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  1. Happy Birthday, RVGRINGO!

    Happy birthday RVgringo.Thank you very much for all your directions. No telling where I would have ended up.
  2. Need a washing machine

    maybe I should see about repair. any recommendations ?

    I would also like to see it. mdennisclark@yahoo.com
  4. Need a washing machine

    My machine just died. any thoughts on a used one? If not, where to buy. Costco, Wal mart, Tio Sam? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.Thanks.
  5. Tony's "Campestre" Now Open

    What else did they have to offer on the menu ? How much for a full rack?
  6. Thursday Market in Ajijic

    The sprout guy, is actually selling wonderful micro greens. Give them a try.
  7. artificial grass

    Does anyone have any experience with artificial grass, cost, installers, etcetera ? I have a 3m x 4m area I would like to try it on.
  8. Tequila Club?

    where does the club meet?
  9. Help - ant invasion!

    syrup, what bottle size? small?
  10. Grand Finale for Fiestas in Chapala

    Where will this be held?
  11. Wal-mat Chicken Once Again

    yes , Puritan. Great bratwurst also.
  12. round up

    thank you all.
  13. round up

    does anyone know of a product like round up that can be purchased in the are? tried Wal mart. thanks.
  14. Garden furniture

    How much?
  15. Seguro Popular

    gringohombre, could you get by with limited Spanish ?