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  1. el bartman

    Fido in Restaurants

    Here's the deal - if I have my dog lying quietly on the ground and outside the restaurant disturbing no one and you don't like it - move me
  2. el bartman

    Where to buy matchstick roll-up blinds?

    WALMART has always had them, at least in the past.
  3. el bartman

    Induction Range

    I'd pose your question to the folks at Tio Sam's. They can tell you how many they've sold locally and maybe put you in touch with the buyers so you can glean their opinions. I think induction is the future.
  4. el bartman

    just sold my home up in usa..

    Don't know about cashing but I had no problem depositing one into my Lloyd's account yesterday. I maintain a US dollar account and a peso account which can be played back and forth if you're into money market concepts. That said I would suggest to the op that he talk to the various banks in town - multiva, intracam and actinver would be my choices and even an account in each to take advantage of things like debit cards as well as not to keep your eggs in one basket.
  5. el bartman

    Looking for Architect Builder

    Rudy is good and for a comparison try Roberto Millan whose office is/was on Colon in Ajijic.
  6. el bartman

    Exterior security door

    When kicking in a door the area that gives is where the screws to the lock attach. Easily addressed by using long long screws and into a steel rather than a wooden frame.
  7. el bartman

    Canadian Driving Mexican car into Canada

    The Border Crossing is, I believe, Customs and Immigration not the Canadian version of IRS. So yes, you can bring the car in stating yourself a resident of Mexico. You are not putting Canadian tags on it so you're not importing it. Your not a Canadian resident so you're not importing it. Since you are working in Canada are you paying taxes on that money in Mexico? Yes 15 percent to Canada at source but you can get that back after verifying payment in Mexico. Now if you are trying to skirt around paying taxes you just may end up in serious trouble. I would suggest you hire an attorney in Canada competent in this field. I sure wouldn't be asking anyone on this board these technical questions because laws change and Revenue Canada will certainly want to screw you if possible.
  8. el bartman

    Cost of plates for golf cart?

    Yeah Joco, I too miss the old rooster at LCS - thing maybe the chickens got replaced by Turkey's?
  9. el bartman

    Mexican Driver's licence

    and she charged how much?
  10. el bartman

    domestic air travel documents

    I have never carried a passport for air travel within Mexico. Have flown on many, many occasions. I have always shown just my Jalisco Driver's License like nolajoe. If worried you permanente is fine as well or in addition to.
  11. Andrea Canon Preciado, Abogado. If you phone SandS Auto they can give you her number as she's located at the front of their offices. They might even be able to transfer you.
  12. el bartman

    M & J Pizza's New Location

    and the prognosis for the opening date????
  13. Don't know if still there but Dr. Anna working out of Dr. Leons offices. Also Mike Eager's daughter is a nutritionist, you could ask at Nuevo Posada
  14. el bartman

    M & J Pizza's New Location

    Great location with decent parking. Perry's business picked up 10 fold when he got out of the garage in the village. I absolutely hate driving into the village and think Joyfull and Gringal are spot on.
  15. el bartman

    Made to measure charro clothing.

    I believe there is a large store in Chapala. Apparently it is just north of the bus depot on the west side of Madero.