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  1. rent increases with inflation

    Exactly and they must be registered with SAT, provide official receipts and appropriate authorization / visa status with INM. Until then as a tenant I would not pay rent. :-) And if landlord is not residing in Mexico the tenant withholds the appropriate taxes and pays them.
  2. Was it exported from the US when being nationalized? Was the car registered in the US in your name or did you buy a vehicle that has been nationalized? I do not know how anyone could answer the question with out these answers.
  3. Dark side of Seguro Popular

    Some may find this informative: http://www.soniadiaz.mx/health-care.html
  4. DIF Cards

    If any of you are in San Miguel I can get you an INAPAM card in under an hour any week day. My web site covers INAPAM benefits of which there are so many. You do need to be a temporary or permanent resident.
  5. Mexican car imported to US?

    Read: importing a Mexican car into the US http://www.soniadiaz.mx/vehicles.html You can not LEGALLY register it in an US state until it is cleared through CBP and prove it meets US emissions and safety standards. Without doing so it may be confiscated.
  6. Nationalizing Truck/Trailer

    It would have been better to be a temporary resident and if married one could be permanent resident. 2009 and 2010 and prices start at ~$2500 US. Trailers may not be possible. The brokers are Enrique & Jose Bautistia. Enrique has a Laredo office and speaks perfect English. Enrique Bautista email: superimportaciones@yahoo.com. Also, enrique_bautista@yahoo.com. Enrique's phone is 956-722-6476. Cell - 956-645-8073. http://superimportaciones.com
  7. Temporary to Permanent Residency question

    You may apply within 30 days of expiration. If it expires when you are out of the country you need to start over at a MX consulate. If you own property in Mexico going back to tourist would not be wise.
  8. Severence of maid

  9. Xoom

    Just transferred $1100 Canadian form Bank of Montreal to Bancomer. The exchange rate was 15.15641 and the fee was 10.89 Canadian. That is the exact exchange rate as posted on XE.com at time of transfer. I could have selected next day transfer with transferwise using a debit card. On worldremit I would get 16,173 and transferwise it was 16,507. https://www.monito.com/send-money/united-states/mexico/usd/mxn/1000?mail
  10. Xoom

    Transferwise gives the posted exchange rate which can make a big difference and has an option for a faster transfer. Xoom is not available to Canadians and where the depsoit can be picked up is not as convenient as transferring from any bank to any bank in Mexico..
  11. Keep your TR status and keep your car. There is almost no advantage in becoming a PR now even if you could. FYI Orlando staff have bene known to poorly informed but hopefully all goes well.
  12. I do not think she is playing you at all. She is somewhat miss informed and I am sure she has little education. She sees inequities in the system that unfortunately prevents her from having healthcare, INFONAIVT and pension contribution and on that she is right. Yes she can make contributions for her future but I suspect her first goal is looking after her family and she can barely do that with regards to basics let alone a lifestyle most of the rest of us enjoy. http://www.soniadiaz.mx/-employees.html You say the discussion started with the two of you comparing employee benefits in the US and Mexico which sounds like an honest discussion. You also say she is honest and trustworthy and you know that better than anyone. Ignore others who are less respectful of her intentions and the heartless. arrogant and uninformed who suggest you termnate her employment which makes me want to vomit.
  13. RFC ?

    A Canadian SIN or US SS number equates to CURP not RFC. And you do not pay to get a RFC. You may pay if you do have have computer skills or lack the ability to communicate n Spanish.
  14. Xoom

    Go to worldremit and transferwise. In each case select to transfer $500 Canadian. Transfer wise is cheaper. Do the same with any amount. Transferwise is cheaper. On monito same thing worldremit is more even when a one time 0 fee and 3.99 rest of time. Of course you can use exchange rate as it is usually the biggest and most important variable.
  15. Xoom

    Many not happy with worldremit. They kept asking for bank statements, source of funds, ID. Every time tried to transfer more that $1000 C more hassles. They want smaller transfers to collect the $3.99. Their exchange is less. Compare a transfer on both and transferwise is always less. Check here: https://www.monito.com There is significant difference between worldremit and transferwise.