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  1. Emissions Test

    My friend was just there
  2. Egg prices at Puritan Poultry

    If 7 pesos has that much of an impact of you, wow
  3. Mexican Citizenship

    When you are in Mexico you are a mexican citizen, period, when in USA or Canada you are a citizen of that country. us consulate in Mexico will not help a mexican citizen. You cannot have it both ways for help
  4. Sending mail NOB

    I use handy mail without any issues
  5. Go see Claudia at Viajes Ajijic, she got me a great fare much cheaper than online.
  6. Superlake report

    Here is the simplest recipe and delicious. 1 pkg of cranberries, one cup of sugar, one cup of orange juice. Heat until all cranberries have popped. It will thicken all by itself. enjoy
  7. Superlake report

    Cranberry sauce is the easiest to make
  8. Walmart vs Costco

    Yes just like up north but you can use your NOB card here also
  9. Escuelas en Ajijic/Chapala

    Instituto Loyola sin duda
  10. Carpeting

    Easier to clean tiles than carpeting. First thing we did is throw out all small rugs. Right, too much dust for carpets especially if you have allergies.
  11. No drive past the Tepic sign then you will see the sign for Zapotlanejo.
  12. You will see a sign for the macrolibramiento. Then you will see the entrance for Tepic. Then Zapotlanejo take this one and in 20 minutes you take the exit and you are on the highway going to Chapala
  13. I have spoken to CFE and they told me when many people from the same area call they react. After all CFE is paid by each resident
  14. CFE will react with numerous calls. This is each homeowners responsibility not a board.