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  1. Sonia

    Lost Visitor Visa - what to do?

    500 pesos same as a FMM
  2. Good time to be in Patzcuaro as a little cooler. We love this hotel as on the main plaza and food was excellent. They have secure parking down the street. Often breakfast is included. Hotel Mansion Iturbe
  3. Up to 30 days before but it can be anytime in that 30 day window at least at most INM offices. :-).
  4. Sonia


    This was a company many recommended (not me). https://usaherald.com/13-million-forfeited-car-nationalization-business/
  5. Sonia

    Seguro Popular Changes ?

    It happened for 2 weeks while some changes were made and quickly revoked. Yes you are cursed.
  6. Sonia

    Seguro Popular Changes ?

    In at least 6 years neither TR nor PR have been excluded from SP in Guanajuato state. For the past several months TR and PR in GTO state and one other have been required to pay a small annual fee with often only 1 year renewals being allowed. I truly doubt in Yucatan they insist on a MX driver's license as a high porcentage of Mexicans do not have one. i suspect that is a myth. I am not even sure the PR requirement is true. I would not be srprised to see some changes when AMLO wins including need for every one to be a PR to obtain some benefits such as PR, INAPAM, etc. I also expect some changes in immigration rules. The last INM changes were Nov 9, 2012, days before the current administration took control.
  7. Sonia

    San Antonio traffic

    Listen to Mainecoons. There is not one traffic light in all of San Miguel and it works very well.
  8. Sonia

    Seguro Popular

    http://www.soniadiaz.mx/health-care.html In the section "healthcare overview" that is direct from a MX doctor. The knee surgery is from a woman who many years ago was married to the brother of the Shah of Iran.
  9. Sonia

    immigration office hours in Chapala

    Offices are stating closed next Thursday and Friday. 9 am to 1 pm is standard throughout most if not all INM offices.
  10. Sonia

    Do you pay staff for sick days, and how much?

    Every employer needs a contract or in the end it can become costly and frustrating.
  11. Sonia

    Age/Working Online question

    100% legal. I have had clients as young as 23 who have been preapproved for visas. In San Miguel many clients are in their thirties and forties and a surprising number have children in school.
  12. Exactly based on several gay clients being declined and then pre-approved at other consulates.
  13. Sonia

    Payment for Cleaning Lady

    The payout is tens of thousands of pesos and if she is not paid off now you owe for all of it. After 15 years there is an extra 12 days per year of service. http://www.soniadiaz.mx/-employees.html http://salariominimo.com.mx/calculo-de-finiquito/ yes meet with Spencer.
  14. Miami consulate staff can be very difficult and if gay almost impossible. From my web site: The amounts are per person but some consulates will accept lower financials for a spouse. Consulates vary and may use different amounts taking into account exchange rates but many will not. What I post here are the laws issued by Mexican Immigration. Consulates are not a part of Immigration. There will be variables at consulates and they are not totally consistent. Some consulates want originals. I recommend you review your MX consulate web site. I am not responsible for those variables and the mood, knowledge, politics or skills of the person at the consulate.
  15. http://www.soniadiaz.mx/immigration---visas.html