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  1. Orthotics store Chapala?

    Yes, very nice lady....next door to us on Degolllado....1 1/2 blocks from Madero. Please don't take 2 parking spaces when you come.. TIA
  2. New Construction

    What is with the architects today? Anyone can draw a box and put balconies on it.....not much talent needed for that. How about something with more character....something that would fit in with the local ambiance????
  3. Black Friday at WalMart

    I forgot about El Buen Fin today and stopped at Wal-Mart....a zoo! Couldn't get out of there fast enough.....
  4. Any ideas for this area?

    Too bad they don't feast on the bo-bos........
  6. Oaxaca City

    The worker's union has brought the city to practicality a standstill with protesting blockades. Tough to get in and out according to media News Daily today
  7. El Pechugon phone number

    Home sick....seems silly to drive over there to get them to deliver but can't find a phone number for them. Anyone have it for Chapala, plz. TIA
  8. Finish Dish Washer Rinse Aid

    I got mine at Wal-Mart.
  9. excellent maid available

    Thx Lexy......
  10. excellent maid available

    No phone number for Lexy or she would.
  11. excellent maid available

    Lexy.....my friend just moved here....needs someone that can iron. can you plz call her 765 5882...thx!
  12. Need a good gardener?

    Yes, plz!
  13. Halloween

    In Mazatlan we always had at least 50 kids...then they would head off to the Plazuela where a lot of restaurants were located to collect from the foreigners dining there...lots of fun for all. But when we moved to Ajijic 2 yrs ago, we had no one! Now that we are in Chapala, we don't know what to expect....any tips?
  14. November appliance sales

    I second the recommendation for El Tio Sam's....Francisco is big-lingual if you need it....good pricing. We bought all our new appliances through him and got a healthy discount, delivery too.
  15. Yes...more or less...sometimes you can get in there, a bit later same day, it's blocked....ugh.