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  1. Garage Sale

    Multi family sale: 9-1 Friday 27 April Calle Guererro 121…beside the American Legion Chapala Dick blick stretched canvases Storage tubs all sizes 2 stuffed chairs Standard bed with 2 sets of sheets Square glass & iron coffee table Back packs – new 6 shelf storage cabinet Pine rustico desk Much more due to moving NOB.
  2. Arnt Thorkildsen, husband of Ann, passsed away this morning at the care center in Riberas. RIP. Arnt....
  3. Does anyone know this person? Can you plz ask them to contact me?
  4. Momma Bear...please check your messages......have a question for w about driving to Mazatlan...Thx!
  5. Down in Tonila, Jalisco which is just before the state line with Colima...there is the former Hacienda Esperanza, now owned by the son of the first female governor in Mexico, Griselda Alvarez Ponce de Leon...a remarkable woman. This Hacienda still has tunnels that you can see where people would escape this terrible war. The history of this place is most interesting....now a boutique hotel and restaurant...worth a visit when down that way.
  6. Go talk to Spencer McMullen......
  7. Casa Montana...San Antonio

    Thx so much....I couldn't even find their hrs on their face page!
  8. Casa Montana...San Antonio

    Does anyone know the hours that they are open...like for dinner? TIA
  9. Brand new - never used $900 Mx. Tuck away shoulder straps and retractable handle. Sharon or Allen 765 5882
  10. Hacienda del Carmen

    Love this place...very special.
  11. American Legion in Chapala on Thursdays
  12. Lakeside increased population?

    I was under the impression that they were trademarked for Mazatlan only.....could be mistaken tho....

    They told us it was shark.
  14. DNA testing

    I used My Heritage....took a while for it to get here....sent it back with friends driving up...you get the results via email. I think there is an outfit in GDL that will check your DNA for what drugs will work best for you depending on the illness but don't have name of the company. Google for the top 5 DNA companies and look for the one that best suits your needs/curiosity. There are differences.