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  1. Northbound URGENT need

    iShop can bring it by courier and mail from Laredo.
  2. flea products

    You can make your own. Don't have the recipe handy but you can liklikely find one on InInternet. Mine consists of limes, rosemary, etc. If you are Iinterested but ccan't find one PM me and I will find it for you.
  3. absolutely Hector Ladron.
  4. Yup, Ladron the only game in town.
  5. La Mision

    Drove past there the other day and there is a new restaurant there.
  6. Restaurante Bar Jamon

    We were underwhelmed too.
  7. Where to buy Plantation shutters?

    I have interior light blocking shades which I purchased from Quick Blinds. They block the light and you can see out. Not as nice looking as plantation shutters which I had in Florida and loved. I am also having pull down shades to block sun and rain from my terrazzo. Maybe, if you block from the terrace, it will keep it out of your house.
  8. Tent

    We have used Carmen and Octavio and were pleased. Another option is Quick Blinds near Super Lake. Also very happy with them.
  9. Fablady is the person I was referring to so glad she is on to this. Maybe you two can meet at Christiana Park where lots of expat dog lovers congregate most mornings.
  10. How much does she weigh? Know someone who is looking for female around 25 pounds.
  11. I PM'd you about my posting her information on Facebook.
  12. Chili cook off - is it free?

    Probably a good boost for the local vendors. They seemed very happy with their sales.
  13. Dollar or peso account

    We have an option at Actinver. They will hold your money in dollars or pesos.
  14. Sorry to hear of your troubles. Would help to post a picture and to post on the Facebook site Lakeside Advocates for Animals.
  15. Cataract Surgery : Mishaps

    Claudia Camacho is the best around.