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  1. Notarios do wills here in Mexico not attorneys
  2. daisy2013

    Directions to Home Depot

    If you drive straight from here it eventually turns into Gonzalez gallo then it will separate into 4 lanes with a divider in the middle, all lanes going in the same direction, stay to the right, Ninos heroes will be on your right or continue to Juarez. It is the one way street on the right immediately after Rio Reforma
  3. daisy2013

    Directions to Home Depot

    Here is a short version. Go straight towards Guadalajara, stay on the right lanes of Gonzalez Gallo, now you can take Ninos Heros immediately or drive on Gonzalez Gallo to Juarez take a right and continue to Ninos Heros, take a left go I think 2 blocks and you will see a small roundabout to get to garcia Barragan and a sign for the Forum Mall You do not have to drive far and you will see Home Depot on your right very easy.
  4. daisy2013

    Directions to Home Depot

    Tlaquepaque is the closest
  5. daisy2013

    Pet Peaves

    I heard tonight they stop using plastic bags. They are like some stores up north, bring your own bags. Save the planet. Too much plastic
  6. daisy2013

    Need glass worker

    He is on Juarez just a little north of the Carretera
  7. daisy2013

    Bucerias or PV

    Prices are cheaper at Decameron if a Mexican will call and make the reservation and much cheaper than online
  8. Go see Azucena she is near LCS and a great lawyer and person. You will not get ripped off money wise
  9. daisy2013

    Bucerias or PV

    Decameron in Bucerias is great
  10. daisy2013

    Attorney Referral for Closing

    Up north a lawyer had more education than a notario and down here the opposite. You can become an attorney first then study some more to become a notario.
  11. daisy2013

    Which fraccs have well or holding tank

    You are right cedros, I will definitely not move there. Water is only one of the issues. No thanks
  12. daisy2013

    Which fraccs have well or holding tank

    I have 3 different friends in CVN and they all heard the same thing. Do not see many water trucks anymore and run out of water often.
  13. daisy2013

    Which fraccs have well or holding tank

    They must now share it with Cumbres, they already connected to the holding tank. Ask a board member. There was a meeting with Simapa.