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  1. DNA testing

    I used My Heritage....took a while for it to get here....sent it back with friends driving up...you get the results via email. I think there is an outfit in GDL that will check your DNA for what drugs will work best for you depending on the illness but don't have name of the company. Google for the top 5 DNA companies and look for the one that best suits your needs/curiosity. There are differences.
  2. Cataract Surgery : Mishaps

    I would be VERY careful about making defamatory comments on a public forum, especially in a foreign country.
  3. Yes and yes......I advised them to speak with an exporter .....maybe there is someone more appropriate.?
  4. Has anyone taken an originally U.S. plated car back permanently to the U.S. after it has been nationalized in Mexico? If so, can you please explain the process to accomplish this, realizing that they will have to contact the correct agency within the U.S. government. TIA
  5. Friend needs an English speaking "real" electrician to do the remodel of the house they purchased in Chapala. Any names available? Experiences with same? TIA
  6. DIF Cards

    INAPAM cards are quite easy to get in Mazatlan as well. Can a person get them outside of their domicile?
  7. My husband thought so much of your dad....RIP, Ross.
  8. Is it possible to move a car purchased in Mexico to the US permanently?
  9. 36" x 36" x 16.5" glass topped coffee table, iron base...$1,500 MX In Chapala 376 765 5121 or 331 857 0798 cel
  10. Making streets

    Did you notice that the surface of Zaragoza is different on either side of Degollado. I asked the workers why and they told me it was because of the width of the street!?!?!?!!!! We all had a good laugh over that!
  11. Old timers fav restaurant

    Small plates at Go Bistro in Ajijic.
  12. I don't know anything about various forms of tai chi but from what I've heard, feel it would be a huge benefit. I will be interested when you get here. TIA
  13. NursingHomes etc. & Tai Chi mobility training?

    Can't wait for this to come to Chapala!!! Also post on Facebook group Chapala Town....
  14. Airbags for cobblestone walkers

    HAve to take an extra dose of patience pills to go into Ajijic these days!
  15. Legal Question

    Go talk to a notario.