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  1. Camina con tu Mejor Amigo (WALK WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND) Location: Malecón de Jocotepec, DECEMBER 10TH. Eco Social is a group of young people trying to make a difference. They have formed a community service group Please come support them on December 10th! (See details below, under Eco Social poster photo) Camina con tu Mejor Amigo (WALK WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND) NOTE: If you have a Facebook account, you can even verify you are going to attend this event (RSVP not required) and I am sure that the members of this youth group would be greatly encourage to see this information shared with others on FB https://www.facebook.com/events/219246568613471/ Also you may like and share that group at https://www.facebook.com/Eco-Social-487889178210705/ Eco Social is a group of young people trying to make a difference. Please come support them on December 10th! PLEASE COME AND SUPPORT THESE YOUNG PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THEIR COMMUNITY. WALK WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND December 10, 2017 OBJECTIVE: Due to a study we did when we were in high school, we realized the abuse that street dogs live in our municipality, with this event we want to raise awareness among the population, and thus be the voice of those who only bark. We do not intend to change the whole world, but to change the world of a few dogs, and sow a seed of consciousness in people. ABOUT US: A group of young people with a different attitude to the problems that our population lives, and we call ourselves ECO SOCIAL. ACTIVITIES: -Competition races with your pet (there will be prizes for the winners). -Contest to the best dressed couple (there will be awards). -Live music. -Show of Training (urban Agility, guard and protection of the owner. - Food tips for your pet. -Free sterilizations. - Massive adoption. PROGRAM: 9:00hrs ............. Registration 10:00hrs ........... Exit: Main square of jocotepec 11:00hrs ........... General canine training class 11:30hrs ........... Musical Intervention 12:00hrs ........... racing competition 13:00hrs ........... Awards 13:30hrs ........... Musical Intervention 14:00hrs ........... Agility Show 14:30hrs ........... Musical Intervention 15:00hrs ........... Demonstration of Guard and Protection 15:30hrs ........... Acknowledgments and closing
  2. PLEASE contact mary Helen at 376-765-2867 or cell 331-349-6317 - I'm sure she would go look to see if it is Zorro.
  3. HAS ANYONE SEEN THIS DOG: (PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COPY AND PASTE/SHARE ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA) PLEASE contact mary Helen at 376-765-2867 or cell 331-349-6317 if you have seen Zorro. ‎Kathy Koches‎ to Lakeside Advocates for Animals November 4 at 8:20pm · My friend, Mary Helen Montgomery, has lost her dog, Zorro. He was lost at Christiana park in Chapala on Wednesday. He is 12 years old and is deaf. Please keep an eye out for him - Mary Helen is heartbroken and is desperate to find him.
  4. Update dog is back where she belongs.. thanks to everyone!
  5. Posting for owner. Please call the number below if you have seen this dog. "Jill" left the house through a door left open by a workman. We miss her terribly and know someone has her in their home. Please contact me with any information or sightings. We are in West Ajijic close to the organic market but on the mountainside. The black and white dog near the highway by La Cancinta is a look-alike, but not Jill. Every poster I put up in the community gets taken down, has happened repeatedly no matter how well I secure it. Please contact me at my local phone number with any info: 106-1233 or my US cell number: 01-559-760-6206 or email at dvanarsd@gmail.com. Many thanks in advance!
  6. DOES ANYONE KNOW THIS PERSON: ANN DIRKS Something that belongs to her, with her name (and number which does not work) was found. Please contact Erin at 331-691-7567 or leave response with info here. Thank you
  7. Agreed. Be on the lookout even if you are far from San Antonio.
  8. Posting for Mariza Gomez Rocha: "Help me find Aspen. whippet white 7 years. lost on Saturday sept 23 in San Antonio. needs medical treatment. Thank you !!! Cel 3331405546" https://www.facebook.com/groups/LAKESIDEADVOCATESFOR/permalink/2019273548316989/?pnref=story
  9. FROM FACEBOOK POST: https://www.facebook.com/groups/976862439040002/permalink/1464066760319565/
  10. Chicken Pot Pie - Yum - 4 for me

    She comes and sells out in 5-10 mins, tops! 40 something pies gone in that time frame. Great product, strong following. She spends a lot of hours in the kitchen, and there is no need to go to a market, set up a table, when her following lines up and sells her out! Her energies are better spent in the kitchen. She will be returning to the Ajijic Square, this coming Saturday, 10:30. Look for the Line of Gringos.
  11. Chicken Pot Pie - Yum - 4 for me

    Next Saturday she returns to the plaza location!
  12. So true, so very sweet and she does respond/want to please so badly. Wish my younger dog knew when to stop... lol.. mine will wear any dog out!