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  1. Willie

    BBC series coming to film

    Had heard of this project a few weeks ago....acckk! Maybe this will get Chapala to go ahead with expansion and development plans east of town towards Mezcala.
  2. Willie

    Self Rising Flour

    More sugar than flour!!!!
  3. Willie


    I would like to send some nice cigars to my brother in Idaho...think it is possible to do from here?
  4. Same for the finiquito when separating services.
  5. We always had our accountant calculate it and also a paper for them to sign stating what they had received...CYA.....
  6. Willie

    Stronger mop bucket

    There used to be a man/company in Mazatlan that made mop buckets with drain thingy built in...they were made out of galvanized metal and it took almost 15 yrs to wear it out. Haven't seen anything like it since...boo-hoo. It was about a 3 gal size...someone could make a lot of $$$ if they would make these.
  7. Willie

    Tiling roof

    We chose to do a torch down roof...membrane like the old asphalt shingles. It can't be seen from the street since the roof is flat. Totally waterproof...had one in Mazatlan for about 20 yrs.
  8. Willie


    We just had a torch down roof done last month like we had in Mazatlan which lasted at least 20 yrs. A great material, low maintenance, no muss, no fuss...done by Ing. Enrique Hernandez....331 282 5020. You are certainly welcome to come see our roof but if you call Enrique, tell him Willie recommended him.
  9. Willie

    AMLO Again

    I too hAve been worried about a Colosio situation.
  10. If anyone has experienced Cuba within the last 2 yrs., will you pls PM me since I know this is supposed to be about Mexico but know there are a lot of seasoned travellers out there. TIA
  11. Willie

    Renewing Perm. Resident card

    When we were both on FM3s a long time ago (equivalent to temporal now), INM would come sometime every year to make sure you lived where you claimed to live....short interview and away they would go.
  12. Willie

    Lulu . Blue Moon

    Wow! I didn't think the current owner had done much to the place. It was always our "go to" place for lunch when we had visitors. B. Nothing like it around now...or we haven't found one....
  13. Willie

    Virginia Balon, Lovely Lady, R.I.P.

    I sat next to her once at LLT and she was a fascinating, lovely lady. RIP
  14. Willie

    Mexican car registration

    Spencer's office did it for us when we moved here from Sinaloa.....very painless!
  15. Willie

    Music records to CDs?

    These records are VERY old, some over 50 yrs....so not sure if copyright would be an issue..