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  1. La Manzanilla and alternatives

    Kevin K - I'm sure you're mother-in-law is not a huge fan of bodysurfing. If you want something with a bit of class and nearby nightlife my recommendation is The Grand Bay Hotel in Barra de Navidad. Second choice might be Karmina Palace in Manzanillo.
  2. Check in procedure at airport?

    In the past I've done that. 'Twas a pain in the behind to locate it in Mexico so I filled out my departure info as the flight from Mexico, not GDL, but had it stamped here in Guadalajara. Never had a problem and was never challenged on it. Of course on the return flight I'd put the flight into Mexico City as it was point of entry. Hey, give it a shot, all they can say is no and then you can do it in Mexico.
  3. Proof of Address

    What Yo1 says is what I believe to be right. I would add to that the requirement to bring a copy of your lease which shows the address and yours as a tenant; then the CFE or Telmex bill confirms the address. That chain should bring you success.
  4. Proposed bike path extension

    "there would be plenty of room for cars and bikes and people" --- and don't forget Golf Carts
  5. Speeding and drunk driving controls

    Great to hear the Police are going after DUI's. If you ever had a friend or relative killed by these incapacitated inconsiderate killers then you too would have a zero tolerance policy.
  6. Burglaries

    Arroyo wrote: Do you think having a safe in the house is a deterrent against theft, say, assuming it is a large one that might be a little hard to remove, as opposed to one just screwed in to the wall. What are burglars looking for. I would suggest that if you have a safe, that is a temptation for them, thinking there could be money in it or jewelry, as opposed to just important papers like escrituros, wills, facturas, etc. Are they really just looking for things they can easily carry away, such as TVs, computers, ipads, cell phones, and jewelry left lying about. As you know break and enter crimes are performed in a myriad of ways. Some steal only on a cash and carry basis – anything easily portable and convertible to cash, others go for larger items and have the equipment in which to transport it. Crooks come in all ages and all sexes and perhaps the modus operandi could be cross linked, albeit generalized, to age. And do not forget your maid. Maids are great kleptos of jewelry and all things portable. My suggestion is make your decisions on a few generalities. One crooks like quiet. So a noisy alarm can do wonders if set up so its not easily disabled. Crooks like to be in and out quickly. So by all means get a small safe and bolt it to the wall. Do that as a diversion. They do work well at keeping a maid or other workers sticky fingers from stealing the family jewels. Don’t keep anything more than a few sheckles inside and a few irrelevant papers. Hopefully while they waste time removing the safe they won’t have time to pilfer your valuables. Do not keep cash in the freezer, first place they look. If you have a small room or pantry with one door access I think a great idea to build a steel wrought iron ornate door with three locks, top middle and bottom, that opens out. Your ironworker can make it hard to get into. Put in an alarm switch on it like you can with a car. Sure it can be opened but it takes time and special tools. The reality is, anything can be broken into given the expertise and desire of the perpetrator. Time and noise are your friends in this equation.
  7. If you could turn back time

    Absolutely - would have done it sooner.
  8. local Uber

    There are plenty of local drivers but it seems to me they take advantage of my gringo dollar. I think it unlikely that they bear the fees and taxes which burden the local licensed cab drivers yet their airport fee equals or exceeds that charged by the yellow cabs. I too anxiously await Uber locally. I use them now from the airport and pay around 250 pesos, say 300 with the tip. I think that's the true value and it keeps my longtime retirement pesos relatively happy. Of course for those still active in the work place and receiving current us dollars to convert to pesos its not a big deal; but it is to me.
  9. Need a car rental

    I have used S/S Auto. I know their cars are in great shape and that they are legally insured and up to date on any requirements be it government, mechanical or otherwise. If I have a problem one call to S/S and its promptly addressed. There may be cheaper places but I want the peace and comfort of knowing my behind is covered.
  10. Ministerio Publico

    Well Maggiesmom the first two responders answered your question. The others seemed to fault the police for not catching the perps. I am not sure how they are informed as to the success rate but I do know that the rate for apprehension of Break-and-Enter perps is less than 10 percent in the rest of the democratic world. There are great reasons to report. Statistics lead to more police interest and insurance companies demand it.
  11. Too often people speculate a crime has been committed, how it was committed, exaggerate, label it as something more heinous than it is. There is a lot of misinformation that should never appear in print.
  12. calazone pizza

    I like La Toscana as well. Still on the menu. Restaurant located next door to Johanna's.
  13. Great to know BUT - I can't get it to accept local postal code. If I plug in a US postal code it works fine. Leads me to believe it's simply the US site in Spanish.
  14. More airport problems

    Depends if you can download your boarding pass on line and no bags to check. 1 hour that way 2 for domestic or international going to a check-in.