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  1. Spanish Teacher

    Tried your email a week or more ago but you didn't reply. Has your information changed?
  2. Uber Taxi

    Seems to me Uber App only downloads to iPhone and some, not all, androids.
  3. Doctor recommendations needed

    As a G.P. I would suggest Dr Lawrence Whitehurst. He's retired Military. Located in La Floresta. We have tried most all the others and find him preferable. Dr. Haro, from Maryland University I believe, in Riberas for dental work. IMO you will get much feed back based on price. I don't put a price on health and so don't factor such into the equation. Too this is my opinion from only a dozen years here. I have no experience with opthalmologists.
  4. Consignment store trolling

    Is anyone familiar with Bazar Firmato Cardenas located in Riberas? The cell number I have, 331-350-6229, is not a consignment shop.
  5. RequestingReviews on Jetomate next to Ancla

    Jetomate on Pizza....... they start of with an interesting sourdough crust, highly enjoyable. Then they ruin it by putting large clumps of tomato sauce on top. They have a green sauce but the similarity with chimichuri ends because this rather pungent odor concoction leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. Price of Pizza was 180 pesos for about 1/2 to 3/4 of the size of Valencia's. Valencia, when it's on it's, far surpassing Jetomate's. Unfortunately Valencia is not consistent. Staff here at Jetomate was very pleasant and we would go back to try the fettucine Rick describes. Not really a fan of trucks passing by spuming diesel odors.
  6. Taxes on Rental Income

    How many renters care about this? Quick to look for deals are renters going to absorb these taxes? Because you can be very sure a landlord is not going to continue renting a home if there is a diminishing return on investment. My money says renters won't be quite so demanding if they can get a deal.
  7. Geezer, my question, directed at 12 Oaks was: Who was your driver who doesn't want to do it anymore? The ops driver would be someone I'd avoid. But your answer was who to use. I don't happen to share your enthusiasm for the Miramontes but was suggesting a taxi, namely a yellow cab, was not someone I'd trust for an early pickup. Which is why I said, albeit to 12 Oaks, I use a driver named Cesar. I have also used Manu and like him too as cstone has recommended. And I am not knocking the Miramontes conglomerate they are certainly an option as well.
  8. Who was your driver who doesn't want to do it anymore? I don't have a lot of confidence that a taxi would show up at the time required to go for an early morning flight. I use a driver named Caesar but for the life of me can't find his number for you. If I take my car I use off site parking after taking the retorno to be heading back in the direction of Chapala.
  9. ÜBER

    Not that anyone cares but I think competition brings prices down whereas monopolies, like yellow cab was and airport taxes are, drives them up. Uber’s business model suggest Lyft, a similar service, will keep prices competitive. To forecast the future I feel it would be necessary to impact the future of autonomous vehicles and proprietary patents held by Uber and Lyft in that acre. Too, I like that background checks are used for drivers which goes a long way for the end user, us. Obviously these companies are breaking new ground and fraught with challenges but so were startups like Dell Computer etc. Personally I’d make my investment with Uber and Lyft before considering Yellow Cab. As for the drivers, the claim is they are making close to 10,000 pesos a week on average. I use Uber quite a bit in Mexico City and have never met a driver who’s regretted his decision to go Uber. Thus I would predict Yellow Cab going out of business before Uber. One caveat - unless of course Yellow Cab adjusts their business model.
  10. Ajijic/Chapala subdivisions

    My advice - your lack of knowledge of the area will impede your decision making ability. In your position I would pick something in Upper La Floresta. Might be tight on an 1100 dollar budget but probably doable.
  11. ÜBER

    I tip cash to the Uber driver always because I think it's the right thing to do. I tip shuttle drivers from a hotel to or from the airport. i can't fathom someone not tipping for these low fares.
  12. Antonio Leal, south side carretera just east of Colon -- Garage Door Automatic people
  13. Mechanic

    Need to have a back up camera as well as a lane assist unit installed. Anyone you've had experience with preferably in Ajijic? thanks
  14. La Manzanilla and alternatives

    Kevin K - I'm sure you're mother-in-law is not a huge fan of bodysurfing. If you want something with a bit of class and nearby nightlife my recommendation is The Grand Bay Hotel in Barra de Navidad. Second choice might be Karmina Palace in Manzanillo.
  15. Check in procedure at airport?

    In the past I've done that. 'Twas a pain in the behind to locate it in Mexico so I filled out my departure info as the flight from Mexico, not GDL, but had it stamped here in Guadalajara. Never had a problem and was never challenged on it. Of course on the return flight I'd put the flight into Mexico City as it was point of entry. Hey, give it a shot, all they can say is no and then you can do it in Mexico.