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  1. This is really a fascinating topic. It is cutting edge and there are different opinions among doctors. We just watched a very informative docuseries on this very topic. There were several experts who have quite a bit of experience and have done much study. Insofar as the best source of stem cells, turns out there is a better source than the bone narrow. There are thousands (millions?--can't remember what they said exactly) more Mesenchymal stem cells in one's fatty tissue. The other advantages are (1)easier, less invasive to get from the body, and (2) not painful for the patient. I wish everyone could watch this as it so amazing. It fixes issues rather than manages them.
  2. Zeb


    Thanks! I just found it. I will call him.
  3. Are there any other options besides Telmex for that area?
  4. We would like recommendations on the best internet, phone, TV package if one lives in Chapala Haciendas. We don't rely on TV hardly, as we watch Neflix, however, the rest is important.
  5. Yes. Let's treat everyone as if guilty. The American way is what it has become.
  6. Don't do chemo!!! It does not cure. It harms. I have a really great resource to share for all pet owners. I don't know how many are aware of the cancer epidemic among animals. The good new is prevention and recovery are possible. We are causing these cancers without realizing it. Please check out https://go2.thetruthaboutcancer.com/pet-docuseries/replay/?a_aid=58af0cbe3fcf8&a_bid=7f0b626f&inf_contact_key=405007c5ae556d53c3e437b7abb1693557f925c162d441d30e286530c92ce6c7
  7. Thank you for posting this link.
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    What else can you tell me about Dr. Aceves? Is he no longer a GP? What is his specialty? What does he treat?
  9. Zeb


    I do appreciate everyone's comments and input here. Although the topic was Stem Cell Therapy, in this case, it is good that some have mentioned similar type treatments as it helps me become of aware of other potential options.
  10. I went to Banamex to pay an Immigration Fee. The teller informed me I needed a quenta (bill) in order to make the payment. The typed instructions I received from Immigration did not mention this. They told me to get the forms completed on line, then go pay and come back with my receipt. If someone has gone through this, please let me know how you got the quenta. There was no quenta available on line that I could see. Do I need to go back to Immigration to get that and then back again with the receipt?
  11. Zeb

    Permanente Needed

    Thanks for the validation Chapala Drone. I appreciate it. There is more than one way to become Permanente. I got all my info from Immigration and Spencer. I do not guess and do not pass on what "I think is right". It's not helpful to anyone. 1. You can go to a Consulate as stated above and go the Permanente route that way regardless of your spouse's status. 2. You can go through your spouse "Cambio de Condicion a Residente Temporal por Unidad Familar" in which case you can only get Temporal and no income requirements are needed. You can do this right here in Chapala. No need to leave Mexico. I have typed list of what is needed for this method directly from Immigration. If you want to go that route, I suggest, you get a print out. 3. After you have your Temporal, IF you have the qualifying income, you can then apply for Permanente without waiting and can do so in Chapala. It's a matter of your preference as to which route you wish to take.
  12. Procedure would be for multiple conditions, which may require injections in different areas. Tri-arthritis, bad knees, back and hips. I believe what we want is the Stem Cell Therapy, although we want whatever will work. From what I have read, that SCT is superior to the PRP.
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    Permanente Needed

    That is where I got my information.
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    Casa Linda

    I don't know where La Mission was.