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  1. Paprika

    Kettle black, Kiltie.
  2. Audio Book Recording Help Wanted

    Sorry, wha...?
  3. BAR JAMON???

    d-d, you did see that I had already posted a map link, right?
  4. spectre and Meltdown hacks

    Of course you would. But wait: I am inferring that you must be implying something with that last sentence.
  5. Paprika

    Angus, I'm 65. I've been here 20 years, Canada 43 (two years on a military base in Germany). I've been an avid home cook for many of those years. What makes you think I, and everyone else on this board, don't know this already? Thing is, Bub, we live in Mexico now. Although I'm not sure where "I can gag down a lot of the local food, but that doesn't make it good" fits in, unless you are talking about my cooking being "local". It annoys the absolute sh** out of me when people get on here and assume they know more than everyone else. We didn't all arrive on a kindergarten bus day trip. Although I must say, you're an absolute beginner compared to nedro.
  6. Just for fun...

    Certainly before pisting all over someone else's pist...
  7. spectre and Meltdown hacks

    Doug, grab a cheap corded mouse just as a test, and see how that works. You will instantly have an answer as to whether it's your trackball.
  8. Us today article on mexico

    I'll believe that when I hear it...
  9. spectre and Meltdown hacks

    You seem to be suggesting that I am all for updates, even though my whole pitch is against them. And yes, 95% of my clients are home users who do not have networks, or if they do, consist of a very few computers. No IT nightmare there. Were I working in a corporation with a large cloud of employees, it would be very different: we would be subscribing to Microsoft's Delayed Update program (or whatever it is called these days), so we could test the updates on stand-alone machines before disseminating them en masse throughout the company, after being satisfied that no problems would result. And every computer would have exactly the same software on it, all built from a single ghosted image, so we would know exactly what is on each machine (other than files). Nothing like having a team of five or 10 IT guys constantly on the go because every employee has personalized their software. I did contract work for a well-known aerospace company that wouldn't release an update to WordPerfect for 12 months, ever... even though the version I needed fixed an industry-known bug that caused machines to crash several times a day. So the concept can be overdone, too.
  10. spectre and Meltdown hacks

    All I can say to all that is "You've been very lucky". For some reason, you shine as a leading light among the millions and millions and millions of users around the world who have had problems. Enjoy it while you can. Wait... aren't you the same guy who on another thread about being robbed or beaten said "Just because it hasn't happened to you..."
  11. Paprika

    Well, the spice gods have spoken, apparently. Small and Smaller. We poor unwashed, who have been making chicken paprikash for years but unknowingly in the tasteless dark, should now be taken out and summarily shot for living life.
  12. spectre and Meltdown hacks

    Yes, you should be able to roll back any individual update in Windows 7. And in fact, block it from arriving again.
  13. Paprika

    Paprika is widely available, including WalMart. It's called pimenton, as reported by sugar above. And CostCo has huge bottles of the stuff. I imagine the spice and grain shop in Ajijic would have perhaps a couple of varieties. I have a very large container from McCormicks, purchased at SuperLake some years back, who's only ingredient is listed as paprika. The bottle, however, was exported by CostCo in Washington, so SL must have purchased it at CostCo themselves. At 510g, it was probably purchased before McCormicks changed their labels. Could even be stale, but seems to still have a kick. The same size bottle at CostCo is 70p under the Kirkland name
  14. Alex Peterson January Delivery

    For sure. The other services I have used have spent a good deal of time setting up, and ensuring everything is above-board and reliable. Some folks spend a good deal of money ordering items for shipment to Texas, and need to know their goods are not just going to languish forever somewhere for which they have no access.
  15. BAR JAMON???

    Hey, I'm still confused. EAP21, Do you mean the Oxxo at the first gas station west of Ajijic? Their FaceBook page claims they are in Zapopan, of course... but a map search shows them way west of Racquet Club. goo.gl/LHVwvm
  16. Alex Peterson January Delivery

    "We would all appreciate knowing about your service and pricing; and in particular payment of VAT on imported goods, etc."
  17. APPLE Authorized repair store

    It's true, there are no Apple-owned stores in Guadalajara, but there are a number of stores with some kind of agreement to use the name. However, the couple I have been to have been all about the cool staff and the shiny displays, with very, very little in terms of repair and/or parts.
  18. Shaw Direct TV News

    When activating Shaw receivers "away from home", a phone call is no longer the way. A chat online is the new method. A recent conversation while watching a new box being set up ended in this: "Then it is activated. But please note also that since it appears that the equipment is used elsewhere than at your Canadian Legal address of service. Since Shaw Direct have Licence to service in Canada only, it is normal that you have missing channels. Furthermore, this is also why we cannot neither service nor support if Shaw Direct equipment is used outside Canada." That was followed by "Have a cervesa for me! ;o) "
  19. Shaw Direct TV News

    Only time will tell...
  20. Breakfast Sausage

    No, but these from CostCo are pretty good: https://www.lakeside-ss.com/tienda-online/Jones-Frozen-Breakfast-Sausages-p44897518
  21. Good French Fries

    Other side. If I knew the name I would have posted it. But it is the only restaurant there.

    Yep, it is rotiss. Generally I find the spatchcocked chickens to be drier.
  23. Amazon MX - Impressive!

    Amazon MX?
  24. Good French Fries

    A little burger and taco place on Ramon Corona, just west of the San Antonio Plaza and Mario's, serves skinny fries, like McDonalds and Trip's. Because they are skinny, the crisp fast and cook all the way through inside. Skinny fries are a fast-food chain staple. I can't find any history on them, but my suspicion is that Ray Crock created them for faster serviceable cooking. He was obsessed with getting McDonald's orders out as fast as possible. Anyway, I headed there again on Saturday night. Total for a hamburger special with fries, including cheese and bacon, was 45p. Two of us ate: one had Oaxaca cheese instead of American slices, and both had a good-sized glass of agua fresca, for $112p. Match that anywhere around here, with a homemade patty and some really good fries.
  25. Love and Fishes

    Signage appears to be gone; place closed. Game over?