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  1. Net Neutrality abolished in the states

    ‘Today’s new rule would enable ISPs to charge consumers more to access sites like Facebook and Twitter and give them the leverage to degrade high quality of video streaming until and unless somebody pays them more money. Even worse, today’s vote would enable ISPs to favor certain viewpoints over others.’ From a press release from New York's Attorney General's office. The main danger here are internet providers censoring what we can and cannot access online.
  2. I don't understand why you are anticipating a problem with the form on your return. Many residents just fill out a new one on the plane anyway. It seems counter-intuitive, like the bar code or serial number on the 2 halves should match, but INM really doesn't seem to care whether you use the second half of the form on your return or a new one.
  3. American notary

    "Yes, we have notarized documents for signers all over the country and the world." That they have notarized them doesn't necessarily mean they were accepted.
  4. Seems like I’m due to ask another stupid question.

    I can't imagine it happens very often, but when I lived in San Miguel 16 years ago, I was walking a route I normally took every day. There were 2 huge, heavy dogs that lived at a house there, as I recall, something like giant sheepdogs. Just as I was walking by, one of the dogs, who I had noticed standing in an open balcony door on the second floor, which had no railing, came flying out the second floor and landed on its side with a thud on the street. I don't know if he spotted a cat and forgot where he was, or what, but it was the most crazy thing. I fully expected the dog to be dead on landing, but it ran into the house. I can't believe it didn't suffer internal injuries. You can get railings made by a welder that are attractive and wouldn't spoil the view too much. You can even design it yourself. The lower part where a dog could fall thru could have transparent plexiglass.
  5. New Car Battery Required

    Why imply that someone is foolish for choosing to do something oneself?
  6. Cost to Build

    Experience has taught me that many people do not attempt to fix things or understand how they work because they were given the impression, sometimes at a very early age, that such things were beyond their understanding, or that they were too dumb to get it. When we believe that something is daunting, we are not likely to try to do it, and certainly wouldn't enjoy it. I've shown many friends how to fix things that they were under the impression they had to hire an "professional" for, and they were pleasantly surprised to find out that it was actually a 10 minute job, requiring no specialized tools or training and one they could and would easily do themselves the next time.
  7. Cost to Build

    I would never advise someone with no knowledge of construction techniques and little or no Spanish language fluency to attempt to oversee the construction of their house in Mexico. I would advise them to read up about, though. I think it is always a good thing to understand something about what you are paying for that you are going to have to live with for some time. Masonry home construction in Mexico is no different than masonry home construction anywhere. There's really little variance to properly mix cement and concrete and do the rebar skeleton and lay block or bricks. And I realize that many, if not most ex-pats especially those of retirement age, would rather pay someone to do things for them than learn about how it is done, or get their hands dirty. However, these are a few of the things I have learned to do myself just from online research : How to troubleshoot and repair my washing machine How to adjust and repair my industrial sewing machines How to troubleshoot my water system and replace the check valve How to lay tile How to design a workable kitchen I enjoy being able to fix things myself- not only does it save $, but I don't need to get recommendations for tradespeople, track down their phone numbers when the number given is non-functional, nor wait around for half a day or more for someone to show up. And neurological research has proven that our brains, barring a physical condition like having a stroke, are endlessly able to absorb and process information, creating new synapses and preventing degenerative brain dysfunction.
  8. Cost to Build

    Construction techniques aren't rocket science or brain surgery.
  9. Cost to Build

    Lived in Mexico for 6 years before building my house here and was experienced with cement and concrete construction for many years before that. I realize that not everyone is, but one can inform oneself about anything these days via internet if one has the interest and motivation.
  10. Cost to Build

    Why so sarcastic? Apparently you believe that most gringos know nothing about proper construction techniques and are congenitally incapable of overseeing the construction of a house here. 10 years ago I hired a crew to build my house, acted as my own contractor, was on the job site every day and dealt with building permits, social security, etc. I got a house that did not require redoing anything, and that has held up perfectly well. I won't say it was easy, but all gringos are not $%&/()s who need to hire other people to do everything for them.
  11. greñas

    Actually, I miswrote that- it is stuffing, like you'd use for throw pillows, that is called greña. The dacron batting is called guata.
  12. TR requirements leaving Mexico

    Technically this is true, but the INM officials at the airport have told me it doesn't matter if the FMM you hand in when entering is the other half of the one you used to fly out, or a new one you got on the plane. Note- this is not a rumor, it was told to me by the INM agents at PV airport.
  13. RFC #

    You don't get issued an RFC number unless you apply for one. There are some things for which it is useful. If you want to be able to deduct expenses for your house when you eventually sell it, therefore lowering your profit margin and capital gains, you would need facturas in your name and RFC number. You can't deduct facturas for a generic RFC number.
  14. greñas

    If one is looking for dacron quilt batting at a fabric store here, it is called greña.
  15. Actually, a quick google search tells me that while the average life span of a wolf is about 7 years, but that is just because they have a difficult life in the wild, and can live up to 13 years in captivity, a few having lived up to 20 years. So not that different from a dog. I'll continue to give my dog raw, large bones, which she loves. I don't expect her to have perfect teeth at the age of 10 anymore than most 70 year old people have perfect teeth.