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  1. Then I suggest you get it vs spouting off. You have the phone number so don't be so lazy. It is not anecdotal when I and another person quoted real examples.
  2. Tell me one person who flew out and returned and continued to drive their foreign plated vehicle while the permit was still valid and had an issue? Just one, not a myth, not a rumor? Client did exactly that and then vehicle was totaled and I was with Tim when he obtained a letter from Aduana for the insurance company saying car was legal. I have also had clients on several occasions enter Mexico with a tourist card and a car with a TIP. They flew out of Mexico and some took a bus, obtained a pre-apporved visa and entered with a FMM marked CANJE. They then extended the car permit at Aduana at the Queretaro airport to have the same expiration date a year later. If I believed the naysayers they would tell me this is not possible. If some of you say it is not possible then tell me how a tourist gets a 10 year TIP for a motorhome and comes and goes regularly. if some think you are right call and ask vs an unfounded opinion.
  3. I posted his number so ask him. Why would rule be different for 6 month TIP vs a 10 year TIP? Both are given to tourists.
  4. From my web site: the question often comes up, "if as a tourist with a foreign plated car in Mexico, may I fly out and leave the car in Mexico as long as the TIP has not expired". The answer is yes you may as per my conversation with Carlos de la Rosa, an employee of SAT. His number is 01-551-203-1000, ext. 47483. He is also the Retorno Seguro contact. It is the same as a person with an RV who is a tourist who obtains a 10-year TIP.
  5. Seguro Popular

    On my web site is a page re Seguro Popular: http://www.soniadiaz.mx/health-care.html All the computer issues for expats are resolved. If questions do not hesitate to contact me.
  6. Thanks In past 4 months 120000 views / average 1000 per day. The host is Go Daddy so it is frustrating it has issues.
  7. Thanks. Unfortunately, when I open it using my MAC the issue is not there. Similarly, not an issue on my I-Phone. Suggestions appreciated.
  8. http://www.soniadiaz.mx/immigration---visas.html
  9. Visa for 92-year-old aunt

    Spencer McMullen is the only person I know who processes humanitarian visas at lakeside. Personally I am working on 4 right now as almost no other person knows how to do so in SMA.
  10. Residente Permanente

    You are responding to a thread 4 years old.
  11. used mexican plated vehicle purchase

    The legal answer is you need to turn the plates in at a Jalisco Rentas office and obtain Baja de Vehiculos. In Morelos this is what I would have and expect (every state is a little different) .... proof your refrendo is paid for current year, have a physical inspection, local utility bill, factura from when vehicle was new, Morelos' driver's license. The last two should have same address.
  12. used mexican plated vehicle purchase

    Pls read Buying a car in Mexico: http://www.soniadiaz.mx/vehicles.html
  13. Quads & Trailer

    Please read: units that can be imported along with the vehicle. http://www.soniadiaz.mx/vehicles.html There is also a link to the official law. When vehicle leaves the other units must leave and no they can not be sold. If your vehicle leaves without them you will be told to go and get them.
  14. Visa for 92-year-old aunt

    The nursing home can lose their license and should (assuming they are legal and have one) if residents have no visa. The humanitarian visa I delivered yesterday at a senior's center was for a woman who turned 100 today.
  15. For those moving to lakeside and GDL, I always recommend Spencer. Never once has someone came back to say they were not satisfied. Of the fees I know he charges, they are just a little above mine and mine are up to 1/3 what others charge here in SMA and he is a lawyer. Plus the additional support of his wife, also an excellent lawyer.