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  1. DO YOU RECOGNIZE ME???? If so, please email Linda Hines at Rudiselj@yahoo.com. This is a picture of a dog that was rescued in front of Lucky Dog. It had a broken / chewed lease around her neck and was walking in the road. She had two near misses with cars and then two nice young men threw her in the back of their truck and brought her to LD's door. She is in really good health and rode in the car and was a trooper at the vet. She must be a lost dog.
  2. Lucky Dog's Pet Palooza was a huge success! Elvis was adopted to a lovely family. The other lucky dogs got hugged and improved their socialization skills. People asked about volunteering and made donations. What a great event it was! Thanks to Barbara for coordinating everything!!
  3. Be sure to mark your calendars to visit Lucky Dog's Pet Palooza! It is always a fun outing!
  4. If you would like to order one or more of the ovitraps for yourself or your maid or gardener's families, you can send an order to nancyb1123@hotmail.com The Token Store in San Juan Cosala has taken on another project, and this one is quite a big one. Last year, San Juan Cosala had a large number of cases of dengue fever. Ovitraps, can be considered as "birth control for mosquitoes" and has been used with great success by the U.S. military in areas where malaria is a serious problem. I have experimented with several materials and have a simple-to-make and inexpensive prototype. We are working with Lola, the Delegata of San Juan, and physicians from the clinic to get these ovitraps into the households. We will be training residents of the town to make them. The actual cost to make one is about 20 pesos, and Lola feels that most people in the town can afford that. We will, however, need to pay the trained locals who make them a small amount for each. So we are hoping for sales of these to the Expat community for 50 pesos each, which would help pay the people to make them and to provide free ones to the sick, elderly, disabled, etc. of the town, for which even 20 pesos would be a hardship. We would also be happy to take donations to be able to provide them to these needy locals. I have attached a picture of one, and this is how it works. Mosquitoes prefer to lay their eggs on or near stagnant water. They will, of course, lay them on fresh rainfall, but if given a choice, they will look for stagnant water (the yuckier the better). Mosquitoes are also attracted to dark colors. A man's sock, (black and thick is best) is siliconed to the bottom of a yogurt or large cottage cheese plastic container. Holes are made for the wire for hanging the trap, and a larger overflow hole is placed about 20% down from the top. The trap will come with a few pieces of dog food in the bottom, which when water is added, in a few days will create yucky water. The water is wicked up by the sock. The mosquitoes will lay their eggs on the rim of the container. When the larvae develop, they will crawl and drop through the small-holed metal screen on the top as they are seeking the water. When the larvae mature into mosquitoes, they are too big to get back out through the screen. A plastic screen is glued over the overflow hole to keep them from exiting by that route. The top screen can be occasionally taken off to remove dead mosquitoes. The process takes about 6 weeks to be fully effective and it is supposed to eliminate 98% of the mosquitoes. About 4-6 ovitraps are needed for an acre of land, so each household in San Juan Cosala would need only one. These are now available to anyone at lakeside for 50 pesos.
  5. Companions & Compassion will be giving free rabies vaccinations and worming in San Cristobal on the dates in the poster. If you know of villagers in San Cristobal, please pass the word. We will also be giving the rabies vaccinations to street dogs.
  6. Join us for a fun afternoon of Mexican Train at Yves Restaurant! All proceeds will go to Companions & Compassion to be used to sterilize pets of Mexican villagers and street dogs. It should be a fun affair! See poster below for details.
  7. If you are interested in doing Village Outreach for Operation Compassion's spay/neuter clinics for the pets of villagers and street dogs, please email Linda Hines at: Rudiselj@yahoo.com. See poster below for details. You'll find the work very rewarding!
  8. Is there a way to remove the posts now?
  9. Click on link below to see short slideshow of the darling village kids. It will make your heart soar. https://spark.adobe.com/page/XreaV5KRTR3pG/
  10. Don't miss Lucky Dog's Puppypalooza on the Ajijic Malecon! Get your dose of loving from all the puppies on Crybaby Lane. They are absolutely adorable and so much fun! It will put a smile on your face!
  11. The Moringa Madre Project has been a very successful program of Operation Feed. The Madres are at the Ajijic tianguis every Wednesday selling Moringa products. Drop by and buy Moringa tea leaves, powder, and capsules. They even have t-shirts and cosmetics made with Moringa for sale. Hope to see you there!
  12. Please visit our Token Store website to read about a new coffee house coming to San Juan Cosala! There are many details to work out and a lot of hard work ahead but the ladies of SJC hope to open sometime this summer. We hope to see you soon and we will keep you posted for the grand opening. Nancy Brown, Nora Miller & Jonnie Harker http://magicaltokenstore.weebly.com/
  13. April 28th at Viva Mexico starting at 5pm. Tickets are available at Mia's and Diane Pearl's. Hope you can come!