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  1. the "antiques' guy by the tuesday market has had stuff for a year without sales. FYI
  2. HarryB

    Cafe Montana, Chula Vista

    I didnt think much of the food.Wife goes back with friends because it looks girly not to eat.
  3. HarryB

    Looking for Architect Builder

    look at houses they designed/ built ten years ago. How do they look? I can tell you Rudy's look brand new ! Others not such a good experience.
  4. HarryB

    Looking for Architect Builder

    Rudy has worked for us for years. He takes your ideas and improves on them with artistic suggestions that always make the project WOW!
  5. HarryB

    Luau Party

    I see both of them. Yaall come!
  6. HarryB

    Luau Party

    Isee two copies of it on the screen?
  7. HarryB

    Southern Sisters Restaurant

    cheese grits had a slice of processed cheese food on top?
  8. HarryB

    M & J Royal Pizza

    went by last night and saw lots of cars.
  9. I've had a half dozen places work on my 79 MGB AC to no avail. The new boys in town (across from Multiva Bank in Ajijic) basically rebuilt from fan to cabin - a full days work. They fixed others mistakes and showed us the parts to prove it and charged me less then the guy who comes to Beto's Garage (near Super Lake) did for a half hours work. 90 day warranty too.
  10. I believe you are going to need a notarized authorization from both parents. Others know more, perhaps copies of birth certificates listing parents. If no one responds check with the airline. Perhaps Spencer could help.
  11. tuesdays---special two for one menu tuesdays, wednesdays, fridays, and saturdays music 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. fridays ---welcome margarita for large parties we provide valet parking just make request with your reservation 766-0061 for reservations, 57 Ocampo Ajijic
  12. Rudy is the most honest/quality contractor I have ever met!
  13. HarryB

    Cost of plates for golf cart?

    Gordo ( State Transito cop) has been banished to state roads only. He's not likely to be in any of the village streets. However, if he speaks to any of the municipal transitos, they could jump on the gravy train.
  14. HarryB


    six shots= new gun or just drunk