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  1. How much do I pay my Cleaning Lady?

    OK. Since I what I wanted on the web, I wrote to my friend who is a linguist at a University in Michoacan. This was his response: Criada has a very bad bias. Like slavery. People being servants. Even living in the house most of the time. They are supposed to follow exact instructions without questioning. Criada refers to "criar" raise. Historically poor people gave their child to rich people to be raised (criados). In exchange, they were servants. Me again. This is why the term comes from the verb "criar" which means to raise. Sorry, but this is what happens when you're a philosophy professor (emeritus.)
  2. How much do I pay my Cleaning Lady?

    Sorry - been busy. I stand my my statement about criada, and accept the correction to limpia. And I would marry my maid, but she won't have me.
  3. How much do I pay my Cleaning Lady?

    First, "criada" is not used. It has connotations that are not nice. I use mia mujer que llave. Ipay her $550 per week. She's supposed to work 9 hours but always works a bit more than 10. It's also worth remembering that 10 pesos is c$0.68, so 50 is 3.40, or US$2.50.
  4. hi, There's a museum in Britain that wants to do an interview with me. For that, they need someone they described as follows. "We’re essentially looking for an audio professional who can record a ‘tape sync’ which essentially means they have a decent handheld recorder and a microphone, can record in .WAV format and are prepared to sit and record your voice – close up, in high quality - whilst we talk over the phone!" If anyone is or knows such a person, kindly PM me. Cheers, Michael
  5. Upholstery

    I also recommend Miguel. As he often doesn't answer his phone it's best to drop by.
  6. I have read that a good way to retrieve a lost cat is to place their litter box outside. Apparently they can smell it from great distances. If they are lost this can be a great help.
  7. I've used Lucas, (333) 495-8596. He did a large kitchen door, plus protección on the corners of my mirador. His work was fine, and actually pretty fast. I paid him P$3,000 but that also included converting my mirador doors into sliding doors.
  8. Groomer Warning

    And thanks to you,Julie, for taking it that way. Best of luck.
  9. Groomer Warning

    Oh, and the clumping was the least of it. It was the uneven trimming and the holes on each side and her top where there was almost no hair. The clumping I would have ignored.
  10. Groomer Warning

    I take it you never met one. They''re miraculous dogs. And, mine wasn't "bred," she was a love child. Moreover, I did not delete the OP on purpose, and have asked for it to be recovered. Goodness, but you have strong opinions. Given that there was nothing Julie could do to fix things, what would you have me do? Remember, she was recommended on a post, and I felt bound to respond to the recommendation in hopes others would not have a similar experience. I'd really like you to see my dog so you can understand properly.
  11. First, I apologize for inadvertently deleting the thread. I'm hoping it can be restored, but don't know. It happened while I was writing the following reply. __________________________________________________________ Hello, Julie, I posted here because I was quite angry. Yes, I told you what I wanted, and when the job was finished, because the dog was wet, I could not see the result. It never occurred to me that I would have to specify an even cut with all her hair the same length. There are patches on both her sides and her top that are markedly shorter than the rest of her. Your leaving her wet meant she could not get a final combing, resulting in clumping. Why did I not call you? What could you have done? Trim her down to her skin all over? The photo I sent you of how she looked after her last grooming is attached, as well as one after your job. I hope you can see. Photos with black dogs are tricky. Sorry if you think I overreacted, but I didn't see any point in talking with you and wanted other owners to be cautious. Had you said to me that you did not have much experience with dogs like her, this would never have happened. Cheers, Michael
  12. Learher Goods

    Agreed. I had a canvas courier bag that converts to a pack. I had him make me one in leather. Took a lot longer than he promised.
  13. Amazon.mx

    Will they accept Amazon deliveries?
  14. Dialing 844

    I keep about $15 in my Skype account, and can use it at a few cents a minute to call any 1-800.