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  1. barrbower

    just sold my home up in usa..

    Cedros, It depends on your bank. I had to fly to San Antonio and do the transfer in person. Things are changing rapidly and never seem to get easier.
  2. I've only had a couple of traffic stops (for legit reasons) and was treated nicely on both occasions. Was not asked for bribe and I didn't offer one. Didn't get a ticket either. If I ever do get a ticket, I will pay it since I'm sure I have broken so many traffic laws by now that I'd feel like it was finally my karma to get a ticket. Back in 1972, I did bribe two Federales to avoid being deported. That cost me sixteen dollars, two beers, and is another story... Alan
  3. barrbower

    just sold my home up in usa..

    If you plan to buy a home here with part of your proceeds from sale in USA, you will probably be doing a trip back north to arrange the transfer. We had to do it that way and several others I've talked to lately had to also. You can go to any branch of your bank in any US city but it had to be in person. Your real estate agent will provide the info and numbers you need to make the transfer work. Contact your bank ahead of time to see what their policy is. Otherwise, leave almost all of your money in US bank and use a debit card at an ATM. Before you leave the US, have your bank raise your withdrawal limit to whatever you think is reasonable. It needs to be higher here because you will be using a lot more cash than you were used to back home. Alan
  4. barrbower

    Ajijic to Guadalajara RT bus questions

    All the buses from here go to the old bus station. You don't have to tell them which terminal you want as you have no choice. Walk out the exit and take a cab which will probably only be about 50 pesos. Do the next leg of your trip by cab the same way...just flag one down and give him the address. Cab back to the old bus station by telling the cab driver bus station for Chapala. He'll know which one that is. There are still lots of local buses running around in Guad but you would have to change bus lines several times and they are slow and crowded. In addition, if you don't know where it runs you could spend a lifetime trying to figure it out. Just take cabs once you get into town. Alan
  5. barrbower

    AMLO Again

    So, Pappy, A poor person who develops diabetes due to making poor health choices, or a young farmer who develops cancer due to long term exposure to chemicals he chose to use, or a construction worker who chooses to work on a roof and falls off doesn't deserve help from any taxpayer even though those folks might not make enough to buy insurance. Even with insurance, there could be long term effects to deal with that are beyond that individual' ability to sustain himself. Is there going to be a death panel that decides who deserves to get help? Is that your job? Some addictions to alcohol, pain meds, and other drugs are the results of genetics, depression, over-prescribing by doctors, etc. Don't make uninformed statements that are based on your own personal bias. It is a complicated issue that requires more than a "Trump like" knee jerk response. Alan
  6. barrbower

    AMLO Again

    In answer to lakeside7's question...as long as there are political parties...and that is more true than ever in the US as well. We all just keep tolerating and getting the government we deserve. Alan
  7. About two years ago a local bus passed traffic in La Floresta using the ciclopista and going about 60kph. I wrote down the bus number and made note of time and location and then drove to Chapala and asked around at the terminal area until I found a tie wearing supervisor and I read him the riot act. After I explained that two young folks were forced to hop off their bikes and grab the curb to avoid the speeding bus, he assured me steps would be taken. He seemed sincere but who knows? I haven't seen a bus do it since and I felt better for having pursued it. I see folks break laws daily right in front of cops and transitos and they don't seem to care any more than the drivers who break the laws. When I explained to the supervisor that if a driver killed or injured somebody it would be the company which would be in trouble and not the driver (who would probably run away) that seemed to have a little more impact. Good luck, Alan
  8. We love it here but having just returned from a week long trip to Mexico City (cento historico and Coyoacan) I can say that Guadalajara and the Lake Chapala areas are not nearly as clean or well maintained. We never saw dog poop on a sidewalk but saw plenty of hard working folks sweeping the streets. Never saw anybody throwing their trash on the streets either. The roads were in much better condition than here also. Chilangos tend to look down on Tapatios and not, I think, just because CDMX is six times bigger than Guad. They tend to see Guad as provincial in a lot of social ways including how they take care of their own city and each other. By the way, the sky was blue and their brown cloud was not as bad as Guad's either. No place is perfect but this area is home for us and we would like to see it improve in a few ways that seem achieveable if you look at what other areas have done...even Mexico City which has made great strides in the face of much bigger challenges. Alan
  9. I think the original question is about being targeted because of your US plated vehicle. I think anybody who would target you for being a gringo is going to know that without being aware of your car tags. If your concern is about being bothered by cops for mordidas because of the tags...well, I think that could happen anywhere in Mexico. We just recently drove over with some friends and had a safe trip and a good time. Lots of tourists, very friendly locals, lots of shopping. I'm pretty sure we stood out like a small group of "sore thumbs" even without US plates on our car. We walked around at night and drove on some back roads and never had a problem. Everybody has to weigh the risks in life no matter where you go. Many of your friend and family back "home" probably think you are crazy for even being in Mexico! Alan
  10. Do residentes permanentes need to show US passports to clear security or board planes or will the permanente green card work OK? Rather not carry passport if it isn't needed. Alan
  11. The pool shop east of Superlake does not carry the bulbs and their filter prices are way higher than other places...I was just there. Alan
  12. Across from Telmex is a store called Mundo del Agua which has the filters and the UV lamps and they have the best prices in town that I've found. Alan
  13. barrbower

    Phone still down in Riberas

    Our phone has been out since Saturday also. Internet still OK. I was told today at Telmex the outage is due to the CFE power outage and resulting surge when re-established power went through some Telmex equipment. Truth? Who knows? But between these two masters of infrastructure and customer service, I'm sure it will all be resolved promptly... Alan
  14. barrbower

    Lawn Mower Mechanic

    Very few gas mowers need actual repair. If there is an engine problem you are probably better off replacing it. Most mowers just need a few basic things done every year or two depending on how much mowing they actually have done. They need a new filter, a new spark plug, the oil changed, and the blade sharpened. Be sure to check the freshness of the fuel. If it smells like varnish then that is what it is and should be dumped. That's it. Don't let the traveling sharpening guy with the whistle "sharpen" anything...ever. Take out the old plug and filter and take with you to buy ones that match. Most gardeners know very little about basic repairs so maybe the repair shop could change the oil and sharpen the blade for you. Alan
  15. For frame of reference only...2016 stats for the "safer" USA...these are totals for one year only. No place is perfectly safe nor perfect in any way. bank robberies-5,110 reported forcible rapes-96,000 armed robberies-305,000 burglaries-3,700,000 violent crimes during robbery-267,000 car thefts-753,000 murders-17,250 child abuse referrals to protection agencies-6,600,000 Alan