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  1. Breakfast at Poutine Place

    With mudgirl again on this one, too. I'm glad she brought it up before someone commented on the basic poutine price on that menu. Different standard of living and costs, by far. Anyway, apologies to jslt if he is reading all this; like I said, his place, his prices. Not for me, though.
  2. Breakfast at Poutine Place

    "Gourmet". And is there a dish anywhere that hasn't been been upscaled for a higher price?
  3. Crackdown on Golf Carts

    Right, so one day I decided to retire, move to Mexico and buy a golf cart to drive around. Because that's what they do there. Uh-huh. It isn't the speed. It's the danger and the aggravation, which is even more dangerous.
  4. new printer

    In this case it means WiFi: no cable necessary between the computer and the printer. So you can sit on the porch and print your email without getting up... At 800p it is definitely a colour printer. Saw one for $690 at Soriana the other day.
  5. Crackdown on Golf Carts

    Oh, man, THAT's what happened to my golf cart... !
  6. Breakfast at Poutine Place

    Ironically, we had a side of Ottawa River view, right across the highway from the wagon. So, yes, actually. (!!)
  7. Breakfast at Poutine Place

    Lol, I can. It's fries and gravy. And we just had a medium poutine at a chip wagon on the Quebec side across from Ottawa in July for $2.99, more than enough for any one person, even a big guy like me.
  8. Breakfast at Poutine Place

    I had the poutine there a couple of times, and it was decent. I tried to school them a little bit: eg, put the cheese on before the gravy, so it melts. The price was a little high, but considering there wasn't much choice of place for poutine, it was worth a try. Going upscale with a price for a snack is too much for me. Hey, for them what wants, go for it. Just my opinion as a Canadian and a life-long chip-wagon officianado. Mudgirl, in agreement with your comment.
  9. Crackdown on Golf Carts

    Unfortunately, the argument --to me-- is comparing apples to really big oranges. This is like saying drones shouldn't be regulated around civil aviation airspace. A problem with slower-speed, tiny vehicles is that they get in the way of a system that is designed for a different kind of traffic. But perhaps more telling is the problem with some of the carted drivers: either unaware or uncaring of the potential problems, or lunatics who want to show off their prowess. I have a friend who spends his winter months in Florida. The retirement community is designed around golf carts, and thousands use them. I am sure they complain about cars, but the difference is this community is designed for cars and trucks, not carts. To think that local carters are "doing their part" is pretty funny.
  10. Toilet paper flushing

  11. Breakfast at Poutine Place

    It's poutine. I reiterate: fries and gravy. A side-of-the-road quick stop. Fries and gravy. (Edit: with cheese.) $5.30 Cdn? Not a chance. Oh, did I forget to mention? We are in Mexico. Other dollars are not the currency of Mexico. So let's just say $140 Baht. Or $165,000 Romanian Lei. Let's go further. The "cost of living" index in Mexico vs. other countries. This is just not a real argument. Or if you want to go for the "staying in business" argument, then drop the poutine, and serve Tabarka's lasagna and gnocchi (Edit: with cheese.) (with a salad) for $95. That's a meal worth paying for. Apologies for the sarcasm. There are just so many things wrong with the previous comment.
  12. Berry Sellers At LCS

    Who is Berry anyway, is that Peter's brother?
  13. Canadian butter tarts

    She was only a baker's daughter...

    I like that price, certainly compared to 85p for poutine, lol, at the other place.
  15. This was reported by Dr. Santiago several weeks ago.
  16. Does anyone know where you can get bagels around here?

    If that is the case, then they are off my list of places to go. Too bad. Thanks for reporting.
  17. Alert

    This appears to be unknown to the staff at GR. So unfortunately at this time I cannot provide any answers; however, they may decide it is worth looking into, I don't know. Thanks, Xena. Gave you a "like".
  18. Breakfast at Poutine Place

    Hey, your restaurant, you can set your own prices. But 80p for poutine? Not for me. Seriously: less expensive in Ontario or Quebec in Cdn $ at pretty much any chip wagon. It's potatoes and gravy with a little cheese. It's not a fancy meal. In fact, it's an invention of the common man. I can go up beside Salvadore's and get a good-size shrimp cocktail or salad for that price.
  19. excellent maid available

    Of, for Pete's sake. She posted some useful information. Isn't that enough?
  20. Does anyone know where you can get bagels around here?

    She can go to Ottawa, too: Montreal style bagels are all you'll find there, and it is a lot closer than T.O. In fact, they are so popular, a leading grocery chain called LOBLAW put fresh bagel bakeries in almost every store for years.
  21. Does anyone know where you can get bagels around here?

    Since the Bagel Place sells three kinds of bagels by the 6 or 12, why don't you ask there first?
  22. Aijic or Chapala?

    One of my first "uh-oh" moments in Mexico was driving the cuota to the beach and seeing Feds with semi-automatic weapons hanging out at the toll booths. Then, going to a big mall in Guadalajara and witnessing armed guards with sawed-off shotguns. Wowzer. Later, roaming and armed army guys in downtown Guad at tourist sites, but by this time I had discovered most were more than happy to make funny faces and get in group photos with my tourists friends.
  23. Toilet paper flushing

    Ah, but it is not the TP capabilities that are important here; it is the infrastructure. If you have seen dissolved toilet paper in a pipe, together with dish soap and cooking greases, you have seen that it meshes into huge globs of impenetrable stuff, because it doesn't dissolve; it merely breaks up.
  24. Toilet paper flushing

    Yes. Welcome to now.
  25. Toilet paper flushing

    Pretty sure you have to wipe yourself dry after using a bidet... with something, and I ain't never seen no hand-towels hanging beside a bidet. And what length are we discussing: two, or three sheets at a time?