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    Lakeside Food Delivery

    Have not tried them yet, but I did get the information. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lakeside-Food-Delivery-571894393182101/ *Restaurant Italo. *Gossips. *Tabarka Restaurante. *Masayume. *El Rincon de Giovanni. *Merendero Lake Burgers. *Emma's Deli. $55p to Riberas. You call them and order from menus they send you.
  2. ComputerGuy

    CPR course at the Legion was well attended... however

    I await your forthcoming announcement...
  3. ComputerGuy

    Lakeside Food Delivery

    I tipped 10p, but they don't expect it... yet.
  4. ComputerGuy

    Music records to CDs?

    No, it isn't.
  5. Linux evangelistas. You have a great OS and a great community. But you are not taking into consideration your audience. They just don't care.
  6. Sounds like nothing short of a miracle. Sadly, I can't really test this out for any length, because I need to experience what my customers experience with the numerous upgrades... knowing how to fix the problems and understanding them all is job one. Forgot: metering only works over WiFi.
  7. ComputerGuy

    Ricki's Japanese and Thai

    Thanks. Would never have suspected to see flat bottoms, but with your link some memories are coming back. And good tips about the batter. BTW, tapioca starch/flour usually available at SuperLake, but not cheap. Perhaps better bulk prices at Toyo?
  8. Sorry, not quite true. Research will show you that MS will force "necessary" updates on you, no matter what your settings are. And you can bet that what THEY think is important vs what you think is, are two different things. Especially when it comes to major OS updates.
  9. ComputerGuy

    Computer Help

    Away only since Thursday, til Monday coming. Have received no phone messages or emails from you, sorry. Out usually on house calls, BUT ALWAYS answer my messages. Please try again.
  10. ComputerGuy


    Good. Go. We are all better off. So for those who didn't enjoy this little side-trip into stupidland, let me reiterate: the cooking oil, whether coconut or a theatre-type mix, is to me as important as anything else. With the theatre mixes, the "butter" flavours are pummeled into the corn while it pops, providing a more even and less salty taste than adding it afterwards. There are a variety of manufacturers of the flavoured oil, each with their own Web presence. But rather than having it shipped to Texas (free with Amazon Prime U.S.) and recruiting Alex Peterson to bring it down for me, instead I ordered a case of packages that come with the flavoured oil, the yellow salt, and the kernels, ready to pop. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00C5MVGX6/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The flavour is great, but the corn kernels are stale, so I am using the oil from the kits, and my own corn Purchased at WalMart.
  11. ComputerGuy


    That was not Amazon, that was the manufacturing company, and I said nothing about shipping to Mexico. But of course that doesn't suit your flailing argument, so it doesn't really matter, does it. I assumed everyone reading would just get it, forgetting that everything has to be spelled out to you, or you take offense. Keep on keepin' on, but stick that lower lip back in.
  12. ComputerGuy

    Ricki's Japanese and Thai

    If you read all the posts in this thread, you'll see that I have installed a large gas jet for two of my large burners to compensate. They produce a very large flame, and a very hot wok. The Japanese use woks to cook tempura, so they must agree that it is efficient. You are a chef, I'm not, but I have been cooking Asian dishes for 40 years or so, and the wok is an incredibly versatile tool. Hotter at the bottom, and cooler along the upper edges, allows for a variety of techniques. Having said that, I probably won't attempt tempura here anyway, regardless of my stovetop.
  13. ComputerGuy


    BS? Really. Where did I say anything about shipping? I mention Amazon, and you do your usual disconnected flipout. You're just never happy, I know. It's okay. We put up with you anyway. Look, there's another sandbox over there...
  14. ComputerGuy

    Ricki's Japanese and Thai

    In this case, depth certainly gives a good indication of volume.
  15. ComputerGuy


    Gave you some prices, wise guy. Didn't tell anyone to order it.
  16. The same is true with cuffs for use at drugstores. However, they are close enough.
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  18. ComputerGuy

    Lakeside Food Delivery

    Good point, and as "luck" would have it, my PCs WiFi was disconnected. A PC with WiFi can geolocate. It's working now.... mostly: a few houses off. I have edited my remarks, thank you.
  19. ComputerGuy


    This is a better secret: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003U4M4ZC/?coliid=I1648W2OS3TF3Q&colid=2KEDG81O49WV2&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it It starts with the oil. And watch out if you buy Flavacol: it is WAY salty. But it works. $23 from Amazon, $10 from their website. Except they charge about 10 bugs a gallon to ship it, lol.
  20. ComputerGuy

    Lakeside Food Delivery

    Good idea. Meantime, Lakeside Food Delivery added COCINART and SIMPLY THAI to their list, with menus, today.
  21. ComputerGuy

    Spell check for Google translate

    Depends on the browser, and the webpage. Both Firefox and Chrome can be set to spellcheck, but I find Firefox's rarely works.
  22. My point being there are lots of watches out there now that do BP, along with many other things, for those that might be interested. I gave a couple of examples. The iMCO watch shows this on their page; see the red circled part. The claim in your article might be true if it was the first one that ONLY measures blood pressure, but see: https://www.heartisans.com/
  23. ComputerGuy


    No, was not suggesting you did... just wanted to point out that I have great faith in what she says when it comes to food and cooking in Mexico.
  24. ComputerGuy

    Laptop screen replacement

    Sadly, that approach will leave you forever with an unfixed laptop. At the very least, the parts have to ordered and picked up in Guadalajara. At worst, it will have to go to Guadalajara. There are thousands of laptops, and they do not necessarily share the same design and fit of screen. Around here, I would be happy with a place that actually told me maƱana.