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  1. The San Antonio guys have tried their own hospital for years. I would bet on the fellows who have done it successfully someplace else. Even if it is primarily an elective procedure facility the recent growth spirt shows it is probably a timely endeavor. Now for a real ambulance.
  2. There now and dial 1-area code-the number.
  3. Hotel Italio in Ajijic rents those but it might be to late today
  4. We are installing wall heaters in the bathrooms. They use electricity but I am tired of waiting until 11 or 12 to shower and my husband will install a timer for them. They can actually just hang on the wall by a plug but we will build a frame and attach it to the wall solidly. Then hard wire it and run the wires onto the wall. Cost about $150 or so. I lobbied for towel warmer style of heater but he told me not to push it. https://www.amazon.com/Broan-9815WH-High-Capacity-Heater/dp/B001PO7LP2/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1505238827&sr=8-17&keywords=wall+bathroom+heater
  5. Can propane tanks be painted?

    We used sand paper, Navel jelly and them primed it with oil primer from a can. Then we painted it 2 coats of oil medium green paint so that it would blend in with the garden. WE did the same to our hot water heater which is semi-visible.
  6. Andre Rieu concert

    Damn I missed his last concert and now this one...shoot shoot shoot and phooey.
  7. Looking for Set of Dishes

    Beg barter buy & sell - Chapala is a Facebook group and its purpose is just what it says. There seems to be one or more per metropolitan area and if you are so inclined you can wander around and find similar groups for Guadalajara, Telaquepaque, Zapopoan etc... and then specific population have them. One of the best is the medical student population group which I can't remember the name of they ell whole households of items and their vehicles.
  8. Purpose of the Spam?

    This is not a problem for me anywhere else on the internet. Why can't you guys get this kind of thing under control? Even if it costs you money you have a reputation and this type of problem will take it away very quickly. Protect yourself and you protect us a bit more than you have been doing.
  9. Please ignore Art House rumors

    I would ignore them only every time I go there they are closed, no one answers a phone or message of any sort.
  10. Ajijic/Chapala subdivisions

    I have sent you a PM message. We will be in Baltimore - Ridgley's Delight at the Inner Harbor area between the stadiums - for about 10 days in October. Let's get together. We've been here almost 13 years from Ohio. Hopefully you have seen all the YouTube videos entitled: Ajijic, Chapala, Lake Chapala, Jocotepec. There are oodles of them and they give out great information and of course, visuals.
  11. video voice over

    If you are on Facebook go to the group MEXPAT Guadalajara - they know everything. Lots of ages, nationalities and professions on there and they can figure out just about any problem or need. Amazing.
  12. We just used general categories - photographs, household linens, clothes, kitchen, bath, etc... Take those rods and whatever you packed them and strap them all together to give that added strength and if you can shove each down the center of a rug all the better. I appreciate what you tried to do with the weight of each box but spreading things out. However, about those PB recliners - bring them you will not find the quality here and they are built to last longer than you so hopefully you will have them at least 20 years or more and amoritize that shipping over that time and voila easy decision.
  13. Adoption a Mexican baby

    Taaffe - Thanks I knew there was story to it all. Somany disappointed young couples who had spent a goodly amount of money and 4 to 6 months in country. Such a shame.
  14. More than the $600-750 US most of the people contacting me about rentals is willing to pay. Since these are 1 bedrooms without a view and not all inclusive and probably won't allow the 3 rescue dogs the are bringing with them. I would expect them to get the retail part done on the Carreterra and then do another down the side street and forget abut the housing why because they can and it's management intensive and pays less than prime retail.
  15. What maps to use other than Google

    I have that map but I would like recommendations for an online map where I can put in the various places we have to visit on our US trip and have it tell me the distance and approximate time to travel. Anybody have one they especially like.