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  1. Most recent Mexico Earthquakes

    Chapala Sunrise Rotary has connected with Mexico City Rotary and will be sending a truck to them next week . Supplies are being collected at Manix restaurant on Ocampo in Ajijic. If you want to help this could be an easy way. Water, paper products, canned goods that don't need to be cooked, and blankets.
  2. Kitchen Remodel

    Ajijic Granite is Rudy Renteria who has done our remodeling work for many years. Highly recommend - very creative ideas and many examples of completed work with happy customers.
  3. Physiotherapy recommendation

    Jorge is the best!
  4. Chiles En Nogada....Who's Got Them and How Are They?

    Just finished at Manix - start with shrimp gazpacho, then chile stuffed with pork/chicken/or beef, fruit and nuts with homemade Flan for dessert WOW
  5. Taxes on Rental Income

    I've seen municipal employees noting for rent signs tax avoiders beware.
  6. yes of course only 30 years this month!
  7. Well we have gotten some good guidance and made some decisions Here, kindergarden is three years ages 3 - 5. We are planning to start with 4 year olds. We will be looking for teams of three volunteers. Classes will get 1/2 hour three times a week. Teacher and a parent must be in the room at all times. We are hoping a parent will run parallel classes for parents in the evening or weekend. LCS is on the verge of signing a contract with University of Guadalajara, but, there are no details at this time. We are assuming they will be working with older kids. There are tons of materials on the internet and video on you tube. We are looking for a kindergarten teacher or curriculum person to work with us on a basic curriculum.
  8. RequestingReviews on Jetomate next to Ancla

    The Italians La taverna, San Antonio and Toscano, Ajijic
  9. High ceilings (12 ft.), gigantic doors/ windows n-s for cross ventilation, southern exposure, no windows east/west. Windows/ doors need awnings - we had a chair covered in maroon fabric. It was in the sun and soon pink. That's how strong the sun is here. You DO NOT want direct sunlight in your house. Skylights are nice - only if shaded somehow. South side terrace / patio good for entertaining. Nice to have a shade option.Sun again Heat/ac not needed if doors and windows are tight - very important. Room fans essential
  10. Pork Chop White Fish in wine sauce B.B.Q. Ribs Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken Beef or chicken Shish Kabob all served with Mac and cheese and steamed veggies Mac and Cheese with steamed veggies and salad All for 2 for 180 Not including drinks and gratuities reservations 766-0061 or 3310650725 free parking on site - Ocampo #57, Ajijic
  11. 4 o'clock dinner specials

    Manix is doing a 2 for 1 special menu all day on tuesday ; to celebrate their 30th anniversary. We went this week. Chris had pork loin that she brought half home, HOT real mashed potato with gravy and steamed vegys. I had chicken piccata simmerly served; 2 for price 180. The menu changes weekly has meat, chicken, fish, pasta. All bases covered.
  12. Need Basil

    Try one of the viveros and get a plant! I know the vivero in San Juan Cosala has plants.

    Chapala Rotary has been helping them, income from the second hand shop and their sales of completed projects.
  14. This would be a maiden effort for the state to bring english into the elementary schools. They'll approve it , but, not financially support it; because they can't afford to do it for the entire state. Same reason they'll provide us a dentist, but, not pay for anything beyond basic services. Thankfully, Chapala Rotary is helping out with dental materials..
  15. This isn't my field. Hopefully, we will get volunteers able to answer that.