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  1. Is this "starting Friday and continuing everyday after or every Friday? I presume the later.
  2. Mop and broom holder

    I would like to hang brooms, etc. on inside of closet door. Does anyone know where lakeside to buy the contraptions that do so?
  3. Proposed bike path extension

    The clinic parking would be one of those "off street" areas to which ingress and egress would be cut off by the bike path. Only other option is to have cars crossing the bike paths in order to access off street parking. That is not a safe option.
  4. Proposed bike path extension

    Gave a copy to Chuny, the Ajijic delgado and posted on the Chapala web site.
  5. Some may know that the government is proposing to extend the path which currently ends at La Floresta and begins again at Cinco de Febrero. This extension would eliminate the parking on the north side of the carretera. My husband has a proposal which would extend the path while keeping the parking. Jim's thoughts follow. "I’ve driven along the Carretera to provide my own assessment of the potential impact of a bike path on the mountain side of that street. In addition to the loss of parking on the Carretera, off-street parking would also be impacted. By off-street parking I refer to the parking at Perry’s pizza, Sky Fitness, the flower shop, the Montana center, Fast Cash, OXXO, the AJIJIC clinic, and the off-street parking extending from the clinic past the Pemex station. The creation of a bike path through the heart of town would have to be designed to accommodate pedestrians, shoppers, delivery vehicles, etc. An alternative to bringing a bike path through town with the inherent disruption, is to take an example from interstate highway constructions which now build alternative routes circumventing the center of cities and providing a safer, faster alternative for vehicles. We could take this imaginative approach by providing a bike path along Emiliano Zapata. The current bike path ends at Calle 5 de Febrero. Emiliano Zapata begins at that street and ends at Revolucion, where the existing bike path resumes. That street in most instances is wide enough for parking, a bike path, and vehicular traffic. There are some locations in which parking may have to be restricted in order to accommodate the bike path, but even in those cases many of the streets have sidewalks on both sides one of which may be converted with some additional work to a bike path. The choice of Zapata will of course require some construction and reconstruction and warning signs for both pedestrians and cyclists, but far fewer and with far less commercial interruption than that which would accompany an extension of the bike path to the heart of the shopping district. Another advantage of the Emiliano Zapata route is that it would introduce cyclists to a view of Ajijic now denied them on a nerve-racking trip on the Carretera."
  6. New Indian Restaurant

    So they will cook to order? That should solve the problem of heat or no heat. Used to frequent an Indian restaurant where you could order on a scale of 1-10. Can't wait to try it. Bought some lime pickle today at Superlake to add some spice.
  7. Orson Perez runs a very inclusive dog business. He does walking, daycare, boarding, grooming and, I believe, home stays. When staying at the doggie hotel they are treated as if in their own home with free run of the property. If your dogs have been boarded at a typical facility, they will love this. He is on Facebook under his name and email is thedogwalkerchapala@gmail.com.
  8. Anyone know where to buy this Lakeside? I see signs all over but must have food grade.
  9. Low cost shots

    If I were to be asked where to go for a problem rather then for shots, I would say Ladron. In my opinion they are the best around by far. Having said that, the person asked for low cost shots and Memo or Pepe are probably good suggestions.
  10. Low cost shots

    Many if the local vets have modest prices for shots. Try Doctor Memo on Constitution. He is fluent in English and does lots of good work for the local dog community.
  11. New Indian Restaurant

    I might even like it better not being a restaurant if the food is good. Indian food reheats well and I prefer to eat home so take out always welcome. Would be even better if it were good and delivered!
  12. If you could turn back time

    You make it sound so attractive but what about the weather?
  13. Palé on carretera

    Looks great, thanks for the pictures.
  14. Couple of years ago I bought one in Walmart in the sports section.
  15. Do we go to the Token Store to buy them?