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  1. Waffle House

    Tapatios seem to really love it and find the prices in line. Never has been an extranjeros hangout. Have you tried across the road at Fonda Doña Lola? Same ambience from the noisy trucks and, depending on the time, entertainment presents itself. It's a cultural employment thing IMO.
  2. Heard that La Mision restaurant has been sold?

    Loved Villa del Arte, even won a picture at their giveaway draw. Went back only once but they hadn't the kinks worn out yet.
  3. Beach vs Ajijic

    The OP is talking about winter residence not year-round just 5 or 6 months. Most of the responses seem to miss that and respond to year round living. If I was a part-timer I'd select beach living in a heartbeat for the winter months over Ajijic. Many people here have, in fact, beach residences. Escondido too expensive for me but tons of alternatives. Only caveat I'd have is to avoid any beach town with huge numbers of tourists.
  4. DIF Cards

    I was under the impression DIF cards were a thing of the past and that INAPAM is the one to have. Always have been problems with no blank cards, including INAPAM. I seem to remember it took months for them to get new cards so I asked for their phone number and called until they were in then hurried down on the Thursday , then the only day for cards, and had no problems. Don't take any of these delays personally, it's just the way it is.
  5. Seems to me the big peso tank was in 1994. Shortly after the NAFTA agreement.
  6. Interesting as this may or may not be, "This board is for people with interest in the Lakeside area and in moving to Mexico." or so I thought. Just sayin'
  7. Has anyone had success this week obtaining the red handled Premium Gas at the Pemex in West Ajijic this week. If I drive to Pemex West anymore to find out I'll run out all together. Libramiento out as well. There was some available in central Ajijic but I prefer not to go there.
  8. Superlake report

    It's really a small store. Stocked to the utmost but just not enough room for what I was used to at Superlake. It's smaller and less stocked than my local abarrotes but of course with more product from EU. Yes jammed with extranjeros and little room for more than 2 people in an aisle. But parking was ok although some of it was a tad thoughtless using the street and Pemex in which to leave cars. Just my observations.
  9. Snow situation at the Colima volcanoes?

    I have a photo from yesterday, Tuesday, and no snow. Not even a hint. Don't know how to upload it or I'd post.
  10. Spanish Teacher

    Tried your email a week or more ago but you didn't reply. Has your information changed?
  11. Uber Taxi

    Seems to me Uber App only downloads to iPhone and some, not all, androids.
  12. Doctor recommendations needed

    As a G.P. I would suggest Dr Lawrence Whitehurst. He's retired Military. Located in La Floresta. We have tried most all the others and find him preferable. Dr. Haro, from Maryland University I believe, in Riberas for dental work. IMO you will get much feed back based on price. I don't put a price on health and so don't factor such into the equation. Too this is my opinion from only a dozen years here. I have no experience with opthalmologists.
  13. Consignment store trolling

    Is anyone familiar with Bazar Firmato Cardenas located in Riberas? The cell number I have, 331-350-6229, is not a consignment shop.
  14. RequestingReviews on Jetomate next to Ancla

    Jetomate on Pizza....... they start of with an interesting sourdough crust, highly enjoyable. Then they ruin it by putting large clumps of tomato sauce on top. They have a green sauce but the similarity with chimichuri ends because this rather pungent odor concoction leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. Price of Pizza was 180 pesos for about 1/2 to 3/4 of the size of Valencia's. Valencia, when it's on it's, far surpassing Jetomate's. Unfortunately Valencia is not consistent. Staff here at Jetomate was very pleasant and we would go back to try the fettucine Rick describes. Not really a fan of trucks passing by spuming diesel odors.
  15. Taxes on Rental Income

    How many renters care about this? Quick to look for deals are renters going to absorb these taxes? Because you can be very sure a landlord is not going to continue renting a home if there is a diminishing return on investment. My money says renters won't be quite so demanding if they can get a deal.