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  1. solajijic

    Scam Artists

    Which ones? There are so many over the years.
  2. solajijic

    First rainbirds

    June 13 between 5 and 8 pm. My guess this year.
  3. What if you have lost the paperwork for the vehicle but have the vehicle and it has the original sticker on it. Could the Mexican Consulate in Phoenix fix that missing paperwork and make it so I could bring in another vehicle on my RT?
  4. solajijic

    About Adoption in Mexico

    There was so much disappointment around that debacle. The poster should of course contact an abogado to get info but could also search The Guadalajara Reporter archives for some initial information and names of individuals and groups to further their foray into treacherous social law waters.
  5. solajijic

    No Bullsh*t Coffee at SuperLake Grocery

    Sticking with the guys been round for years = El Grano and my husband likes the fellow on the highway.
  6. solajijic

    Engine Oil question

    I learned a lot. The radiator info was timely since I have to get the radiator back into a 90 jeep wagoneer in order to take it to the mechanic to start the restoration. So now I have some info to ask him about. Gracias.
  7. solajijic


    Go to Amazon and click on HELP it is at the right end of the balck bar just under the space you write your search in. Click on it. There will be a nice big "Hi" scroll down past all that to the box with the list of things you can ask. The last one is "Need More Help" click on that and a drop down list will come up. Click on "Contact Us". It will flash over a page which is now a listing of all your orders, find the order and click on the "Contact Seller" and tell them your story about the refund not getting to you.
  8. solajijic

    Butter Crisis

    In the case at Superlake are at least 2 dozen pounds of Land o' Lakes Salted butter, and not salted. Plus about 4 other brands. I bought 3 of each to put in the freezer. There are some dishes that just need that familiar butter tang.
  9. solajijic

    Storage Space for Household Effects

    Some rentals have an "owners closet". Create one by putting a lock on a small closet door or a armoire set in a room. Some people also use shallow plastic bins under beds. Some people have used larger bins, the yellow and black ones that are heavy duty are good, and stack them in a corner of a bodega or garage.
  10. solajijic

    Roku ustvnow

    Barcelonaman would you expand on the "pay around 100usd per year for iptv with electronic guide with android box", please. Keep it simple for me. And if you have a suggested Android box off Amazon that would be appreciated too. Thanks.
  11. solajijic

    Both ATMs at HSBC out of money

    Farmacia Guadalajara manager told me they took their machine out because it was out of money so often and people would only come in for money and not buy anything. The employees still had to answer peoples questions about when the machine would be filled and he indicated that was something they didn't want to do very much because people were rude that they didn't know the answer. They couldn't get the bank to make more frequent stops there. He hopes there will be a new machine supplier but isn't sure it will be inside the store or out front. Inside is safer but then the bank doesn't pay the Farmacia employees to deal with the problems.
  12. solajijic

    Power outage in El Centro

    2:55 for Donato Guerra area
  13. Brenda lives in the city and brings anything you need the next day. Always ask
  14. I understand about the music being invasive beyond disturbing your sleep. It makes it impossible to entertain for an evening. Sitting in your living room to read is not possible. Watching television isn't possible. Enjoying the night sky from your terrace isn't possible. Everything you might want to do in an evening has to be done to someone else soundtrack. Please make the complaint but also don't hesitate to tell everyone you meet to not go there because of the excessive loudness.
  15. solajijic

    Bike Lane Completed

    Today, u and down the Carreterra several times thru town I saw 2 motorcycles , one going east and one going west using the bike lane. There were people walking in it. There wasn't a bike in sight. There were two trucks trying to make right hand turns up streets to upper Ajijic who had to swing wide of the corner posts. And I noticed, again, that on the Juarez corner the driveway going into that new building is right on the corner and impossible to get to from east of the light. I would guess that at least a three lane intersection is necessary there to prevent a total traffic backup thru the Juarez and east section of the Carreterra. That might be why there is no bike lane there. Oh well we will just wait and see.