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    Where west of Chapala? I am unfamiliar with the development.

    Do you mean east of Chapala?
  3. Chapala Med

    Because they have investors who expect a return and ongoing expenses you think competition will tilt costs in the consumers’ favor? What it is more likely to breed is the sudden need for the consumers to have lots more expensive tests and procedures.
  4. This is nothing new or different for this woman. She already has your money, and you made it clear that she will get no more from you. So you are useless to her. She does not care if you are ticked off or not. She has gotten away with everything since she first showed up lakeside. She has no reason to believe she will not continue to do so. There are plenty more where you came from.
  5. Forest Grill / Food Truck

    Where is this place?
  6. Chapala Med

    A good doctor who is not bleeding the insurance company using your body as the extraction device. A good doctor who does not use his team of specialists to frighten you into unnecessary and expensive procedures. A good doctor whose patients don’t die during a procedure that may or may not have been necessary. Yeah. That kind of good doctor.
  7. corn beef for saturday

    I’d say it is the best Rueben lakeside. I have found none better and I have looked.
  8. Chapala Med

    Maybe it is not the project that some people are negative about but the people behind it?
  9. Update to our terms of use

    Was there a link for you to click to do something? If so, it is spam. Google a few key words from it and you can verify it very quickly.
  10. Salvador's closing April 1?

    April Fools Day or Easter Sunday. Your choice. i heard that there will be a major renovation and an upscale restaurant will be there. Welcome to Ajijic Nuevo.
  11. Mercado?

    You miss the point. You are the one who has been allowed back here after being banned under another name for the type of postings you are sliding back into. But, by all means, carry on.
  12. Bike Lane Completed

    So, now cars and moto riders will war over their mutually illegal use of the bicycle lane? Perfect!
  13. Mercado?

    Watch it, Ned. Your Pedro is beginning to really show.
  14. Chapala Med

    “I don't know about this. A lot of tremendously expensive equipment.” You will be amazed at how quickly that equipment will be paid off by people diagnosed with heart and other serious issues that must be handled right away and lucky for the patient because it can be done right here and now! Hospitals are profit-generating money machines. Elderly foreigners with deep pockets and/or good insurance are going to be drawing all sorts of individuals and institutions here to “help” them. This is just the tip of the iceberg.
  15. Age/Working Online question

    The Mexican government does not care where you work. It just wants evidence of six months income at the required level. Without that they want a lot more than $25,000 in investments. BTW, congrats on the savings/investments. It is an impressive start.