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  1. CFE Hikes Up To 300%

    No. it's you who makes no sense. I, like anyone else, have a life style and it's pretty much repetitive. In order to double my kwh I would have had to buy and connect two freezers, an air conditioner, three space heaters and a 100-inch TV.
  2. CFE Hikes Up To 300%

    Oh look, The ComputerGay has spoken.
  3. CFE Hikes Up To 300%

    RU a mod, or a wannabe? Who reads the Mexico forum? Not many here are interested if Mexico sinks or swims as long as the lake doesn't recede. You're in the non-electrical grid business. You should be dancing and downing champagne. 2 - 4.7%, not 300% "Up to 300%" Can you see the difference now? I've been in this house 6 months. My first two CFE bills were +- 400. The last one was 850. Damn I'm glad I don't live in BC since thousands may soon be unemployed, crime is already unbearable. And you think this trend won't reach the mainland? How long have you been here? Congratulations, you may soon be profiting from the misery.
  4. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/cfe...aten-industry/ And the beat goes on ..
  5. That's good! It would be really helpful if crimes were actually investigated here. I suggest you(third person) buy a really nice one, state of the art, expensive. That way the cop who takes it from you will be so excited over the fact he now owns it he'll forget he ever saw you.
  6. Of course it's legal. If you use it to shoot someone it becomes illegal.
  7. Consider you're on a battlefield and you have a wounded arm that's turning green and smelling rank. So you ask your buddy next you, "Look at this, what should I do?" And he will say something like: "Hell if I know I'm just a PFC, let's just chop it off for now."
  8. Singsong Spanish

    Oh yeah, the ferry terminal. La Tzararacua Zihuatenejo
  9. Singsong Spanish

    Esternocleidooccipitomastoideos .. The longest word in Spanish (a muscle in the neck). Sonsonete, the drone of machinery. Mito .. myth. Mitotero .. mythmaker. A good substitute for a lot of harsher terms.
  10. Singsong Spanish

    they seem to come in many varieties. Xoloitzcuintli mexican-hairless-(custom)
  11. Singsong Spanish

    Xochitl (r. 877-916) was a Toltec Queen and wife of Tecpancaltzin My cat's name.
  12. Singsong Spanish

    Wow, I learn something every day! You're not going to find the answer on Wiki. So in San Jose CR I met a girl doing her PhD thesis on Castilian Spanish, origin and distribution. She told me that, so it's correct. Unless you know more than her. See ^ origin. And in Costa Rica, and I think Uruguay, they use vos in place of tu. Tu is for dogs and cats. And they use os in place of ser/estar romantically. Vos os la chica mas linda del pueblo. In CR Macho means Gringo. Mexico: No te reconoci' I didn't recognise you. Barbarians. Costa Rica: No te habia reconocida. Civilized folk.
  13. Singsong Spanish

    Yes I know. This situation is getting grave. Risen from the grave.
  14. NEW Mexican Citizenship Exam 2018

    Sonia, thanks for the link. Everything I needed to know is right there.