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  1. HUGE lump in the road on Joco bypass

  2. Gasoline prices

    A gallon of gas is now more than the hourly rate many of us pay our domestic employees. More than sad.
  3. Crocodiles spotted in lake

    They're not crocodiles. They're manatees.
  4. About Adoption in Mexico

    Good to know that a man who served six years in prison for "stealing babies" now "realizes he was involved in illegal transactions". Wonder how he figured it out.
  5. Article is a year old and changes have already begun.
  6. Seguro Popular

    Thank you, Arroyos. This is what most of us believed to be true. Hope the above poster who gave misinformation reads your response. Very much appreciated.
  7. Roberto's Terrace

    On his FB page he says two more weeks.
  8. Yahoo now Oath

    Still not getting it. I use the Yahoo Mail app. Wonder if that makes any difference? Not really a big deal, but thanks.
  9. Yahoo now Oath

    Hasn't happened to me yet but appreciate the "heads up" and knowing I have options when it does.
  10. Jiggers - looking for one

    Paz used to have them on the wall in front of the cash registers, but I haven't been in there for a few years.
  11. Scan document and send to my CPA

    Any law or real estate office.
  12. Amazon

    I have had the same problem. A friend who works for Amazon US told me to call 001-206-266-2992. Talked to a human being who took care of their error immediately.
  13. Seguro Popular

    Interesting and helpful, but not at all related to the questions I asked that I was hoping would be in your response.
  14. Seguro Popular

    I think that, also. However, Alan's post appears to disagree and based upon his wife's position with Seguro Popular, I take his posts on this subject most seriously and hope he responds to my questions. Thanks.
  15. Seguro Popular

    Many of us have had Seguro Popular for years, not used it, and have not started a clinical file. Are you saying that if it is not done immediately after sign up, we do not have coverage? I understand that it must be done before we receive services, but immediately after sign up? Is that your opinion or a requirement of Seguro Popular which is not mentioned above? Thank you.