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  1. mudgirl

    Refinishing floor tiles

    The refinished floor in the photos looks like it had Selacril used as the sealer. Can't tell for sure, but never let anyone use that on your floors- horrible product, will yellow and peel off in sheets anywhere the sun beats on it. I can't tell you how many people I know who've had that used on their floors or countertops and had to get it all stripped off and redone. Personally, I think a semi-gloss finish looks way better on Saltillo tiles than super shiny.
  2. mudgirl

    Hot water heater repair

    Can I trade one of those for fixing your water heater?
  3. mudgirl

    First rainbirds

    What do feeders have to do with cicadas? Or do you actually believe the creature that makes that sound is a bird?
  4. I don't live Lakeside, but have similar options re shopping. It all depends on what your shopping list is. Once every couple weeks I do a Costco/ Mega run for dog food, large bags of coffee, aged cheddar cheese (which I can't find anywhere else unless they have bought it at Costco and majorly marked it up), toilet paper, and so on. For fruit and veggies, eggs, and some basic staples, I like the local markets, as the stuff is much fresher and better and I prefer to support local business as much as possible. Unfortunately, our once-a-week farmers market is really expensive on most stuff- prices geared to tourists, so I only buy a couple things there I can't find anywhere else, or if I want to treat myself to something special. You'll figure out after awhile what you can save on by hitting big box once in awhile, what isn't so much more expensive locally that it warrants not supporting local family business ( I couldn't care less about paying an extra 5-10 pesos on an item), and what you really want to have on hand to eat that you can't find locally.
  5. mudgirl

    Hot water heater repair

    I've done it many times, and it isn't rocket science, but I am mechanically inclined and the OP says he/she needs an electrician to change a lightbulb, so.... Those pilot/thermocouple parts tend to get rusted out after a few years, unless the heater is indoors. Sometimes the gas tube gets partially plugged with loose bits of rust and the gas doesn't flow properly, but new parts are so cheap, it's not worth taking the time to try to clean them out. Could also be that the regulator is bad.
  6. mudgirl

    quarter inch wood dowels

    And make sure you don't drill into your electrical conduit or plumbing lines, no telling where those are unless you built from scratch and took photos :-)
  7. mudgirl

    Lead free spray paint

    Interesting thing I read about paint, which seems counterintuitive. Those people who are highly allergic to almost everything have to live in homes where the wall paint is oil-based. Even thought those paints have intense fumes when wet, when they dry, they become inert, whereas acrylic/latex paints continue to gas off forever.
  8. mudgirl

    quarter inch wood dowels

    I live near PV, so that's the one I saw them in, not in Guad. Kept in the section with the wood trims and stuff.
  9. mudgirl

    quarter inch wood dowels

    Home Depot sells them.
  10. mudgirl

    First rainbirds

    Still can't understand why Lakeside expats insist on calling an insect a bird.
  11. mudgirl

    Water testing

    That sand might eventually damage your washing machine- the filter is there for a reason. Is there anywhere you can put a simple in-line filter on the water line coming into your house to filter the sand before it gets to the machine? I have one-just the really basic ones that came with the tinakos, or you can buy them separately. I clean it out about once every 2 months and there's about a cup of sand in it each time.
  12. mudgirl

    Yahoo now Oath

    When I got that screen for the first time yesterday, I didn't agree or do anything else but hit the back browser. It took me back to my sign-in page with a message on it saying "Oops, your session expired" or something like that. So I signed in again and it went straight to my email without that Oath agreement coming up. Same routine again today.
  13. mudgirl

    Matching Interior Paint Colors

    i know, that drives me crazy here. When they paint metal, they like to add so much thinner it's like thinner with a little paint in it instead of the other way around. An elderly friend of mine sprang for expensive Sherman Williams paint when it was time to repaint the outside of her house. The guys who were doing it had been working for her for years, construction, painting, whatever. They were actually very protective of her and went out of their way to help her out. She caught them watering down the expensive paint and freaked out. They said they were trying to save her money. She had to explain that it wouldn't be saving her any money if she had to repaint again next year because the paint was a third water.
  14. mudgirl

    Matching Interior Paint Colors

    The Polyprisa from Prisa holds up really well, at least on interior walls (I have no experience with paint on outside walls here- I had them mix powdered color into the outside top plaster coat so I'd never have to paint and re-paint). It is semi-gloss but it actually isn't even as shiny as the photos that BestSideoftheWall posted above of the supposed eggshell. My walls were painted 10 years ago and still look great except for the remains of the bug and gecko wars that go on nightly.
  15. mudgirl

    Tile Roofer Needed

    The tiles look nicer sealed, but the sealer isn't the problem when it leaks. I have the same patio roof as above- no roof underneath, but a wooden framework. Leaks happen when the tiles are not overlapped enough, are not close enough together, or when leaves, dirt and detritus get stuck between the tiles, decompose and impede the flow of water, or if the roof doesn't have enough slope. Those roof tiles have been used traditionally in Mexico and other places for generations, and I'm sure poor Mexicans didn't buy sealer, nor was acrylic sealer even available.