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  1. Bad water oder

    I have 1 paper filter after tinaco.
  2. Bad water oder

    neighbors say not. smells a bit sulfuric. just cleaned a month ago. car sits on top of aljibe. waiting to see if the chloro works. thanks, I will keep you informed.
  3. Has anyone taken a bus from Guadalajara to Phoenix That you could share information on? Thanks
  4. Bad water oder

    I put them in my tinaco. (sp?) I will put some in the aljibe.
  5. Bad water oder

    I am in San Antonio, and my water has gotten a very bad oder within the last two weeks. Anyone else nearby having any issues? Any ideas what may be the cause? Thanks
  6. any bilingual job opportunities?

    What are the ramifications of working without a work permit? Is it risky?
  7. need a haircutter come to my home

    perfectcut98@gmail.com , Cristy she is in SAT.
  8. U.S. Passport Renewal Application Form

    or at the legion in Chapala.
  9. February exchange rate for passport renewal

    Feb. 2018 " 20.00 MXP per 1 USD. off US consulate checklist .
  10. Chicken Wings - where do you go?

    I like the wings at Mama's across from Super Lake. just mentioned that on the hamburger thread.way worth a try.
  11. Best restaurant for burgers and Mexican Food ?

    Its more bar than restaurant, but a 250 G. burger,w/ cheese, fries, the works, 85P. great drinks.2 nice pool tables. Mama's, across the street from Super Lake. Amaury and his lovely wife are in charge 12-7:00 closed Sun. You may want to try their wings also. P.S. Costco dogs with long buns, maybe W/chili.
  12. Monarch Butterflies

    Has anyone been to Morelia recently to see the butterflies? I have never been, and would like any information on where to see them, where to stay, and any other interesting information you can share. thanks.
  13. Good French Fries

    same side of the street as Mario's? Name of the place?
  14. Window/glass cleaner without ammonia

    I use it for reading and sun glasses straight . works great, and dries fast. A little pricey for home windows.
  15. Window/glass cleaner without ammonia

    Gin works Great !