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  1. Meandering tour between Ajijic and Oaxaca

    I am going there for Christmas. I hosted an artist for the fair, and he sent me information on the radish festival .. anyway, Have posted info requests for both Puebla, and Oaxaca, and have gotten some good info. I will be back by the end of the month, and can share all the info I can come up with. My first trip that way.Blind squirrel adventure.
  2. Hotels in Puebla

    Thank you , everyone.I did find a place and had to book, as I am going during Christmas, and most places were booked at that time. I will keep these places in my notebook for future trips. thanks again..
  3. Hotels in Puebla

    Any recommendations on places to stay?
  4. Oaxaca for Christmas

    Thinking about a trip to Oaxaca for a Christmas break. Any recommendations on places to stay on the way, and where to stay when I get there? Any other information on food, and things to see or do that you have experienced would be greatly appreciated . Thanks!
  5. TV for sale

    Still available?
  6. Liverwurst at Super lake

    He makes his own.It is very good, but I am looking for the same that was sold at super lake.
  7. Last day of just chillin

    It is a great new restaurant , six weeks,maybe.Not a fried fish restaurant .Maybe first time go on a Sunday . Sunday Special, shrimp tacos, for 20p. get them grilled, and have them chopped in the taco, with a great slaw, or the fish taco. grilled or fried, they give you there daily appetizer while you wait for your order. Very good service without the hugs. Not hating on the hugs, but a very comfortable feel.I think maybe one of the best values lakeside.
  8. Liverwurst at Super lake

    Super Lake sells/sold a liverwurst made, I believe by Unica Wunsch. Does anyone know where else it can be bought?
  9. Last day of just chillin

    Will Love and Fishes still be open there?
  10. No More Excuses Not To Pay There is now a mobile app, (both Apple and Android), that allows you to transfer money to someone who does not have a bank account. And, let's face it, many Gringos in Los Cabos can't figure out how to get a bank account going. Now the Mexican bank Banorte and Facebook and What'sApp have gone into cahoots to transfer money, even to those without an account. PePer is a mobile app developed by Banorte that draws user information from Facebook and its instant messaging mobile app WhatsApp. First-time users of PePer have to link their Facebook and WhatsApp accounts with this app, as well as their bank accounts, after which they can transfer funds to people on their contact lists, even those with no bank account. To receive money, users who do not have a bank account are sent a code they must enter at a Banorte ATM in order to retrieve their cash. This article is from todays Gringo Gazette. May be of interest to some.
  11. binocular repair

    thought about the watch guy. Saw him last week. I will chat with the birder folks.Tough question, thanks for all of your answers. Dennis
  12. binocular repair

    Does anyone know where I could have a binocular serviced? Something simple I think. Not worth sending back to Bushnell USA. Thanks.
  13. Canadian butter tarts

    Has anyone tried Dereks' butter tarts?
  14. Happy Birthday, RVGRINGO!

    Happy birthday RVgringo.Thank you very much for all your directions. No telling where I would have ended up.
  15. Need a washing machine

    maybe I should see about repair. any recommendations ?