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  1. ibarra


    This is copied from an earlier post: Oscar in Chapala just north of Christina Park. We had, sofa, loveseat, recliner and seat cushions made... All excellent work... 765 2366 FYI - I did a search using the word "upholstery"
  2. We pay 200 per day for house sitter to stay and take care of our two dogs. Professional person with references not an employee of ours.
  3. She is back at Brisas de Chapala. I do not know how it happens, but twice The Ranch volunteers have come and picked her up only to have her return. She is hanging around the guard house if anyone is looking for her. Rumor has it that one of her puppies is near by and being fed by a Chapala Country Hotel worker. For more information about that, please speak with our guard at the guard house. Thank you for any assistance you can give this lost dog.
  4. ibarra


    Yes Ecologia handles this. Our fracc attorney knows the director and filed the complaint for us. The information I provided came from the Director of Ecologia.
  5. ibarra

    Pet Peaves

    Regarding Eric Blair's statement about scanned prices - yesterday I asked a clerk to check a price for me on the largest plastic plant pots that they have. The sticker price on the shelf was 499 which seemed very high. She used her scanner on the 499 label on the shelf and it read 389. So I took 3 up to the check out counter. The clerk scanned the stickers on each one pot (why not just scan one and take it times 3?) and the price was 199 on each label on each pot . So, there you go. How do you ever know what the price is until you get to the check out counter? Rhetorical, of course!
  6. ibarra


    Timing could not be better on your post. We had our monthly Board Mtg. for our fracc yesterday which is in Chapala. We have had dog problems with a couple of residents not following our Bylaws for a long, long time. We went to Ecologia and they are NOW serious about the dog problem in the Chapala area. I suggest if your problem bothers you enough that you go to their office and file a complaint. They will go to the homeowner and a fine them. They will do this two times. Photos will help you if you have them. If these fines are not paid, the third time they hand deliver a summons to appear in court. My wording may not be completely accurate, but I think you get the point.
  7. ibarra

    Allergy shots for wasp

    Quality Care is a pretty full service clinic in the area. I suggest you call or email them with your concerns about the injections that you require. Suggestion - since WideSky posted that you cannot get EpiPens here, perhaps you would like to address that with Quality Care also. 3767661870 E-mail: qcdoctors@gmail.com www.qcdoctors.org
  8. So sorry Eric for what you experienced and, for what you are going to have to deal with shortly. We feel it is harder than the loss of a human family member.
  9. ibarra

    Pet Peaves

    Thank you suegarn, my sentiments exactly!
  10. ibarra

    Pet Peaves

    Sometimes disabilities or "none of the above" are not visible, please keep that in mind.
  11. The dog is still in Brisas de Chapala, don't know what happened to the Ranch today. Our Administrator will have to contact them again in the morning.
  12. We have a new street sign in our fracc that needs to be painted then have the street name painted on it. It is not hung up at this point. Please provide sigb painter information. Thanks. I posted this in wrong section and do not know how to move it. HELP!
  13. I agree with earlyretirement. You can get an RFC number online yourself, assuming you have a CURP number, you may need help with Spanish though. Number is given to you immediately. https://www.siat.sat.gob.mx/PTSC/.
  14. Thank you ComputerGuy. The Ranch will come and pick her up this morning and put her in a big cage this time. Hopefully someone will see this post and go and get her or tell her owner about it.