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  1. We have used them to brace our house from sliding down the mountain, repairing deep cracks in walls, iron work, cement step repair and many other complicated projects. The price they have given us front has been the final price unless unforseen problems occurred. Workers arrive at 8:00 and leave at 6:00, no music, clean and courteous. We are very pleased with them and will continue to work with them.
  2. ibarra


    On the tool bar, click on ORDERS. Then click on that particular order. Indicate where it asks you what the problem is that you did not receive it. Then it will ask how you want to contact them, your best option in my opinion is to click on CHAT. That will allow you access to a PERSON. Then begin to explain to them what you have told us on this board. Also within this section, I believe phone numbers are listed where you can call someone, maybe not though. However, there is a place to contact the actual seller under ORDERS. Amazon will contact the seller for you, send you a copy of all correspondence quickly and probably give you some kind of credit as compensation for your trouble. At least that is what has happened to us in the past when we have had similar problems. Personal opinion also, dispute the charge through your bank so you are not charged interest if you are still paying on your card.
  3. ibarra

    Vehicle registration renewal

    bajandy, just sent you a pm.
  4. ibarra

    dog sitter

    yvonne_lauterbach@yahoo.com We highly recommend her or her roommate Scott.
  5. ibarra

    Car rims

    Maybe try asking a store that sells tires. You could also ask Oscar at Car City. Also, ask at the Goodyear place by Soriana.
  6. ibarra

    Rustico Furniture wanted

    Sorry. I posted my comment about being next to Mom's in error.
  7. ibarra

    Rustico Furniture wanted

    Isn't he next to Mom's?
  8. We have HDI through Parker and are covered in the U.S. for liability whatever State we drive in.
  9. More information about this in La Cocina.
  10. ibarra

    Social Security US

  11. ibarra

    Tlaquepaque, Jalisco News

  12. ibarra

    Bike Lane Completed

    I agree, the new sidewalks are a much needed improvement. However, for those of us that drive and want to shop at the stores or go to the restaurants, not so much of an improvement... half the parking spaces.
  13. We have a joint account at HSBC.
  14. ibarra

    Hotel feedback

    Access to the village is good from here. You will need to take a cab everywhere else if you don't have a car or, if you are unable to walk and get a bus. The setting is great. Food ok. Recommend Cocinart restaurant around the corner for lunches, 16 Septiembre. Hope you enjoy your stay with us!
  15. ibarra


    Her daughter Veronica Munoz handles most everything now. Monday and Tuesday 10-1