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  1. Years ago, when my ex boyfriend was in hospital with a head injury, he was doped up on pain killers and hadn't done much but groan for the few days after surgery. So we really couldn't tell at that point whether he had sustained any serious damage to his brain. The guy in the ward who had the bed across from him was complaining that evening to the nurse how he didn't get enough dinner, he was still hungry. The first complete sentence my boyfriend spoke after his accident was a loud and clear "You can have mine". That's when we knew he was going to be okay.
  2. Breakfast at Poutine Place

    Working for a non-profit arts organization in Canada, I used to have to explain to the artists who volunteered to make posters for an event that the purpose of a poster was not only to attract attention, but that the printing had to be quite legible, because if people couldn't actually read where and when the event was taking place, they wouldn't come. Some of these artists did beautiful work, but the printing was so artsy it was impossible to decipher.
  3. FMM sample filled Out Forms

    I think they were indicating they had to present a letter at the consulate where they made their application. Maybe some consulates require and others not?
  4. Sunbrella

    I don't live Lakeside, so can't tell you where to get it there, sorry. There are 2 distributors in Guad.- Tunalitec, who I deal with, and Orli. But I think they will only sell to businesses with a tax number, not individuals. Very important to make sure it is real Sunbrella, not something they sell as Sunbrella here (some call it Mexican Sunbrella, which is actually illegal- it is a patented name and process). The fake stuff has a bit of a shiny look to it, don't know how else to describe it, but I can tell the dif immediately. The fake stuff fades, molds, etc. which is exactly what real Sunbrella doesn't do. BTW, Sunbrella can be easily washed in the machine on cool setting, but NEVER put it in the dryer. Heat destroys the properties we buy it for.
  5. FMM sample filled Out Forms

    The original post by Spencer on this thread shows exactly how you need to fill out the form for Canje, which will be your entry status.
  6. Airline Tourism Tax Rebate

    Excuse me? Now you are going to assume that I spoke to them in a superior, uncivil way? You seem to be the one taking a superior attitude here. Did it ever occur to you that maybe your call was answered by an agent who actually was informed and competent, as opposed to one I got who insisted that she had never heard of such a thing and that Air Canada doesn't refund the tourism tax to Mexican residents? As to Air Canada customer service phone wait times, I suggest you google how people have been put on hold for 6 hours.
  7. Airline Tourism Tax Rebate

    You wrote this in response to my post, which you quoted, but seemingly didn't read? It was about as far from simple as you could get. Air Canada customer service takes anywhere from 1-4 hours to actually answer the phone- they just put you on endless hold. And no, they DID NOT tell me to scan my ticket, etc. They told me that they had never heard of such a thing. Jeesh.
  8. Airline Tourism Tax Rebate

    Never had a problem with Westjet in this regard. I phone them when booking the ticket online and they either remove the charge before I pay or instantly credit it back to me.
  9. Toilet paper flushing

    I built my house from scratch and have a pre-digester tank which then goes into a seep tank (built of concrete blocks). I have always flushed poopy t.p. The pee paper goes in the basket so as not to overload the system, which has never required pumping or any other maintenance or repair in the 10 years since it was built. I could not live with poopy paper in a basket.
  10. Airline Tourism Tax Rebate

    It's Air Canada, so of course there is no procedure and of course they make it almost impossible. Last time I dealt with them regarding this, I first called Air Canada in Mexico when I was ready to book a ticket, since I was booking Mexico-Canada and return. The agent was very nice, said, oh just call Air Canada in Canada before you take the return. An hour of holding until someone finally answered. Then when I explained that I needed the tourism tax credited back and why, the agent told me she had "never heard of such a thing". I informed her that all the other airlines have a procedure for this and that is is illegal for them charge it to a Mexican resident. She then asked me to hold, came back to the phone a few minutes later, told me she had just conferred with 5 other agents, who had all been working there for at least 13 years and that none of them had ever heard of it either. In the end I got it back through the online resolution dept. Had to scan a copy of my residency.
  11. Any recommendations for legal representation?

    Often, yes. Always, no.
  12. The Five Year Plan

    I have iron bars on windows and doors and a large vigilant dog. That's it. Have never had even an attempted break-in in the 15 years I have lived here. My place is modest and doesn't look like it would house expensive toys, nor is my vehicle out front anything new or fancy. But my friends who live in upscale neighborhoods have extensive and elaborate security systems and still have ongoing theft and attempted theft problems. I figure it's not a good idea to choose to live a perceived fancy lifestyle in a place where so many have so little.
  13. He is "being told" by whom? I relicensed a vehicle with Chihuahua plates in Nayarit. The Nayarit office said they send them back.
  14. Crackdown on Golf Carts

    Last season, with no warning whatsoever, multiple police forces and transitos swooped into Sayulita one day and confiscated every golf cart they could find. They took them away from tourists who had just rented them, as well as private owners. They had a couple of giant flatbeds all ready. As golf carts are used extensively here, and there are several rental outfits, the rumor was that the taxi union was the instigator. Don't know if that was true or not. Word traveled fast and residents were getting them off the street and into their garages or yards.