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  1. “I know the hardship and the heartbreak.“ Then I am sure you also understand the being judged and how you so often can not get anything right no matter what you do, how you can not please everyone and sometimes no one. You know the need for compassion.
  2. When you say fair-sized collection about how many books do you mean? Genres? I am not aware of any large scale book exchange. There may be other ways to get the books in circulation if we know more about what you have.
  3. This was posted on Inside Lakeside. There is a thread about a lost dog on TOB called 'Rescued and now far from . . .' I do not post over there but if someone would post there that we know who the dog belongs to and are trying to get a hold of her. Just hold on to the dog and we'll get them back together.TIA
  4. Practice using pesos

    Yes. I most often break my 500 peso notes at Farmacia Guadalajara and Soriana. They always have lots of change and don’t mind the 500s at all.
  5. The people devoting a large portion of their lives to dog rescue get to decide how best they can do it. Since there is tsunami of dogs needing rescue and limited resources there are only a small percentage of dogs that can be saved. All shelters have criteria for dogs they take in. This is especially true for no kill shelters where the dog will remain forever if not adopted. The Ranch had a dog for 11 years before it was adopted. And, here you do not entirely agree with Tomas. He criticized the shelter for housing “a large group of essentially non-adoptable dogs.” You say they don’t take dogs who aren’t “cute enough to be adopted quickly.” What is it you two want? I am amazed at the time, effort and their own money all the shelter VOLUNTEERS put into doing the best they can to lessen the suffering of dogs here. Then when some princess from across the lake snatches a dog from its environment, the shelter people are expected to hop on it and relieve her of her self-imposed burden.
  6. Practice using pesos

    Until you figure out how to use a formula for converting pesos to dollars and begin thinking in pesos, here’s a way to start. Move the decimal point over one space and divide the amount in half adding back a few bucks. So I’d figure the 4000.00 peso rug is about 220 dollars. I just calculated it at today’s exchange and it’s 212 dollars so my guesstimate is close enough for me to decide if I want to buy the rug. After awhile you just automatically convert in casual transactions and calculate formulas when exact amounts are needed.
  7. People need to stop stealing dogs. Picking up a healthy dog that is not in distress or danger and taking it away is theft. STOP IT! That woman could have been responsible for the death of this animal. She is responsible for the distress of both the dog and her people.
  8. No infinitum internet

    I live in Chapala and have had this problem for at least a month. It is getting worse. The internet goes out intermittently all the time, sometimes just for a few seconds, sometimes longer.
  9. Cost to Build

    I am sure you are correct about why some people don’t attempt to fix things themselves. Don’t know if it is most people or not. Most people I know don’t fix things themselves because they do not want to, don’t enjoy it. In a lot of cases they used to fix things themselves and are very happy to no longer have to do it. I understand how things work and that I am capable of learning how to repair things. I don’t want to. It is not my idea of a fun time. This discussion has traveled a long way from overseeing the construction of a new house. Many people unwilling to take that on do the ten-minute repairs around the house. Again, the key is that you enjoy doing it. A lot of people do not. Not because they think it is too hard or because they think they are dumb. In many cases they have already done that type of work. They just do not want to do it.
  10. Cost to Build

    “I enjoy being able to fix things myself- not only does it save $, but I don't need to get recommendations for tradespeople, track down their phone numbers when the number given is non-functional, nor wait around for half a day or more for someone to show up. And neurological research has proven that our brains, barring a physical condition like having a stroke, are endlessly able to absorb and process information, creating new synapses and preventing degenerative brain dysfunction.” You enjoy being able to fix things yourself. That is the key. For people who do not enjoy fixing things there are other ways to create new synapses and prevent degenerative brain dysfunction. Heredity helps a lot too. Thank you for responding to my question. I now understand you better.
  11. Cost to Build

    You really did not answer the question. Do you believe that the average expat with little or no knowledge of masonary home construction in Mexico can get enough information from the internet to successfully oversee the construction of their house?
  12. Cost to Build

    Come on Mudgirl. From what I have seen and heard very few gringos know much about proper construction techniques and they are totally unprepared for what it will take. Please note that I said most, not all. It is important that people know what they will be facing, are capable of dealing with it all, and willing to devote the time and energy it will take. You have the “Wonderful Experience, Turned Out Great” side of the story. It was not that way for everyone. People need to hear both sides. It is not mean or sarcastic to point out reality. Many people have no idea they will need to be on the job site everyday, deal with building permits, social security, etc. or track down a contractor that was supposed to do it and didn’t. Don’t know why you got so upset because someone pointed those things out.
  13. Gaucheria Has Reopened

    Thanks for letting us know. Great restaurant!
  14. Holiday Markets at "Jasmine's"

    I sent you a PM with the information I have.