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  1. Canada-Mike

    Upholstery guy?

    I also had issues with Las Vegas. Try Miguel, Oscar's son: ‭(331) 305-7307‬.
  2. Rick S is correct -- that's the bridge I followed. I knew something was wrong when I was three feet below eye level at the toll booth!
  3. Canada-Mike

    Permanente Needed

    Do use a lawyer.
  4. DO NOT follow signs to International Bridge - it is for trucks only.(As I learned the hard way.)
  5. Canada-Mike

    Austin bypass

    Just might do that, thanks.
  6. Canada-Mike

    Austin bypass

    Thanks, Mainecoons & Oatsie.
  7. Canada-Mike

    Austin bypass

    OK. I love the Netherlands and have spent time there. Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities. But, I use my GPS, and it doesn't always take the route I want. So, if it's not asking to much, could someone give me the info I want, preferably in English or Spanish.
  8. Canada-Mike

    Austin bypass

    Hi, I'm traveling north soon, and sometimes miss the Austin bypass. How can I be sure to catch it? Also, going south if it's not too much trouble. Cheers, Michael
  9. Canada-Mike

    Power outage in El Centro

    All fixed in Ajijic west.
  10. Canada-Mike

    Payment for Cleaning Lady

    I pay 60.
  11. Canada-Mike

    Travel help

  12. Canada-Mike

    Travel help

    My wife is driving back fro Puerto Vallarta to Chapala. I don't want her to miss the Guadalajara bypass. Please, what signs should she look for? Is it just CHAPALA or are there others. TIA
  13. Renting for one month is often difficult. February is extreme high season and most folks with empty houses to rent are looking for four or more. Therre are places here that rent efficiency apartments, and that might be a better choice.
  14. Canada-Mike

    How much do I pay my Cleaning Lady?

    OK. Since I what I wanted on the web, I wrote to my friend who is a linguist at a University in Michoacan. This was his response: Criada has a very bad bias. Like slavery. People being servants. Even living in the house most of the time. They are supposed to follow exact instructions without questioning. Criada refers to "criar" raise. Historically poor people gave their child to rich people to be raised (criados). In exchange, they were servants. Me again. This is why the term comes from the verb "criar" which means to raise. Sorry, but this is what happens when you're a philosophy professor (emeritus.)