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  1. advice for TV service

    Can anyone recommend a tech person who doesn't have a product to sell who can help us transition to streaming TV?
  2. advice for TV service

    I too, went to Riberas today and was told the same thing. I do have two boxes but my service doesn't work. They are sending someone out and it seems that my service has not been cancelled but woe is me if one of the boxes goes. I am hoping that my Telecable gets back up but will take this as a warning to look elsewhere. Anyone have anyone to recommend to hire to help in this transition? I know some people out there but everyone has a product to sell. Hoping to find an impartial but knowledgeable person.
  3. advice for TV service

    Thanks for the clarification.
  4. advice for TV service

    Thanks, so many helpful answers. Now I have to hire an engineer to figure them out!
  5. advice for TV service

    Will have to check further. They cut my wires although I have been a long time customer. No advance notice or ANY notice to date other then a Mexican friend who used to work there calling to find what's up.
  6. advice for TV service

    Just found out that Telecable is no longer providing digital service in our area of the village. Need to replace them and am looking for advice. Need lots of sports channels and Fox News. Have used ROKU in the past and was not impressed. What are folks using and liking?
  7. Naturopath

    You are probably looking for Gabriel Garcia. He is an MD but does homeopathy, etc. He has just moved to Centro Laguna. His email address is allesheilkraftig@hotmail.fr,
  8. CCleaner news: bad.

    Thanks for the advice - just uninstalled.
  9. gardener needed

    At the risk of her becoming even busier and harder to schedule I am reporting on Raquel. She and her family - brother, sisters and mother have been working here recently and have make an otherwise very nice yard into something wonderful. I imagine every time they come it will be better and better. They are very talented and hard working ergo very busy. I am hoping to be on a regular schedule.
  10. Morelia restaurant recommendations?

    There are two cheese vendors at the tianguis both on the west side. The woman who is closer to the south has chirizo verde. I am not a connoisseur but it tastes great. Love the idea of raisins and almonds but this is plain.
  11. Piano Bar @ La Mision

    What a great idea. Michael is always working on "kicking it up a notch" as Emeril Lagasse would say. And the food is spectacular.
  12. Chicken Pot Pie - Yum - 4 for me

    She announced on Facebook that she had to move to Walmart parking lot due to the parade. This thread was not started by Diane and she may not even know of its existence.
  13. So happy she has a loving home. I am sure she and Max will become fast friends. Remind him that you could have brought another boy in the house!