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  1. Flying to the Pacific coast last week had both flights cancelled and rescheduled by Aeromar with an email notification that went into my spam folder. Family flew in from San Jose and had their flight moved 2 days into the future with no additional notification, then two friends flying in last week, one via Houston, one from LA, had their flights totally cancelled on Volaris. Be aware.
  2. Butternut Squash

    I am friends with one of the suppliers (not the vendors) of greens to the Tuesday market. He assures me that very little of the produce sold there is organic, most is purchased in bulk and repackaged. Whether or not this is true, it might inform your decision about how to prepare and eat the produce you buy there.
  3. used mexican plated vehicle purchase

    Will I need to retake a driver's test to obtain a Morelos license? How long do I have to accomplish all this? Also, I can't turn in my plates until I reach Morelos as I was told I couldn't drive without them. Very confusing! Thanks for this bit of clarity and any other advice you can offer-something between the "required" and the "possible"! Thanks Sonia
  4. used mexican plated vehicle purchase

    Hola Sonia: Just read your very informative, and comprehensive, instructions on buying and registering a car in Mexico. I currently own a Jaliso plated car (I am a RP) and am moving to the state of Morelos in January. Do you know if I need to buy new plates for the car there? Is there a problem with cars being targeted for tickets or theft when they have out of state plates? These are questions I have not been able to find answered on this or other sites. If you don't know, could you please point me to the right government office to ask? Many thanks, as always
  5. Guadalajara Driver License Office

    Hi and welcome. There is a small storefront two doors west of Gossips restaurant (and across the street from the Ajijc Clinic) called Ajijic Concierge that specialize in taking gringos, locos or not, to GDL for their first license. They just charged two friends $700 pesos each to go together and both friends raved about how smooth it was.... I went a year ago and loved driving around the circus ring-it's a hoot. Just remember to look at the ground and above for markings and lights, then when you complete the circle you need to parallel park between the two striped posts. It's a dawdle. Enjoy!
  6. Fostering a group of 2 wk. old pups abandoned outside the Ranch but almost out of newspapers to protect flooring. I can come pick them up if you send me your phone number so I can call and arrange a convenient time. Thanks in advance. Thanks on behalf of orphan pups to all of you wonderful people who responded-you know who you are!
  7. Dee's Pet Hotel

    As Sr. Angus so often advises, google my friend. Dee is wonderful and can be found here: http://www.chapala.com/dees.html
  8. New residents driving tips

    It was one of the instructions in the driver's manual given to me by the transito in GDL when I went to take the driver's test. Perhaps it isn't law, but it's in the book as one.

    Sorry, did none of you read the edit I posted 30 seconds after the original post. What is your hurry y'all?

    I had a similar situation and was told by an attorney here that even though my mother entered the country as a tourist no one would seek her out in assisted living. However, be mindful that not all assisted living facilities are equal, even though they may present well. Get references from those who use them. Most charge right around $1500pesos per month and that includes meals. Unless she is on high cost medications (do check before coming-some medicines are pricey here but not all) or some form of renewals, she should be able to buy meds/incidentals on $300 US per month. Good luck!
  11. The Five Year Plan

    You are the one! I did the paperwork and am still waiting, 9 months later.
  12. The Five Year Plan

    Other points. With a temporary resident permit you can bring your nearly dead car here (perfect for local driving so you won't cry when it's dinged) and keep it for 4 years without paying more than the duty they charge coming across the border. That amount (mine was around $200) is, in theory, refundable when you take it back out, although I've never met the person who managed to get that deposit back. I brought mine with a trailer containing things I really wanted, most of which proved to be irrelevant. However, don't count on the cost of replacement being lower here. The second hand stores often charge prices that are not consistent with US thrift stores. You need to look at your stuff, think, have I used this in the last 2-3 months and if the answer is no, give it to charity, sell it locally or gift a deserving relative. Most electronics are more expensive here. At the end of 4 years I took car and trailer NOB and donated them to charities. They cost me very little while here (you can buy new tags easily from South Dakota which is why there seem to be so many from that state) and the insurance was minimal. After 4 years, if you choose to stay and become a permanent resident you will need to buy a Mexican plated car. Driving down through Nogales from your location is simple and can even be enjoyable. Choose the time of year to avoid desert heat-even if you're used to it, your car will suffer as there's lots more desert in Sonora/Sinaloa. Then up through the mountains to Lake Chapala. Very nice and I'm sure I'll miss the lake when I move, but not the influx. Good luck!
  13. The Five Year Plan

    Two cents worth. I moved to the Lakeside area 5 years ago and lived, in sequence, in Jocotepec, Chapala and now Ajijic. In February I will relocate to the east side of Mexico, to Cuernavaca. It is a city with cheaper prices on rent than here and more access to the arts and science. And to the practice of Buddhism. Ajijic is so crowded now that the roads are congested, even in the rainy/hot seasons and as all the houses that were rentals are now sold, rents are going steadily up. For a new person, this will be problematic. I also urge you to apply for temporary visas while you're still working and have income in your bank accounts. That's what I did and even though I said, once I'm in Mexico I will only have SS, they issued me with that visa. After 4 years I applied for and was given permanent status. Lastly, it's lovely to think that you can walk and bus everywhere, it limits many things. Especially if you arrive without a rental that puts you in a location near shopping etc. And often those locations come with a premium for rent and proximity to noise. These are just considerations and experience. I wish you and your wife a great transition. Do try to learn the language now, it will help!
  14. Is it possible that the sight of you in kilt with pipe in hand simply overwhelmed them? Could I borrow them when I go to apply? Also, where did you apply? Does it make a difference?
  15. Thank you Sonia-your web page on IMSS and SP was exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately I don't access FB due to years in the tech industry and knowledge of their underlying software. Yes, still trying to resist giving up my data! I am anticipating living in Cuernavaca but of course will need to learn the systems there. I will try to reach Beverly through the yahoo groups for Cuernavaca. I can't leave until Feb 1 to finish my lease here but asap after that. I always appreciate your answers which are professional and useful. A rare combination, especially on this board.