an excellent price for the quantity, quality and variety of foods available. Thanks for making more room for those of us who enjoy eating there.
  2. Al Berca

    san miguel de allende

    SMA voted #1 city in the world for second consecutive year.
  3. Al Berca

    What is wrong with this webboard>

    Good to know it's not just me.
  4. Al Berca

    INAPAM card worth having?

    No. After three years, I have used it once at a museum. With the exception of 50% off on busses, the other discounts are usually 5-10% if they are still honoring the card at all, as the published list of discounts is outdated rather than updated.
  5. Al Berca

    Should I stay here or go to California?

    Ask Google about colonoscopies after age 75, or even 70. But if you decide to move forward with this, the very fact that you are asking this question, as well as the way you have written the question, should provide you with the answer. You want to go to California and, therefore, that is what you should do. If you have the procedure and follow up is required that can be done in California or here.
  6. Al Berca

    Intercam email

    Just received interesting email from Intercam. "As we are fully aware of the importance of this event, we want to inform you that Intercam Banco will be available for your convenience this Sunday, July 1st to carry out foreign exchange transactions starting at 16:00 Mexico Central time." "Please contact your Relationship Executive ...."
  7. Al Berca

    Social security

    LCS recently published this number for contacting Social Security and calling from within Mexico: 001-883-772-1213
  8. Al Berca


    Didn't Adrianna, local attorney, and her husband Kevin recently purchase Abbeyfield?
  9. Minnie vans are only available at Disneyland and Disney World.
  10. Al Berca

    Pain Physicians

    Thanks. That explains the cohetes.
  11. Al Berca

    Ajax Expell

    None at El Torito this morning, either.
  12. Al Berca

    WalMart Pizza

    Nothing comes remotely close to Buddy's Pizza in Detroit, but I agree completely with you about Red Baron's frozen pizza, my favorite, which has plenty of sauce and real mozzarella.
  13. Al Berca

    grass seed

    Laura at the garden store can probably order it for you if she doesn't have it in stock.
  14. I need a couple of custom made interior doors and frames replaced and have never hired a carpenter before. Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you.