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  1. Crackdown on Golf Carts

    Posted on TOB in a golf cart thread: "One of my neighbors had her unlicensed cart confiscated for driving wrong way on city Street in Ajijic" So, some cart owners not only believe they need not be licensed and insured but also believe traffic laws do not apply to them.
  2. Crackdown on Golf Carts

    Thanks Gringal! You ask a good question. The post was a lot of overheated rhetoric until the last sentence which veered over to perfect projection. No one could be more self-righteous, self-centered, and self-serving than the writer of the diatribe that was more trolling than posting.
  3. You replied correctly, Margo. I do not know any way to hunt non-agency rentals from a distance. I have found mine through friends and acquaintances. Read web boards, Facebook pages, go out a lot and chat up everyone you encounter. Look at LCS, SuperLake, and Walmart web boards. Walk neighborhoods you like looking for Se Renta signs. Stop at neighborhood markets, shops, beauty salons. Remember that December, January, and February is the highest of the high season. Also, Ajijic has the tightest, highest-cost rental market.
  4. Alert

    "People would like some real information." It sounds as though that is what ComputerGuy is attempting to do -- for which he should be thanked. I appreciate his being willing to put in the time and effort to find out what is happening.
  5. Thank you for sharing that commentary, RV. It is something to think about.
  6. Aijic or Chapala?

    They are not a constant presence but they are a regular presence. First few times you see them it is jolting. Then they just are there, a reminder that you are not in Kansas anymore. šŸ˜Š
  7. Street Repair Locally

    Thanks for the heads up. Discovered road work going on here and there in Chapala as I ran errands yesterday. Be prepared for rerouting.
  8. Alert

    Every foreigner I know knows their neighborhood dogs and certainly would notice if they were missing.
  9. Alert

    I guess there are not enough dogs to kill in Guadalajara so they need to purchase vehicles, hire people to come lakeside, gather up dogs here and take them to a special kennel in Guadalajara to kill them? THIS MAKES NO SENSE!
  10. Aijic or Chapala?

    "Iā€™m probably romanticizing Aijic." I can pretty much guarantee that you are. Reality will hit you soon enough. Then you either will laugh at how silly you were and fall in love with the actual place you find yourself in or you will hate Ajijic for failing to be what you imagined it to be. The fewer expectations you arrive with the easier it will be for you.
  11. He is stunning. Too bad I have three cats -- including one who does not play well with others. I wish him a new and loving home very soon.
  12. Toilet paper flushing

    He started with one sign asking to please not flush toilet paper. As the toilet continued to overflow because of the sensitive, very special customers exercising their (apparent) god-given right to flush toilet paper he kept adding signs. He was tired of mopping up sewage because some customers believed there was no real reason to not flush toilet paper.
  13. Happy Birthday! Thank you for your wit and wisdom even from afar. Hope your day is special and the beginning of a great year for you.
  14. Aijic or Chapala?

    Have to agree with Angus. If the image in the above photo disturbs you, then you will not be happy lakeside. It is not seen only in Chapala. That is a regular occurance everywhere here, just a part of the backdrop. If you plan to spend most of your time in Ajijic and not have a car, it is not at all practical to live in Chapala. It would be neither practical nor safe to ride a bicycle back and forth. I do live in Chapala. It is a delightful place. But it sounds as though you should plan on living in Ajijic.
  15. Finely made it to J&M Pizza

    Pizza Wars! I have had Perry's pizza and it was good. However, from the photos I have seen and reviews I have read of M&J it is no contest. Perry will need to more than hang some flyers if he wants to compete.