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  1. Good for you. Sadly, you received very little help on your question here. Good luck.
  2. Toilet paper flushing

    And we haven't even mentioned to make sure you take a roll of toilet paper with you on any lengthy car trip.
  3. Happy Birthday, RVGRINGO!

    FELIZ Cumpleanos, RV. I hope you are around for many more. You have been an asset and treasure to this board for many years, including me for almost 13 years. Thank you
  4. Toilet paper flushing

    35 year old house. Septic, not sewer. 13 year occupant. Flush with zero problems.
  5. Canadian butter tarts

    Focus on a few things that appeal to most people and do them well. Don't get influenced by individual suggestions that most customers will not purchase.
  6. Need a washing machine

    You are correct. Missed that. Mea culpa.
  7. Need a washing machine

    I only asked because the OP is not seeking repair people, but to purchase a machine.
  8. Permanente Status

    Easy DIY job, unless you are too busy retiring.
  9. How to delete a post.

    Either way works and is not time consuming nor particularly mentally challenging for most of us.
  10. Need a washing machine

    For major appliance repairs I agree. Do they sell them, also?
  11. Electric chair, non-prison variety

    Oscar at Furniture 4 Less carries electric recliners. Not sure about seat lift, but maybe can be ordered.
  12. Canadian butter tarts

    Good luck, Derek. Thanks for letting us know about your new venture. Wish you success.
  13. Pelicans are back

    I always thought there were only two islands in the lake. Thank you for the education. Also, had no idea that many Pelicans were here in July. Great video. Thanks for sharing.

    Best way to edit a text is to simply correct the text, not make a footnote that everyone missed, y'all.