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  1. daisy2013

    Kitchen Appliances

    Liverpool and ask them when their sale will be. Their sales give large discounts and they back what they sell. Very good store to deal with.
  2. daisy2013

    Texting in the UK

    You can also make calls on WhatsApp to any of your contacts. You can also set up new contacts. you can see immediately if they have read your message, 2 grayish checkmarks means it is sent once it is blue they have read it. It is great from anywhere. When we were in Spain this is how we contacted our friends.
  3. daisy2013

    Layover from USA in GDL

    I believe the person wrote 6 hours
  4. Teacher Wayne from Instituto Loyola has passed away. He was the husband of Dale Palfrey. Funeral is today.
  5. daisy2013

    Licensing a new vehicle

    Sorry to disappoint So many of you but I probably went to 10 different dealers except Honda and they all gave discounts. They also told me they give the discount directly to a person locally buying cars for those afraid to shop there. No it is not just used cars. Believe it and they will not loose their dealership. Go there yourself. Is the truth so painful to hear. I would think people would want discounts and not argue against it. If you want to pay full price that is your option. Do not argue about someone just saying what happened.
  6. daisy2013

    Licensing a new vehicle

    Go to Naosa in GDL. I received thousands of dollars off msrp and extras. I also worked at several car dealerships, gmc and others give lots of incentive and money back to dealerships. Everything is negotiable. Honda does not budge much on msrp but others do. Some even give free insurance for first year. Many other dealerships were willing to discount cars. Shop around prices are not fixed.....
  7. daisy2013

    Licensing a new vehicle

    Prices are NOT fixed, shop around, you can get a great discount and get lots of extras too
  8. daisy2013

    Butter Crisis

    How much do they sell it for. I heard it is very good
  9. Where can I buy a good ham for Easter. The last 2 years the ham from Tony’s have not been the best
  10. daisy2013

    Telmex bill

    Go in with the bill and they will fix it immediately. I have gone there with other people’s bill and no problem.
  11. What was your driving time
  12. daisy2013

    Love and Fishes

    They moved to where Lake Chapala Real Estate used to be.
  13. daisy2013

    Where to buy unbaked pie crust at lakeside

    Good posting if you want to try to make it. I love to cook so problem for me. You gave them an option which is great to do in case they do not find what they are looking for.
  14. daisy2013

    Bike Lane Completed

    Phase two is mentioned in today’s paper
  15. daisy2013

    Bike Lane Completed

    I hear they need more funds to continue the lane past Juarez. It is in their plans. Hopefully for the cyclists