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  1. If people reading this could post on their social media, that would be wonderful. Due to such efforts many others have been found in the past weeks, and that would be so wonderful if this dog were also returned home. Thank you!
  2. I passed on these suggestions to the original poster. Thank you!
  3. Urgent - lost dog - chapala haciendas - got out on Ruisinor street Thursday Morning March 15th - med size grey poodle - collar with name tag and bell - owner is frantic - please, if you see her message me or call 01-045-331-419-4196 Please share... we lost this little dog in Chapala Haciendas 2, there's no sign of her and no one saw her walking on the streets, her name is Cali, French poodle medium, grey color, bring identification plate and a bell, There's a reward of $ 5000 pesos Por favor compartan... perdimos a esta perrita en Chapala Haciendas 2, no hay rastro de ella y nadie la vió andando en las calles, se llama Cali, French poodle mediana, color gris, trae placa de identificación y un cascabel, hay recompensa de $5000 pesos ....
  4. Need an endoscopy

    Is this the same Dr. Dr. Ignacio Guerrero https://www.innogastric.com/ referenced in the above comments? (Asking due to difference in phone number) Justo Sierra 2064 Col. Ladrón de Guevara Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. 331 1596-1744 / 331524-3307 Thanks!
  5. DNA testing

    You can get the 23 and me test from Amazon: $99.00 + $20.16 Shipping & Import Fees Deposit to Mexico Though I would recommend having someone who is returning to send it back to the company/do it right before that person leaves.
  6. Reposting: Posting for ‎Kim Campbell: LOST DOG! Answers to Jazmin. Black with a white chest mark. Med sized looks like a whippet cross.West Ajijic, Villa Nova area. Jazmin is approachable and can be lured with a treat. If anyone sees her please call 766.2343
  7. Good French Fries

    EXACTLY! Which brings the question: When is a starch not worth eating? lol
  8. Good French Fries

    To have great fries.. need GREAT potatoes N peanut oillol... Where are the great potatoes?
  9. We have a Handymail box and have gotten expensive packages at that address 100-300 and never had to pay duty or other charges. We simply pick up the package. We NEVER send any package to Handymail's Laredo Texas address. Only envelopes and magazines go to the Laredo address. In other words we use Handymail's Mexico address for packages. When a US shipper will not send to Mexico, we go with a different service (definitely not one that charges 50% lol) where they bring it down for us. To the OP: Did you send that package to Handymail's Texas address. To simply say you were charged without indicating where it was sent or what was sent that incurred a penalty is sparse in info. Please detail.
  10. iShop scam

    Is this charge for a package sent through a forwarding service (example: hits an ishop texas address first) , or is it a package that has been sent directly to their Mexico location? I have never paid anything for Amazon and international packages (Australia etc), when they have been sent directly to Handymail. Just curious as a friend is weighing options, comparing Handymail to Ishop.
  11. Handymail Rip Off

    Most banks have an ap via smart phone that can be used to deposit a check. You should look into that.
  12. Camina con tu Mejor Amigo (WALK WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND) Location: Malecón de Jocotepec, DECEMBER 10TH. Eco Social is a group of young people trying to make a difference. They have formed a community service group Please come support them on December 10th! (See details below, under Eco Social poster photo) Camina con tu Mejor Amigo (WALK WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND) NOTE: If you have a Facebook account, you can even verify you are going to attend this event (RSVP not required) and I am sure that the members of this youth group would be greatly encourage to see this information shared with others on FB https://www.facebook.com/events/219246568613471/ Also you may like and share that group at https://www.facebook.com/Eco-Social-487889178210705/ Eco Social is a group of young people trying to make a difference. Please come support them on December 10th! PLEASE COME AND SUPPORT THESE YOUNG PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THEIR COMMUNITY. WALK WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND December 10, 2017 OBJECTIVE: Due to a study we did when we were in high school, we realized the abuse that street dogs live in our municipality, with this event we want to raise awareness among the population, and thus be the voice of those who only bark. We do not intend to change the whole world, but to change the world of a few dogs, and sow a seed of consciousness in people. ABOUT US: A group of young people with a different attitude to the problems that our population lives, and we call ourselves ECO SOCIAL. ACTIVITIES: -Competition races with your pet (there will be prizes for the winners). -Contest to the best dressed couple (there will be awards). -Live music. -Show of Training (urban Agility, guard and protection of the owner. - Food tips for your pet. -Free sterilizations. - Massive adoption. PROGRAM: 9:00hrs ............. Registration 10:00hrs ........... Exit: Main square of jocotepec 11:00hrs ........... General canine training class 11:30hrs ........... Musical Intervention 12:00hrs ........... racing competition 13:00hrs ........... Awards 13:30hrs ........... Musical Intervention 14:00hrs ........... Agility Show 14:30hrs ........... Musical Intervention 15:00hrs ........... Demonstration of Guard and Protection 15:30hrs ........... Acknowledgments and closing
  13. PLEASE contact mary Helen at 376-765-2867 or cell 331-349-6317 - I'm sure she would go look to see if it is Zorro.
  14. HAS ANYONE SEEN THIS DOG: (PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COPY AND PASTE/SHARE ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA) PLEASE contact mary Helen at 376-765-2867 or cell 331-349-6317 if you have seen Zorro. ‎Kathy Koches‎ to Lakeside Advocates for Animals November 4 at 8:20pm · My friend, Mary Helen Montgomery, has lost her dog, Zorro. He was lost at Christiana park in Chapala on Wednesday. He is 12 years old and is deaf. Please keep an eye out for him - Mary Helen is heartbroken and is desperate to find him.