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  1. Love and Fishes

    They moved to where Lake Chapala Real Estate used to be.
  2. Where to buy unbaked pie crust at lakeside

    Good posting if you want to try to make it. I love to cook so problem for me. You gave them an option which is great to do in case they do not find what they are looking for.
  3. Bike Lane Completed

    Phase two is mentioned in today’s paper
  4. Bike Lane Completed

    I hear they need more funds to continue the lane past Juarez. It is in their plans. Hopefully for the cyclists
  5. Consulate Fees for Pasport March 18

    2,090 is the correct amount as the Consulate was at LCS

    I opened an account at Bancomer and once approved they added my spouse to the account. Different from up north but eventually it works
  7. Consulate Fees for Pasport March 18

    Just received an email from them telling me what it is for March
  8. Consulate Fees for Pasport March 18

    They are coming on March 14 and will send you an email directly with the amount in pesos, 2,090 for the book and 570 for the card
  9. Speed test at Maskaras Clinic

    Just type speedtest.net
  10. You need a notario not a lawyer and I also recommend Luis Enrique
  11. Anyone Lose a Car

    When I bought my cars both had Bluetooth. I connected Bluetooth from each car to my phone, it then recognized both. So now wherever I am I can see where either car is or where it is parked. Nothing special was installed or done. When I go to maps I can see exactly where the cars are no matter where I am.
  12. Microlibermento tolls

    Now it is 70
  13. Anyone Lose a Car

    I will let everyone know when I return in 2 weeks exactly what I have and how it connects to my cars
  14. Anyone Lose a Car

    On my iPhone I have maps and I can see where both my cars are at any time even name of street etc.