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  1. Cross as early as possible. We found that if we got a red light, tell them in ENGLISH you live at Lake Chapala in Jalisco and everything is for your house. We listed everything but put a total at the end below the amount that you can legally bring in. If you have new items, put them in the car and keep the receipts with you. We always had receipts available that were below the legal limit so we did bot have to pay...ever.
  2. Guadalajara Driver License Office

    gringolokito - I am sending you a pm
  3. Guadalajara Driver License Office

    I am going to assume this is your first MX license, not a renewal. If that is the case, it would be beneficial to hire a facilitator.They will know all of the requirements. In most cases they can move you to the front of the lines, especially if you are over 60, guide you through test and generally make the whole day less stressful. Someone else can probably provide contact info for facilitators.
  4. Earthquake yesterday?

  5. Shopping for Doctors

    There are many previous posts about local doctor recommendations. Perhaps you can search through them and compile a list of those you may be interested in. Most will have websites you can use for further information. Just a thought...
  6. Cincy, Rafael Guzman speaks English , branch manager. 7661484 Of course, he may no longer be there.
  7. roof tiles (tejas?)

    I waited thinking someone with more current experience would reply, but they didn't. When we built our home a couple of years ago, Lopez Materials had the best price and delivery service locally. FYI -seal the tejas before installing them. We did not buy glazed.
  8. We have a difficult to find address. Have used Amazon for deliveries to our house lakeside for 10 years, almost always DHL, never had a problem.
  9. Anyone know of dermatologist?

    Google search results: https://doctor.cybo.com/m/MX-biz/uniderm-especialista-en-piel
  10. Permanente Status

    I agree wholeheartedly with Spencer. This may actually be the only immigration document you will ever need. There are many ways to experience the culture here. Messing up on a legal document, not having everything filled out correctly, etc., etc., then getting frustrated with the system, the language, the employees, isn't a good start to your new life in Mexico. Be wise, hire someone qualified, like Spencer for this process. Then relax and start enjoying paradise.

    Beautiful area, well maintained,gated, highly sought after area. Like Islander suggested, a vehicle really is preferable in this area. If you are physically fit you can walk and get a bus. However, it is a very busy, highly traveled high speed road that you need to consider. I see people walking all of the time though. So, there you have my opinion.
  12. Phone/Internet problems

    Ferret, sent you a pm.
  13. Thanks. I will go there soon.
  14. Phone/Internet problems

    Ok, thanks.