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  1. Tuesday Market

    Not surprised. The Tuesday market has become a zoo. Too many people and too many vendors. Like Monday much better plus the acoustics at Sunrise make it more pleasant.
  2. I have found that inducing vomiting is easy with most dogs. Just put some hydrogen peroxide in something tasty (my house ice cream) and most will scarf it up. They vomit pretty quickly so be prepared.
  3. Tis the Season

    Why not call the restaurant and ask? Here is their number 376 108 0887.
  4. So glad to have read this thread to the end. Great news that Dolly and her family have been reunited. Wonder if anyone has told the Ladron clinic the wonderful news?
  5. Musicians/Mariachi Needed

    Lakesider, Sorry still waiting to hear from our housekeeper who referred us originally. Apparently she doesn't look at text messages. Will get info ASAP.
  6. Pancake breakfast for bomberos

    We went and it was very nice. Hope they raised their target. Great blueberry or plain pancakes and delicious sausage. Lots of bomberos in attendance - try to go next year.
  7. Musicians/Mariachi Needed

    Something like eight of them and played an hour mas o menos. I will check.
  8. Musicians/Mariachi Needed

    We have hired mariachis for parties but 't has been a while so don't remember exactly the cost . I can find the contact for the ones we used but I think you should expect to pay at least $3000 pesos. If that is within your budget, I will work on it.
  9. tip for IShop workers

    What would one leave for the multiple workers at IShop? We share the box and get some mail and an occasional package.
  10. need driving advice

    Dropping someone at the airport and want to go to the Costco area on Lopez Mateos. What way would be best and how to access the new road?
  11. APPETIZERS: Specialty Stores Offering?

    The deli on Colon and new wine shop just west of Waffle House both make platters and such. Sure some of the vendors at bith Monday and Tuesday market will help. I am told that Chef Andrew makes nice hors d'oeuvres.
  12. Guard Dog Needs Home

    Jaquish, Please answer the questions above about this dog. Has the dog found a home? There may be some interested but need more information.
  13. Guard Dog Needs Home

    Is this dog male or female? Why described as "guard" dog? Gets along with other dogs, humans? Would help to give more information. I agree with the poster above but we shouldn't take it out on the dog if the human is a creep. Also a picture would help.
  14. So cute, Lee is so wonderful to take these great pictures.