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  1. Zeb

    Last Will

    Thank you for that reminder. I will put in on our calendar to do at that time.
  2. That I don't know. Perhaps someone on the forum can answer that. I only know how to get to a Costco via the Macro Libramento or Joco.
  3. For someone who may need those return directions: When you exit the Home Depot parking lot, head to your left. You will see a sign that says Chapala. Take that turn. Keep going and you will encounter two more signs where you will take a turn. The third sign will be a left turn and then you are back on Mx 23. Very easy as the return signage is good.
  4. Anyone have any recommendations for someone to install a chain link fence?
  5. I am interested in a handicapped placard for my housemate, same reason. Although, unlike the other lady,  mine uses a walker. She has no problem getting doctors letters, but anyone who sees her can see that she is severely handicapped.

  6. Zeb

    Last Will

    It is my understand the Notarios are the ones that prepare wills here and also specialize in real estate. Is the Notario a better choice than having an attorney do this? Also, what about an executor? Suppose you don't have anyone to do this? Is the best option to get an attorney to act as the Executor?
  7. Zeb

    Pet Peaves

    I understand your feelings on this. I feel that way sometimes when I see people with handicapped stickers on their cars. However, I must say this. I can remember a time when I was in a lot of pain and none of it was visible and some guy in the parking lot at the grocery store in Texas got on my case calling me lazy because I failed to return the cart. I just left it in the parking lot for the attendants to pick it up. I was really suffering back then and walking was painful, so it wasn't laziness. I was just miserable. I remember that when I start feeling judgmental, although I do think you have a point.
  8. I forgot to ask! Need directions for the way back!
  9. Zeb

    Pet Peaves

    About that, sometimes a person doesn't look disabled, but is. You don't know what they are feeling and they could really be in pain.
  10. We had this problem when we lived in Texas. Got traps from one of the shelters. If the vets won't kill them, as mentioned by another poster, they can be sterilized and released. Sometimes you can get one to do it at no cost or a very low neutering fee due to the circumstances.
  11. Zeb

    Chapala Hacienda 2

    I happen to have the HOA rules and looked. Garbage is collected Tuesday and Saturday and grass cuttings on Wednesday.
  12. The treatment is not as established as other things with which the population has more information and to which they are accustomed. Texas has now passed a law to allow the storage of one's own cells. This is covered a bit in the Docu-series I mentioned. As in anything, there is resistance and fear of the unfamiliar. I do know people who have personally been really helped with this. This is not something about which you can ask your doctor as the just don't much about it. It is a specialty and there are quite a few physician interviews in that series who are familiar with it.
  13. No. Click on my name and it will take you to a different screen and you will see an icon to help you send me a private message.