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  1. Car key cutting

    Yes, the guys in SAT did the same for me.
  2. Cardiologist Recommendation?

    As an investor/owner Dr Ramon Garcia will have ready access to all emergency and non emergency facilities at the new hospital. He will also have his office there and will head the Cardiology Department as he has done at hospitals in GDL. He is also a lakeside resident so in case of emergencies he is here, rather than an hour or more away in GDL. He currently sees local patients at his cardiac facility in West Ajijic. I recommend him also.
  3. Pfeffernusse cookies?

    My favorite holiday cookie. Gave up on finding them here a few years ago, but was hoping that with all the new bakeries and influx of newbies that they might now be available.
  4. Shortcake disaster

    Flour, sugar and butter. Mix by hand. Pat it flat. Bake. Beyond easy to make and better than Walker's.
  5. drive time

    It was almost exactly a four hour drive from Ajijic to Guayabitos less than two weeks ago if that is helpful.
  6. tip for IShop workers

    I agree with both of you.
  7. Moving to Chapala area

    What Tom Gates left out is that this window cleaner is a true professional and a perfectionist. He is also one of a kind. While others say they clean windows, and they do, absolutely no one else does the quality of work that Saul Enciso does, so he really has no competition equal to him in this area. REC's comments were spot on and I agree with everything he wrote to you.
  8. local BMW-smart mechanic?

    Across the highway from Mom's restaurant and Maskaras Clinic.
  9. I am in need of an upholstery and mattress cleaner with some expertise/experience in successfully removing stale cigarette smells. Has anybody found one that they can recommend? Thanks.
  10. Watch repairs

    Daniel Jackson.
  11. local BMW-smart mechanic?

    My landlady had an old BMW convert that she would allow no one to touch other than the guys at Francisco's in Riberas. They're always busy, too.
  12. i want to buy a new Apple IPad with 3G and 4LTE. Amazon Mexico has none and Amazon US doesn't ship them to Mexico. They seem difficult to find here. Any educated guesses, rather than wild guesses appreciated. Please do not suggest another brand. Thanks.
  13. RFC #

    I registered my vehicle in Chapala two years ago. I have never had an RFC number.
  14. US passport renewal at Lakeside?

    I think we are confusing US passport photo requirements with Mexican immigration photo requirements.

    Sadly you will need to PM the information I had to delete. Sorry about that. But those are the rules here Mod5