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  1. Rare Find at Mia's

    I think the highest price was 7000. Bargain!
  2. I was at Mia's yesterday and noticed that she had several men's and ladies Fort Grizzly Arizona leather jackets and vests for sale. These are very rare, and hard to find as they were each hand stitched, one of a kind pieces no longer made. Most jackets were custom orders, especially the men's jackets like the ones she has. I modeled for Grizzly at Western shows in Aspen, Vegas and at Copper Mountain. Actors, bikers and people from all over the world were buying and ordering his very unique pieces. I asked and the staff at Mia's have an original sales catalog to look at as well as a Cowboys and Indians magazine which features a full page ad of one of the ladies jackets that they are selling. Just thought I would let you know...
  3. question about obtaining RFC# online

    We contacted our Mexican lawyer lakeside who instructed us to answer "No" then select the country from the menu where we receive income. When you make an appointment and go to his office that is what he does to obtain an RFC number for foreigners. If we have CURP numbers it is obvious that we have some type of legal status in MX.
  4. Construction on the libriamento

    I believe curve repair on the libramiento about as much as I believe they will actually build the Chapala Adventure theme park as reported in the Guadalajara Reporter March 2016. We too wonder what construction will turn out to be. Everyone (usually) loves a mystery!
  5. Andouille sausage

    Lilifer Bakery on Colon near Ajijic plaza. He makes it. We buy it regularly.
  6. My question has always been, when and if the bike lane is completed, where will the businesses on that side load and unload? There are several glass stores, Mia's, restaurant's etc. Will they pull in and block off the bike lane? Or, will the lane be secure with posts so they can't do that? It will be very interesting to see what happens...besides more traffic congestion.
  7. Telmex

    Call the 800 number.
  8. https://gobiernoenlinea1.jalisco.gob.mx/vehicular/
  9. Expats Survey

    Survey completed.
  10. Are there any other websites like this one locally besides Facebook? If yes, please provide site info. Thanks.
  11. Handymail Rip Off

    Perhaps discussing a grievance with the owner would have been more beneficial than airing the problem on this board. As it now stands, there has possibly been defamation to a business without them having the benefit of justifying their actions.
  12. I just found this link, maybe it will help. http://www.retirementinajijic-chapala.com/drivers-license-renew-chapala-save-time/
  13. Lexy, you don't have to own a car to have a driver's license so your question about the sticker isn't relevant. No renewals in Chapala. Most of us go to Plaza Las Torres, 8 Julio and Lazaro Cardenas in GDL. Need originals and copy: current utility bill, curp #, permanente or temporal card, take your passport and a copy just in case, take your driver's license. If you have DIF or INAPAM card, make a copy of it too as you will receive 50% discount. There is a bank in the mall to pay the fee or you can pay at local bank before you go. Office on the 2nd floor, the guard will direct you to the proper line. I suggest you arrive when they open, 8 :30 I think, whole thing will take around an hour.
  14. Does anyone have a stylist that you know uses Matrix Socolor? If yes, please give me a name and contact information. Thank you.
  15. Plaza las Torres -8 Julio and Cardenas