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  1. Not sure what this is

    Thanks everybody for the info, he is no longer alive. Hopefully he was the only one around. Sorry about the reminder of your ex CalGal.
  2. Can anyone tell me what this insect is, we found it in our shower. Thanks for your help.
  3. Inversion Table

    Anyone know where I could purchase an inversion table lakeside?
  4. Has anyone gone to a chiropractor in Guadalajara that has helped with back adjustment? Can't get any relief here and I don't want to have to fly back to my guy in Canada. Thanks.
  5. Currants

    My wife bought some currants at Super Lake but they are sold out now. She can't seem to find them anywhere else. Does anybody know where they might sell currants?
  6. 180-day tourist Visa

    I was assuming that what others said was true, that you needed to turn in your current visa and get another one. I said "if you're not legal" as a general principle. I don't want to pay a price for something when it's not necessary.
  7. New Airboat for the Laguna

    I think that's a rather broad indictment of the expat community but I can't believe there's a large contingent of nationals or expats who would want to support this if it's as noisy as others have said but he's welcome to try.
  8. 180-day tourist Visa

    I would say, do it the right way. You just never know what decision will be made if you're not legal. Just my opinion but what the others have said is the legal way to do it.
  9. Contractor(s) Needed Jocotepec

    We had Ruben (Chino) Chavarria and were extremely pleased with his work, price and attention to detail. (765) 766-2327 or 333-150-9031. He speaks good English.
  10. Anybody know what this is?

    Thanks, appreciate the info!
  11. Need to move large bookcase

    Thanks, I appreciate the tip. I'll give them a try.
  12. I need to hire a moving van and a couple of guys to move a large bookcase to our house from Hope House Boys Home. Does you know anybody with a moving truck that could handle a bookcase that measures 7 ft. By 8 Ft and get paid for it?
  13. Super Lake parking lot.

    Time to chill out as others have already stated. Surely you're not so busy that you can't avoid this by parking elsewhere and walking. You'll have a chance to enjoy our beautiful weather and feel more relaxed in the process. Just a thought.
  14. Gas cylinder adaptor

    It has a large black plastic connector.